the mesh

(2010) by lisa gansky

read when it first came out.. (gifted to ‘linchpins’ by seth godin).. can’t find notes anywhere on it (except in hard copy book).. so reading it again and adding notes below.. because.. re reading social os pdf by lisa





we need a way to get the goods/services we actually want/need, but at less cost, both personal and environmental..

imagine if we had a means to undo our hierarchical listening.. to self/others/nature.. so that we had 8b people grokking enough ness.. grokking legit needs.. ie: a nother way..

on having more choices..

we don’t need more.. we need all.. so that we’re not spending our days making choices.. rather.. spending our days living legit free.. ie: curiosity over decision making.. life beyond some finite set of choices

fundamentally the mesh is based on network enable sharing – on access rather than ownership.. the central strategy is in effect, to ‘sell’ the same product multiple times..

access is good.. but we need a diff strategy ie:

perhaps let’s try/code money (any form of measuring/accounting) as the planned obsolescence

w/ubi as temp placebo.. needs met w/o money.. till people forget about measuring


this has ben my life’s work: how to get more real value for people by leveraging the web as a sharing plaform

imagine if we just focused on listening to the itch-in-8b-souls.. first thing.. everyday.. and used that data to augment our interconnectedness.. we might just get to a more antifragile, healthy, thriving world.. the ecosystem we keep longing for..

what the world needs most is the energy of 8b alive people

1 – getting to know the mesh


characteristics of a mesh business: 1\ something/goods that can be shared 2\ web used to track goods 3\ focus on physical goods 4\ augmented thru word of mouth.. social networks

a mesh describes a type of network that allows any node to lin in any direction w any other nodes in the system.. every part is connected to every other part, and they move in tandem..

‘in undisturbed ecosystems ..the average individual, species, or population, left to its own devices, behaves in ways that serve and stabilize the whole..’ –Dana Meadows

business.. any form of m\a\p.. gets in the way of that.. keeps us from non hierarchical listening (ie: seth’s ie of hierarchical listening)


this is the first time in human history when this kind of far reaching.. always on and relatively inexpensive connectivity has existed..

yeah.. so let’s not waste it (on ie: business and any form of m\a\p)

now that everyone and everything is becoming connected to eveone and everything else..

yeah.. nowhere near.. and that’s a killer.. the dance won’t dance unless it’s all of us

ai humanity needs: augmenting interconnectedness

the mesh has a clear pulse.. and it’s a fast learner

matters little if data is non legit (ie: data from whales in sea world)


.. mesh lenses.. ask yourself how you might reduce the burdens of ownership, such as storage, insurance, maintenance and disposal

bauwens property law, testart storage law, waste


customers will choose access to superior goods/services over living w lots of stuff

yeah.. imagine if we had a means for 8b people to grok enough ness.. we’d have no need for any form of m\a\p


as a member of the mesh ecosystem you are 1\ eating healthy food 2\ getting exercise walking to carshare garage 3\ lowering cholesterol and carbon foot prints 4\ collecting bonus from heath ins and getting money in bank

yeah.. we can go so much deeper than this.. and because we can.. crime/shame not to


2 – the mesh advantage


the value of data is int its transformation.. every mesh transaction is an opp to deliver on the promise you make to your customers.. to give them convenient access to customized goods/services

dang.. so business-focused.. didn’t unsettle so much 10 yrs ago i guess.. the value of data is in it’s being legit.. and not from whales in sea world.. organizing around non legit needs/wants is a waste.. even if it seems so much better than what we have now ie: no one should be giving others ‘access’.. that just perpetuates tragedy of the non common


the increased interaction allows me to glean more info, to improve service, and to make timely, relrevant person l offers.. i understand better how to address a family’s needs

not if they aren’t legit free first.. otherwise you’re just listening to and gather data on whalespeak.. and perpetuating the idea that we need others offering/telling us what to do.. what to want.. ie: spinach or rock ness

imagine if we trusted/tried curiosity over decision making


virtuous cycle of trust: learn, test, play, engage

resonates w detox.. and/or a be you web.. but not w trust ness.. legit trust can’t depend (or have conditions for) anything..


they collect info that allows them to make more relevant and timely offer in the future.. customized for you

what we need is a means to listen to the itch-in-8b-souls everyday.. and then use that data to augment our interconnectedness.. so we can get back/to grokking enough ness.. life/needs/essence is about the connections not the offers of things.. those are irrelevant s to our well being

we keep trying to org (and improve on the org) of non legit needs/wants.. we need to let go of that and try a legit nother way

the challenge to a mesh entrepreneur is to leverage an infra optimized for real customer personalization

let’s personalize deeper.. ie: self-talk as data


successful mesh businesses harness info from customers, combine it w data from physical products and social networks, and then use that info to satisfy customers, and their friends, *in ways never before dreamed of

*maybe – but it won’t ultimately/ever satisfy.. we won’t be legit satisfied (so the dance won’t dance) until we address legit basic needs

ie: a nother way


the web helps users locate a product to share or people to share with

gotta go deeper.. all the data/tech matters little if still collecting it from whales.. (we have no idea what legit free people would want) .. we need to grok legit needs/wants/itch-in-the-souls first.. otherwise just spinning our wheels in tragedy of the non common.. perpetuating waste/cancer/insatiable-desires/death

so.. let’s do this first


a trusted source like a friend/or fam member was 50x more liley to persuade someon to buy a product or try a new braind (or read a book or go to the museum)

this mentality is killing us.. any form of people telling people what to do compromises our fittingness.. so it compromises our belonging ness .. which are the (two) legit essence of human being we should be organizing around – as infra


thru out the world there is a palpable hunger for a great sense of community

yeah.. that’s missing piece #2 (attachment/belonging) .. and if we get that wrong (ie: if we try to get there with any form of m\a\p).. we also compromise/kill missing piece #1 (authenticity/fittingness).. and w/o authenticity/fittingness.. we can never get legit attachment/belonging


for mesh businesses, it s an ongoing imperative to understand the community.. what its member consider valuable.. and how to deliver that value..

yeah.. won’t know any of that till we’re all legit free.. just spinning our wheels in same song ness..

we need a means to undo our hierarchical listening first


3 – mesh design

great ie’s of the time: tool library, non obsolete ness.. et al.. but 10 yrs on.. showing not enough


4 – in w the mesh

so much focus on business and job assumptions..


perhaps we’re moving into an era when feeling secure and happy will be uncoupled form what we indivdiually own

yeah that

as the reality fo eh recession sank in, people began to question a lifestyle based on an unsatisfying job that require fancy clothes and a long commute

so too w/virus noticings.. ie: bullshit jobs – dg.. earn a living.. et al


dr license = adulthood no more.. bike sharing ride sharing et al..

bike\able.. walk\able.. ness et al


one solution is to manufacture things closer to home.. but the primary solution, the happier path, is simply to produce fewer, more thougtfully desgned products and to use them more effectivley.. then .. less will be made.. wasted..

yeah.. that.. and for that we need first.. to set people free enough.. (by undoing our hierarchical listening).. so they can grok enough ness..

the density of consumer info they receive enables mesh businesses to manage resources (and waste) efficiently and well..

matters little if non legit data.. (ie: data from whales in sea world)


in natural systems.. waste is never wasted.. ‘waste’ from one system is food for another..

yeah.. for that.. we also need all people to know enough ness.. so ‘waste’ is legit food and not just manufactured food/waste that we then pretend to recycle.. (ie: seaspiracy documentary et al).. only way the ‘waste as food’ dance will dance


govt can help by creating incentives for improving energy efficiency and reducing waste.. then ie’s in denmark et al

yeah.. we’ve shown time and again that’s not deep enough.. if we think we need incentives.. or any form of m\a\p.. all are red flags we’re doing it/life wrong


*we live inside a global network, w close to 5 b mobile phone subscriptions.. well over a billion people regularly use the internet.. it’s now **hard to move around the planet w/o having mobile coverage..

*some of us do.. so not a legit global network..

**yet.. maybe a little more than half (?) don’t.. none of this will work unless it’s all of us


5 – in mesh we trust


there are 7 keys to building trust in the mesh

legit trust isn’t about building it.. unconditional ness isn’t about building

all 7 based on mesh business.. aka: marketing et al.. hence seth et al.. ie: delight customers et al.. all the language is marketing language: co’s, customers, brands


over time, mesh businesses can reward good behavior and or levy taxes.. lower rates when something comes back in pristine condition.. create segments of customers according to the way that they behave w the goods

not legit trust and huge red flags we’re doing it/life wrong ie: thinking we need incentives/rewards et al

107 – the mesh as ecosystem


as mesh ecosystem improve and mature, they will not only mimc nature’s use of waste as food. they will literally help preserve and restore nature’s ecosystems, making al of us a little richer

what we need to do is let go of any form of m\a\p.. otherwise the biggest waste is people.. ie: supposed to’s of school/work is killing/wasting us

‘in undisturbed ecosystems ..the average individual, species, or population, left to its own devices, behaves in ways that serve and stabilize the whole..’ –Dana Meadows


7 – open to the mesh


cameron sinclair ted prize 2006 – design like you give a damn.. larry lessig creative commons.. why creat platforms wher eideas ain info can be freely shared?

but these are not .. not free enough for everyone.. and w/o everyone .. the dance won’t dance

cameron sinclair.. lawrence lessig..


increased knowledge of who customers are and what they really want eliminates a lot of waste in manufacturing a product or setting up a service..

we have no idea what legit free people would want/need.. increasing knowledge/data isn’t enough.. we need to get back/to legit data.. we need a means to undo our hierarchical listening to ourselves/others/nature.. so 8b people can grok enough ness..


8 – mesh inc

on netflix really listening to customers.. and tech used to fine tune the listening ness



mesh strategies: 1\ create share platforms 2\ devise/use rich data flow to refine 3\ cultivate social networks

rather.. imagine if we just focused on 1\ listening to the itch-in-8b-souls.. first thing.. everyday.. and used that 2\ data to 3\ augment our interconnectedness.. 


9 – seed your won mesh

when you start any business.. choose something that’s gotten *under your skin.. something you’re [passionate about and willing to obsess about at weird hours

rather.. let’s listen to and facil the *itch-in-8b-souls.. everyday.. a new.. sans any form of m\a\p

rest of book is mesh directory

so.. am glad for the ie’s of ways we can dance once legit free.. just need to get any form of m\a\p out of it.. or we’ll never be legit free.. which means we’ll never legit dance