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jan 2014: my thoughts..


fifa 2014: my love..


my wish.. everyday

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cristian & bros & chance


love videos – 2015:

we are very lucky


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Everybody has a real awesome loving happy person inside them


Take a listen to his TEDxFrontRange here.
See him starting our inside/out project here with Marcie:
via newspaper [pics added are of Sierra and Barry]
cristian inside out . below find a page of him in a be you book.

cristian page in be you book

When asked at a webinar, what our elevator pitch was, he replied:

elevator pitch

 if i want.. ness

Cristian and Peter sharing how kids learn:
piece of video above used in one of Michael Wesch's amazing videos:
Cristian and Peter on stress:

Here Cristian is speaking at a screening for Race to Nowhere:
Learning some Portugese from Bruno:

And as part of our vision videos:
And his early thoughts on the lab:
And some fun making obstacle courses/activities in the city w/Mellie:

Sanding the floor at be you:

Cristian's 2nd take on the city sketchup:
..............playing soccer:



and find him in earlier days..

cristian p 1

cristian p 2

both slides above are from this slidedeck - if you want live links.
Cristian and his friends just launching their own business here:
mile high flow clothing

Original Tweet:

His brothers Delaney and Brayan..