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tedglobal geneva 2015 – This computer will grow your food in the future

what is the food crisis… some places too much.. some places.. too little..

avg apple is 11 months old.. stored in cold storage.. gassed.. to slow down process of apple.. toxic to humans… 90% of quality of apple.. all anti oxidents are gone by the time we get it.. basically a little ball of sugar… how did we get it so info poor

what’s missing is a platform… to come together an ask – what if


what if climate was democratic.. if each country had own climate

it’s a miracle that we feed 7 bill of us via a just a few .. ie: 2008 – 2% of us population involved in farming.. 80% don’t want to be farmers…. it’s hard… farmer suicides…

4 min – the new tractor

we built a farm inside a storage room.. intimate… learning the language of the plant

huge. what if.. if you want to know a plant/person/whatever.. you don’t insist the speak your language.. you want to know them enough.. to listen/learn their language.

listen ness.. quiet enough.. to go deep enough..

if you grow it .. you don’t want to throw it away.. ie: i can tell the ph of a lettuce w/in point one

if you know about the genome.. this is the phenome.. phenomenon.. ie: i like the strawb’s from n mexico.. you really like climate… coding climate.. coding expression of that plant..

7 min – farmers develop the most beautiful fortune telling eyes by time in late 60s… can tell.. ie: nitorgen/calcium/humidity deficiency… those beautiful eyes are not being passed down…

we trend data points.. all the broccoli in my lab that day by ip address.. ip addressable broccoli… when does it achieve nutrition/taste i desire…

we are conversing.. we have a language.. ie: the first user on the plant facebook

my background is controlling is designing data center in hospitals..

giving the plants exactly what it wants…

we iterated all summer.. how to make it cheaper/better.. how to make it so other people can make it

more important.. it was the first time this kid ever thought he’d want to be a farmer..

we’ve open sourced all of this…

we start sending info about food rather than food..

future about food is not about fighting about what’s wrong with this (apple) ..

huge.. that we refocus what we’re talking about.. ie: refocus big data.. to self talk .. huge..

the future of food is about networking the next 1 bill farmers and empowering them w/a platform to ask/answer question – what if


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on genotype-phenotype gap

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5/1/16 2:32 AM
Deep learning can help predict the phenotype from the genotype.…

and i keep returning to it… in the shower.. while i’m running.. while i’m taping my foot for running… while i’m reading.. eating.. not eating… what tiny little move leads us to ie: cancer, misunderstanding, war (queen noor et al)

wondering/thinking.. Caleb learned plant language.. why haven’t we yet learned human language..

why can’t i hear the ways my body really wants/needs to go..?

is it that we’re more complex than plants… or is it deeper/simpler than that…

so – this – all – very resonating to a nother way to live.. where we are quiet enough.. to hear (the plant) us…

ie: hosting life bits (or whatever) to hear/see/be



How @calebgrowsfood transitioned from architecture to farming, by creating indoor environments for food production


article from over a yr ago.. and caleb not mentioned.. but hard to imagine there’s no connection.. so putting this here

John Hagel (@jhagel) tweeted at 5:59 AM – 11 Aug 2018 :
Scientists have birthed the world’s first cybernetic spinach plant, getting spinach to send them an email – we will soon be having interesting conversations with the plants around us (


Ok kiddos let’s do this. Time to talk about my pretty-minimal-but-still-REALLY-WEIRD brushes with the MIT Media Lab.

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Of course they have bad architecture, they’re rich..t

@SarahTaber_b: And then the other day, this news came out.…

MIT Built a Theranos for Plants

@SarahTaber_b: Y’all might have missed it because it broke at the same time as the Epstein/Joi Ito news but it turns out this toy version of a growth chamber DOESN’T EVEN WORK.

@SarahTaber_b: Now. I don’t know this dude from Adam and I’m not saying he personally took Epstein money, bc who knows. But I *am* saying that a Media Lab complex that feeds off a sugar daddy might not be terribly motivated to. like. make tech that actually works.