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Thank you, Ben Stiller — if you read anything today, make it @RedHourBen‘s beautiful essay on dealing with cancer


Vice President Biden (@VP) tweeted at 1:20 PM on Mon, Oct 17, 2016:
The #CancerMoonshot carries the hopes & dreams of millions praying we succeed. Read the report I just handed @POTUS:


New Scientist (@newscientist) tweeted at 6:46 AM – 7 Nov 2016 :

Laser probe lets brain surgeons identify cancer cells with sound

“Looking back and forth between a screen and the patient is not ideal. It would be better if a surgeon’s focus could be in one place,” says Baker. The resulting tones are distinct enough to reveal the differences between the cells. Using only their ears, participants in a first study using the technology were able to distinguish between healthy and cancerous cells with an accuracy of over 7


World Economic Forum (@Davos) tweeted at 7:01 AM – 7 Nov 2016 :

Scientists are turning bacteria against virus to defeat dengue and Zika


doc – 2010 – cancer: the forbidden cures

4 min – official theory – 1950

in last 50 years.. research pushed beyond imagination.. pharma dream.. 1 mill new patients.. 1 mill new cures..

6 min – in meantime.. no one able to prove official theory is fact.. that origin is genetic

3 cures: surgery, radiation, chemo.. two of which could cause cancer

10 min – chemo brain – loss of concentration/memory from chemo.. ie’s.. two kids have said: math homework


14 min – turn of cent.. ama joins w/strong financial sources to transform med into and industry..takeover thru schools.. those that put up the money (rockefeller & carnegie et al).. put on board.. schools received money and put people on board.. so schools able to build bldgs.. add expensive equipment.. hire top notch teachers.. but skewed whole thing in direction of pharma drugs.. that was the efficiency in philanthropy .. drs from that point forward in history would be taught pharm drugs – G Edward Griffin

15 min – drs advocated operations.. need for large lucrative hospital system.. drug industry grew out of patent business.. drs changed ed standards and licensing regs to exclude the empirics.. soon only ama apporved drs could legally practice med.. in 20 yrs.. ama came to dominate med practice.. org med launched media campaign to associate empirics w quacks.. code word for competition was quackery

16 min – so now ..avg dr goes thru school.. has to be smart.. learns a lot about drugs.. doesn’t know much about basic nutrition.. chances you walk out with a prescription.. – ge griffin

17 min – 2004 – big pharma sales over 1/2 trillion dollars…

starts first day of med school.. getting gifts from pharma industry.. because pharma has to be prescribed by dr.. as go on in studies.. interactions/gifts escalate.. – larry sasich

18 min – no matter where you spend money.. you make money.. my boss said.. spend what you can.. there will always be more.. – gene carbona (former drug salesman)

before 1980 most research funded by inst of health.. during 90s most got pulled out of unis and brought to for profit research orgs.. that gave complete control to drug co’s – john abramson

19 min – in summary: pharma industry …first teaching system.. then all drs.. then drug testing process.. publications.. finally to fed entity that is supposed to verify safety/efficacy.. at opp end sick citizens and in middle drs.. that can only get from big pharma that can no longer be verified..


20 min – drug industry.. most successful global industry in the world .. what they don’t want you to do is get better.. if you get better their market’s gone.. – mark abadi (@markabadi)

fear preys on the most vulnerable among us.. fear sells.. and nowhere fear peddled more shamelessly than in the fields of med and human nutrition – robert verkerk (@verkerkrob)

making us belief we can do little on our own..

21 min – fear mongers also preying on fear of disease.. and solution they give us .. are drugs.. – robert verkerk..

well oil by petro chemical dollars..

anything that comes from nature.. cannot be patented..translated into fda approval.. no one will test.. if can’t be patented.. catch 22.. nothing from nature.. regardless of how effective will ever be proven safe/effective by fda.. no one will spend money to test.. so.. nature unproven.. an unproven cancer cure.. – ge griffin

22 min – canadian nurse – 1922 – rene m caisse – used herbs to cure cancer..

25 min – treated at new clinic for 8.5 yrs… 3-600 patient a week.. had to be free of charge and a dr’s diagnosis

27 min – dr leonardo from buffalo talks to rene… you have the cure.. but med profession will never let you do this to us.. people show up offering 1 mill for recipe.. but she refused.. they wouldn’t guarantee it would be free

28 min – they said drs had all made wrong diagnosis.. that’s why patients thought they were cured..

30 min – charles brush .. kennedy’s personal physician.. recommended essiac to be tested.. but process got bogged down and never came to a conclusion..

32 min – crazy court hearings.. but response.. from med community.. calif actually made it a felony for drs to use treatment other than accepted ones..

35 min – similar story – harry hoxsey – had money and was a fighter.. drs labeled him the worst quack ever… ex coal miner w 8th grade ed… learned from grandfather who learned from sick horse

40 min – arrested 40 times.. tell prosecutors bro got cancer.. went to hoxsey secretly.. got cured.. et al

41 min – ama would still not come check it out..

fishbein (head of ama).. wanted formula .. but wouldn’t guarantee it’d be free so hoxsey declined

42 min – hoxsey had made enemy.. by crossing sorts with fishbein he alienated most influential person in med.. controlled the org of ama.. and accepted standards.. so fishbein brands him a quack..   national drama for 25 yrs.. 1937

44 min – hoxsey offered to pay himself.. fishbein writes awfuls about hoxsey.. and hoxsey ends up suing.. suprisingly wins.. first to win against fishbein.. he resigns.. and admits.. that hoxsey did have a cure..

45 min – hoxsey did a movie.. saying.. please come test us out instead of spending time with lawyers and fighting..

47 min – when govt couldn’t stop hoxsey in court.. fda took unprecedented steps.. ended up declaring hoxsey’s treatment found to be worthless.. only way to treat cancer is radiation and surgery.. death from cancer is inevitable..

sounds like kevin’s .. there’s no coercion here

public beware posters in post offices all over country…

outlawed it by technicalities…. ie: false labeling et al

48 min – hoxsey.. gave up all clinics.. after 25 yr fight against med establ.. built clinic in mexico and put mildred nelson in charge… went back to texas where he died in 74

mexican clinic has been treating thousands of patients.. but hoxsey treatment never available to americans.. can’t even be shipped.. those who wish to use hoxsey must travel to mexico each time

49 min – all health food diets et al have a single father.. maximillian gerson (albert schweitzer: max gerson one of most eminent geniouses in history of med).. first to suggest good health is primarily via healthy nutrition..

50 min – max experimented on his own migraines.. then used on tb patients.. 446 of 451 patients recovered..

max cured dr albert schweitzer’s wife of pulinary tb.. and his daughter’s skin disease.. and albert’s diabetese…

a complete detox.. of liquids.. fruits/veg… meat avoided… meat causes acidity in digestion.. so body can’t function then.. charlotte.. max’s daughter..

52 min – when curing patients with cancer.. had to testify 1946.. so stunning that abc news correspondent declared.. for first time in history.. a cure for cancer.. public response was overwhelming.. but what happened next.. 2 wks later.. graham fired from abc.. hand of fishbein and ama.. tied in with ..saying smoking causes cancer.. when that was people’s market

gerson writes counter book – took 10 yrs.. a cancer therapy.. 50 fully documented terminal cases cured.. yet no publisher willing to release in us..

56 min – an affective nutritional approach.. med industry doesn’t want cure to be nutritional.. article published in europe but not med journals.. not patented.. not expensive.. natural therapy that allows people to take care of own health

58 min – charlotte gerson.. too.. had to go to mexico.. to continue her fathers work

diff people who were cured..

1:03 – gerson therapy was known 75 yrs ago.. if drs know there is a cure and send patients home to die that is atrocity worse than the holocaust

1:04 – dr hamer.. 19 months in french prison

1970s krebs – vit b17 found in seeds of apricots… lists of scientists agreeing

1:06 – sloan-kettering vs sugiura.. forcing sloan kettering to deny benes of laetrile b 17.. later accused of cover up

1:07 – richardson curing people.. but in trouble.. because not improved by fda.. doesn’t matter if works or not.. in violation of law..  – ge griffin

1:08 – sharks don’t get cancer.. in order to grow certain size every tumor has to have its own capillary system.. creation of new blood vessels: angiogenesis.. shark cartilage (william lane) has specific anti-angiogenesis.. suffocates new capillaries..  but for some reason.. not suggested as cure..

if can find something within something in nature.. that they can patent.. but not if it comes from nature..

another: mistletoe.. iscador.. almost 100 yrs ago.. via father (steiner) of anthropological meds

once again.. well known excuse: absence of medicine

1:11 – suzanne sommers.. announces cure of cancer via mistletoe

list of historic cures.. drs have been derided.. persecuted..


while watching doc above.. this shared on fb:

Does cancer follow the rules of math? This scientist certainly thinks so — and she’s onto something.

Franziska Michor is quickly becoming a rising star in the worlds of math and medicine and for good reason.


via Mary Ann: if only we’d been talking to cuba

or trying forbiddens.. less pharmas.. more maths..?




and in realm of forbiddens.. both of these shared in last week:

mushrooms for depression

ecstacy for ptsd


diet not drugs.. (2016) – Thomas Seyfried

..quite controversial and not easily accepted by the public.

Seyfried explains that this is because people’s view of cancer as a genetic disease, most often treated by radiation and chemotherapy, has become an ideology or a dogma. The scientific and medical communities are unwilling to stray because they are accustomed to the old conception and are skeptical of newer treatments.

“Until the ideology is changed, it’s not likely we will have major advancements in cancer,” says Seyfried, ..Pharmaceutical industries also make huge amounts of money off of current drugs used to treat cancer as a genetic disease, so it’s difficult to get their support in seeing the disease in another, less-profitable way.


how reliable are cancer studies


from Gabor Maté‘s healing (roots of)

20 min – So you repress that anger.

It’s been shown in study after study that repression of anger also represses the immune system.

For the very simple reason that a) the two systems are part and parcel of the same super system, number one. And number two, healthy anger and the immune system both have the same function, which is to protect you. When you’re suppressing your self-protection in one way, you’re suppressing it in another way as well and that same system will then turn against you. Now you got an autoimmune disease. And when I interviewed people with scleroderma, or colitis, or Crohn’s, or multiple sclerosis, or rheumatoid arthritis, or any number of autoimmune conditions, it’s all the same pattern. ..In childhood, they learned not consciously, but automatically to repress themselves, and that..

the emotional repression then disorganizes the immune system.

21 min – Well, it’s been shown, for example, that women who repress their anger, they have less activity of a group of immune cells called natural killer cells. And these natural killer cells have the job of fighting foreign invaders like bacteria and viruses, but also malignancy, which is a foreign body in the body. So people who repress healthy anger also are suppressing the activity of their natural killer cells, which means they’re more prone to illness, including cancer. That’s just one of other examples.

37 min – He tried to please everybody. He was responsible for what everybody felt. And the second belief that he had, that he must never disappoint anybody. But those beliefs are very common to people who develop cancer. Again, for reasons that I’ve already alluded to.


Big Think (@bigthink) tweeted at 7:04 AM – 25 Jan 2018 :

Sperm may be uniquely equipped to deliver chemo to cervical cancer cells:


jan 2018 – cancer vaccine eliminates tumors in mice


from Paul J Rosch page:

There is also evidence that increased stresses associated with progressive civilization, contribute to cancer.

Tanchou noted that “cancer like insanity increases in a direct ratio to the civilization of the country”.

Similarly, Roberts wrote in Malignancy and Evolution (1926), “I take the view commonly held that, whatever its origin, cancer is very largely a disease of civilization”.

civilization ness

Over the years, cancer research has become the domain of specialists in various fields. Despite the outstanding contributions of scientists, we have been getting farther away from our goal, the curing of cancer.This specialized work, and the knowledge gained through the study of individual processes, has had the peculiar result of becoming an obstacle to the whole. More than thirty years in the field of cancer research have convinced me that it is not to our advantage to continue along this road of detailed analysis. I have come to the conclusion that cancer may perhaps be just another intelligible natural process whose cause is to be found in our environment and mode of life”



via fb share of someone (mark m) doing cancer treatment in mexico:

Here at CHIPSA Hospital, they know that consuming large quantities of salt on a regular basis does far more than raise your blood pressure.
They know that it leaves your body chronically dehydrated, which results in all types of Inflammation, and Inflammation is in fact the root of many chronic illnesses, including cancer.
Furthermore, as large amounts of salt collect in your body, it forms a sort of “protective shell” for all sorts of toxins and contaminants, enabling their easy transport into a variety of organs, most notably the prostate.
Specific to prostate cancer, and as part of the Whole Body, Alternative treatment regimen that CHIPSA utilizes, the key is reduction of salt, and promotion of potassium and magnesium.
In other words, control salt intake, and ensure adequate intake of potassium and magnesium.