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intro’d to Thomas here: Thomas and Bennett.

recent thinking from Thomas and Bennet on sports culture:

sports, time (work/school day), money,.. 3 things that are a beautiful distraction for government..

resonating with catching fire, and a quiet revolution..

From now on your job is to be a distraction – so people forget what the real problems are.

– Haymitch


liking how he’s swimming in hangout ness..conversation ness

Streamed live on Dec 23, 2013

Chatting with Ramli John, lean startup mentor and speaker, on launching my first community & startup. – 19 min

Streamed live on Dec 24, 2013

hippie science, math, currency, college, education stuff

hippie – tuning out to tune in

too many people – Hans – ness

3d printing – Jeff – ness

27 min – consume vs do..

38 min – i’m very lost as far as i want to do – all i’m doing in college is taking the classes i think will make me a better thinker..

42 – money is a means to get what we want..

44 – intellectual property – ness

being able to live what you are – eu\daimon\ia ness

if we all believed there was a way.. we could make change in no time…

people on hold.. pawns for someone else’s game.. caught up in supposed to’s..


and now.. Thomas is teaching a techcourse via udemy:

thomas on udemy



thomas & arran


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Thomas & Devani co-founded Rolling Tree:

rolling tree site

Community designed everything.

Rolling Tree is where skaters & artists create things together. We make skateboards, art, clothing, video, and other stuff we think is interesting. Everything is created within and designed by our open, global community. Anybody can participate in our design projects by sharing ideas, designs, feedback and good vibes.

Here’s how our design process works.


connections.. ?

money ness

city ness


living spaces


working on curiostiy app with wit (dot) ai – app/chip update ideas

singularity u: Aaron Frank, Nikola

[Aaron – eyewire & human brain project – imagine 7 billion people feeding the machine data..]

product hunt: Ryan Hoover


gig writing backend and distributed storage stuff for consensys/ujo music