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[boston, ma]

intro’d to Jamila via her 2015 tedtalklive – The secret to effective nonviolent resistance

the idea that non violent struggle is equiv to street protest is a real problem

if violence is the only choice.. people will use it

non violence works by… identifying the institutions that an opponent needs to survive and then denying those sources of power..

and/or.. giving everyone.. something else to do.. no?

isolated actions do very little if not part of a bigger strategy

a nother way

for (blank)’s sake

it’s time we challenge the way we think about conflict.. let’s

violence as a tool of conflict could be…abandoned.. replaced w weapons that are more effective..

greatest hope for humanity lies not in condemning violence .. but in making violence obsolete



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Working with on promoting the study and use of nonviolent action/ Executive Director, The Albert Einstein Institution /Research Affiliate, MIT


shared by Joi

Conversation with Jamila, Alia from The Albert Einstein Institution and Tenzin about nonviolent action.



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same day as this above convo.. Dave shared this on liminal thinking on fb

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