clumping {glossary}

The second word we learned form the same brilliant mindclumping. [the first word was equity]

line single file b&w

We were watching a line, single file, of hundreds of people.
I was commenting on how ridiculous is was.. the epitome of public school…follow the leader. Then she started to explain the global perspective.. that other countries clump (we’d probably call it cutting in line.)

Well – this got me thinking..
We’re not looking to cut.. [as in get ahead of, or climbing over, others] our agenda is for everyone, a people agenda.
We are however, feeling the weight of responsibility. We are looking to boldly (and gracefully) clump/fly our way to a solution, rather than go through all the assumed/distracting/manufactured channels. It’s that vital. Even if it appears rude. [A potentially perceived to be rude, quiet revolution. ha.]

The process may entail a talk with the President, it certainly will entail passionate global conversation.

It may involve more of a mindset.. of what is distracting us from what matters. Of the good bandaids, that are keeping us from not needing them in the first place. Perhaps it’s clumping through a mental line of toxins, pretty things, good stuff, to realize we have all we need, right where we are.

It is what it is.

Most of all .. it will involve shipment.

Here’s to clumping… through/around/over/etc..  it matters.

leap frog ging..  for (blank)’s sake.


7 years later.. this tweet:

Richard D. Bartlett (@RichDecibels) tweeted at 5:19 AM on Sun, Sep 29, 2019:
While Italy has many inefficiencies to irritate the northern and western Europeans, they also have a superior system for queuing: instead of lining up in order, you can mill around sociably. New arrivals just ask ‘who got here last?’ to manage the sequence.

from 7 months ago:

constant line law: every line is violent