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we asked Zac…

two questions

 more on improv, spaces, and what’s foreign about what we have in common:


Zac is one of idec 2013’s coffee talkers:

idec 2013 coffee talkers

where he asks:

What is foreign about what we have in common?


we first met up with Zac when he was working with Chris Lehmann at Science Leadership Academy. [i guess a book is about to emerge from the two of them. yay.]

Zac has also traveled with Noble and Sharon.

brilliant mind. great energy.

find/follow Zac:

his site:

zac's site

i’ve listened in on many convos between Zac and Ben. at autodizactic and at learning is change (during Ben’s 365 questions -ie: question-2-of-365-what-is-the-critical-mass-of-a-community/ )


Zac was part of the freedom writer teachers here..

teaching hope

book links to amazon


Zac in dc:


book by Zac and Chris:

building school 2.0: how to create schools we need


so that I, at the very least, knew you knew we existed.

2 needs: 1\ authenticity – eudaimonia 2\ attachement – invited to exist/be known

deep enough for all of us..

let’s try a nother way.. . for (blank)’s sake