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intro’d to Gene via Michel fb share:

Title: “Creating on the same scale as we can destroy”

In 1979, Gene Youngblood was deeply impressed by an idea of Sherrie Rabinowitz
“We must create on the same scale as we can destroy”. He says here:
“In one sentence she encapsulated everything I’ve ever wanted to do.”

This 2016 talk encompasses a great sweep of his personal history, quoting from the people who have most influenced him, over the decades, and quotes and refers to his own past work from 1970 to the present. He focuses first on Buckminster Fuller, with the well-known saying:
“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
“Bucky”, to him, was first and foremost a Utopian Radical.
By ‘Utopian’, Youngblood means the desire for transformation at the root.
By ‘Radical’, he means acting on that desire: actively trying to transform the root.
He says that his own vocation is “building, or proposing, or theorising, models of communication”.

The ‘ecosocial crisis’, according to Youngblood, is counterbalanced by the rise of the internet. The scales are finely balanced. Will we see a communication revolution? (Or ‘radical evolution’, he suggests as alternative.)
“A communication revolution is the decentralization and pluralization of the social construction of reality. That can’t be allowed, because you can see instantaneously that’s the end of the dominating system.”

Using concepts from Husserl, he says:
“From that huge media lifeworld out there, that we call ‘the cloud’ or ‘the commons’ each of us is actively engaged in building our personal media homeworld.” …
“The threat of the digital condition to the dominators is that that opens up the ability to first of all seed the commons with materials which we then as individuals download from the commons, and build media homeworlds whose content is exactly counter to the imperatives of social control. This is why they’re hysterical.”

This gives just the initial sense of Youngblood’s deep and rich concept of “The Build”.
This wide-ranging and inspiring talk challenges us all to secede from the broadcast culture; to cultivate ‘radical will’; and to channel the resulting righteous anger and rage, without futile ‘hope’, towards this ‘Build’. We need to learn how to create at the same scale as we can destroy.

Closing Keynote | Gene Youngblood | the 2016 Gray Area Festival

1 min – this is about taking something seriously..

to take something seriously is to make it about your way of being in the world.. nothing less

eudaimonia/eudaimoniative surplus… time

a lot of us do take things seriously.. and we don’t make it our way of being in the world.. because we don’t know how.. things are that way these days.. aren’t they

san shell ness

i’m going to try to share with you some ideas i’ve been working on all my life (74).. on how to do that.. so .. that’s what it’s about..

given this breathtaking moment.. i think of where we stand now.. is kind of a hinge of history.. a very breathtaking hinge of history that may very well literally.. take our breath away..

2 min – since grey area invokes bucky’s idea of world game in the literature.. i though i’d start with that..

buckminster fuller was a utopian radical.. for me.. those two words summarize what he was for me.. his legacy for me.. the fire that it burned in my life ever since.. is wanting to be a utopian radical

3 min – you never change things by fighting the existing change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. – Bucky


people use this as signatures in email.. and i like to see that. .i think it’s obvious.. i think everybody in this room thinks they are proposing that model..

i want to point out that the archetypal utopian vocation is precisely the builder of models.. so in that sense.. you’re all utopians.. and .. it’s more serious than that actually..

the title of the talk .. the build.. creating on the same scale as we can destroy… that’s what world game has always meant to me..

4 min – another way of putting it is…

to imagine at scale

a lot of presentations.. are begging that question.. how do we imagine at scale..

a nother way Gene Youngblood

imagining at scale is absolutely the first essential step.. if we’re going to create.. on the same scale as we can destroy

begs we do this firstfree art-ists.. for (blank)’s sake

6 min – my focus – building models of communication..

hlb via 2 convos.. Gene..

(6-9 min ): this is me calling for a national info utility in 1974

9 min – tim wu in the master switch.. 36 yrs later.. calls it a separation.. conduit and content have to be kept separate

look.. it isn’t about access to info.. it’s about access to people/community…

if you think.. access to info.. that’s what you’re going to get.. info… if you think access to community.. you’re going to get both.. the community and the info they generate

10 min – this is obvious.. never ever say.. the info revolution/highway.. that is not what it’s about.. i would even say.. using that term is to buy into our own oppression..

that first lecture (6-9 min) was 1974… 4 years earlier.. here’s my call to arms.. media must be liberated.. et al.. in journal called radical software

11 min – i have to say.. that i wasn’t alone.. ie: that was published in a journal.. dedicated to the subject.. it was a zietgeist.. it was ambient..

it’s important for young people today to know there’s a history.. not to show you don’t know anything.. but to show you’re on the right path.. history is on your side..

12 min – and i never stopped.. still building.. theoretically a better model..

ok.. grey area… (reading his keynote page from site).. what would have to happen to make that utopian spectacle a reality.. what insurgent algorithm would get us from here to there..

this one Gene: short bit

today.. i would say.. imagine we were demanding.. a world wide socialized.. toll free.. public internet ..content separate from conduit.. symmetrical emotional bandwidth.. end to end encryption.. translocal social heterotopias (places/spaces that function in non-hegemonic/control conditions..spaces of otherness, which are irrelevant, that are simultaneously physical and mental -Michel Foucault ).. as a global nervous system for planetary survival

hlb that io dance..

13 min – we say.. no possibility of world wide.. never going to happen..

has to be.. www.. has to be all of us..

chances of … in one country .. zero.. but.. if we don’t do that.. changes we don’t destroy our world.. very thin.. i would love for someone to prove me wrong there..

how about.. to see a means to get there..

notice.. even if not talking about how internet is to be regulated.. internet .. isn’t even mentioned in current discourses about ‘infrastructure’.. oh .. it’s potholes.. you can do bridges..

14 min – the very thing the internet.. which can accelerate and enable all of this.. doesn’t even exist.. in public discourse.. and certainly not by any people.. trying to be president..

this language.. ecosocial nervous system.. back 52 yrs ago marshall mcluhan influenced us all at that time.. how could he not.. understanding media… the extensions of man.. no women just men.. that was the idea.. certain tech’s are extensions of the body.. our physical capabilities.. others.. which he was interested in .. was extensions of the mind.. of the nervous system… for a while.. people.. me too.. kind of put that down.. forgot about it.. the nervous system.. oh yeah.. isn’t that a little new agey or something.. but.. low and behold… we come back full circle almost .. to where .. in my mind.. this is the central way.. this is the way to look at this situation..

marshall mcluhan

15 min – i don’t speak language..language speaks me..language is the house of being.. Martin Heidegger…. i take that very seriously.. it really brings up the question.. how do we think things.. we think things thru language.. thought is made in the mouth

? i don’t know.. do we think that.. just because that’s been our assumed mode..?? ie: what about idio jargon ness and no words ness et al

16 min – and so.. i want to start with some language… today we have the digital condition and we have the internet.. the broadcast.. whatever you may think that would mean is not something you would originally associate with the internet.. broadcast is what’s going away.. gradually.. centralized mass communication.. now we have something to see what the broadcast is not .. which allows us to see what the broadcast is.. or what that phrase could mean. . in a very politically potent manner.. i think

17 min – i think of this term as having many levels.. there you are with the media.. then the next step.. structures behind it.. next step.. larger and larger.. as i go thru those steps… ends up with civilization.. i think of the broadcast as civilization itself.. and then.. what does that mean.. it means us.. the civilization is in here (points to mind).. we carry it.. and that has really important consequences..

18 min – let’s start at that basic level.. the media.. book defn: all state media, their institutional infra, their political econ, the culture they create, and the social control the culture serves thru the socialization it administers.. we live in a corp state and corp media are state media.. and privatized more effective.. because not seen as state media..

19 min – the co partnership of american media and of state.. is a triumph of what sheldon wolin calls inverted totalitarianism.. in his incredible book .. democracy incorp.. which everyone should read 10 times.. – every natural resource and every living being is commodified

we’re the showcase of how democracy can be managed w/o appearing to be suppressed.. the american people are victims of the most successful psychological operation ever inflicted on a national population.. the most sophisticated propaganda campaign any regime has ever deployed against its own citizens

manufacturing consent via voluntary compliance toward pluralistic ignorance.. et al

20 min – never say.. the media aren’t doing their job.. they are doing their job.. we aren’t doing ours.. and their job is to make sure of that..

their job is to manufacture non citizens..

so that’s the text.. 4 yrs ago.. now i’m going to make a little comment on that.. when we say we live in a corp state.. we’re not talking about corporations.. we’re talking about the state.. the problem is not corporations.. not ever..


the problem is always.. in every case.. the state.. who’s laws sanction corp tyranny and plunder.. it’s all legal .. unless it’s not.. and even then they get away with it.. understand what i’m saying here.. laws.. it is the law.. we’re talking about the state.. you don’t go after the corps.. you go after the state..

? or disengage from the laws..? no?

21 min – continuing on with that text.. on controlling the social control of realities.. the contexts.. in which realities are socially constructed/confirmed..

i want to emphasize: controlling the context.. in which that happens.. because control of context is control of reality..

control ness.. and why not yet ness..

context is everything.. everything is context.. and the broadcast is metacontext for everything

embodiment ness

reading: it has the power to define.. for most people.. most of the time.. in any politically relevant sense.. the four basic dimensions of reality: existence (what’s real and what’s not); priorities (what’s important and what’s not); values (what’s good/bad..right/wrong.. and how they’re related.. who gets to define those things at a politically relevant scale.. who’s excluded from convos that establish *understandings/agreements at that scale.. because there’s no power greater than that..

**the power to control the social construction of reality.. that is to say.. the conditions of meaning.. is the ultimate power..);

and relations

*doesn’t matter.. public consensus always oppresses someone .. and today.. have means to disengage from whose system of oppression..


22 min – like all cultures the broadcast is a tech of the self.. every culture.. is a tech of the self.. in which we construct ourselves.. and in this case.. in the broadcast image

everything we think/feel/desire/do/don’t-do.. results from our living in it.. we are who we are.. and therefore civilization is what it is .. because we internalize those understanding/agreements.. we become the place we live in..

23 min – we’re not born in the world.. the world is born in us

so that’s generally what i mean by the broadcast.. and the text.. it goes on..

so that’s the broadcast.. next is this breathtaking hinge of history.. that for 40 yrs i have called:

the ecosocial crisis: eco holocaust; capital globalism; end of democracy; rise of internet

4 world historic events converge.. right now..

24 min – tells us.. we live right now in futures that have come to pass.. apocalypse and utopia

any single one of these by itself would throw civilization into crisis.. together .. they create a challenge.. the challenge to create on the same scale we can destory.. that .. well first of all we can’t imagine it really .. and i’m trying to help us imagine that.. but it may well be insurmountable.. but it doesn’t help to dwell on that..

25 min – whether we are able to be a complete success or failure is in such critical balance that every smallest human test of integrity, every smallest moment-to-moment decision, tips the scales affirmatively or negatively. – bucky

isn’t that one aspect of where we are today.. don’t we know this.. this is a critical hinge of history.. *this is very serious business.. and i know that we would love to make that our way of being in the world.. and i’m trying to suggest one avenue.. one thing that might lead to that..

*if so.. begs we do this firstfree art-ists..for (blank)’s sake

but lets define some of these things 1\ eco holocaust: eco social system.. natural/human ecologies are both ecologies.. you can’t separate them

27 min – take next two together 2\ capitalist globalization and 3\ end of democracy : an important distinction between globalization (world is scale of commerce – not necessarily bad..*has to happen) and capitalist globalism (econ w capacity to work as a real time.. on a planetary scale – that’s a massive new reality.. breathtaking .. that’s the world we live in)


28 min – one of the things it means (as a unit in real time).. is that if there is a collapse.. collapses the world’s system as a whole.. there will be no second chance..

29 min – that’s one of the challenges we’re talking about.. when we talk about imagining at scale.. creating at scale.. we have to meet that.. that’s the scale we have to imagine working out..

ie: deep/simple/open enough

neolib capitalism.. has.. the planet.. it’s the exact opposite of anything you could even remotely call democracy

neolib ness

30 min – here we are now.. the internet.. digital condition.. rise of the one thing that might prevent catastrophe.. thank god it’s here.. but there’s a problem..

communication revolution is not allowed to happen.. because it’s a mortal threat to the institutions of civilization.. that precipitated the eco social crisis in the first place..

31 min – on – communication revolution .. is the decentralization and pluralization of the social construction of reality… that can’t be allowed.. because you can see .. that is the termination of the whole dominated system.. that’s it’s power to control.. if you loses that you’re down.. and that’s exactly what is happening now.. and that’s why the nsa.. has no choice.. but surveillance.. it’s all they know.. it’s all they’ve got

32 min – the cultural institutions of civilization.. i call the broadcast.. and it follows that secession from the broadcast.. leaving the culture w/o leaving the country.. is the necessary first step toward.. creating on the same scale as we can destroy..

if you ascribe these problems to the culture.. (what is culture.. it’s what you think of upon hearing the word.. neoliberalism et al.. i say the local franchise of civilization).. ok.. doing that.. leaving it then.. is a necessary first step.. to even begin to think creating at scale..

and the breathtaking fact is that the internet.. the digital condition.. actually does enable secession at that scale.. which is why its very existence throws its civilization into crisis..

33 min – it’s the end of centralized mass media…and the social control that depends on it..

there was no exit.. no outside before.. now there is.. now there are unlimited alt’s at global scale..

*we’re no longer held against our will.. we’re no longer trapped inside the signal.. constrained by the code.. **the broadcast knowledge sanctions are lifted/released.. from cognitive lockdown.. ***although you wouldn’t know that by looking at people’s behaviors these days

*i don’t buy this one.. imagine a turtle ness.. tell me the syrian child getting bombed.. the kalief browder’s .. the the (fill in the blank) is free.. i agree what the net allows for.. but we have to provide a means to set people free first.. and then facil that chaos.. ie: a nother way

**? where..?

***because it’s not true.. yet..

secession from dominate culture at the scale now possible means.. collapse of social control as we know it and liberal democracies.. we want it to collapse because it drives the crisis.. but that creates another crisis that compounds the apocalypse.. the other crisis isn’t the loss of social control.. quite the contrary.. it’s the metastasizing/security/surveillance state.. a lawless.. cyber panopticon with terrifying powers of totalitarian control.. that’s the 2nd reason the internet throws civilization into crisis

34 min – the nsa has no choice.. the internet allows either totalitarian control or utopian freedom.. if they don’t really push on maintaining totalitarian control over the thing.. the people will do exactly the opposite .. what will they do exactly the opposite..? what i’m calling.. the build.. they’re going to start re imagining at scale.. self consciously/reverentially..  and i’m gonna make sure they do.. that’s fine..

35 min – back to reading: which is to say.. that the cultural arm of social control going on in america.. the cultural arm of control.. there are other kinds of course.. is now based exclusively on a mass identification.. that’s non enforceable.. the very existence of this apparatus .. that enables millions to systematically dis identify with the american imaginary.. willfully estrange ourselves.. from the master signifier.. america… that’s a new menace to social control and they are not going to ignore it.. it’s cointelpro.. forever..

36 min – culture under all arms of control.. culture as desire/consciousness.. so i say culture is all of it

37 min – we live in the land of the .. look away… likely last instant of history will go by unnoticed.. turns out the ecosocial crisis is a crisis of will and idea.. a crisis of confidence and imagination..

38 min – here we are in total planetary emergency and basically.. we can’t imagine what to do about it.. if that isn’t damage.. i don’t know what is

which means.. that creating on the same scale at which we can destroy.. begins with *re creating ourselves.. as imaginative beings.. **resocializing ourselves to become the kind of people who would be capable of mobilizing radical will on the scale that’s needed

*1 yr to be 5 et al.. **1 yr to try commons via 2 convos

we need mass radicalization.. how do we imagine that.. and how do we do that

begs we do this firstfree art-ists..for (blank)’s sake

39 min – answer is in what i call a utopian myth of a communication revolution

2 convos via idio jargon et al

utopian radical –

a map of the world that does not include utopia is not worth even glancing at, for it leaves out the one country at which humanity is always landing.. – oscar wilde

oscar and utopia

both of those words refer to transformation at the root.. that is .. they are both radical..

40 min – utopia is the desire for transformation at the root.. radical is acting upon that desire..

never think of utopia as a perfect world… 1\ utopia is a desire not a place 2\ no desire is ever naive.. only its expectations are naive..

41 min – utopian desire is a desire for the release from hierarchy.. in other words.. democracy.. so utopia is the desire for democracy

loaded word.. i’d prefer.. utopia is the desire for equity (everyone getting a go everyday)

so here we are.. utopia.. what’s left out is that axial moment.. what would have had to happen to get us there.. that’s the beauty.. we’re forced to supply the break.. forced to imagine.. what would have to happen

42 min – in other words.. what would be the insurgent algorithm that got us there in the first place..

2 convos .. 3 and 30 via mech simple enough

so i want to say.. never use those words in a pejorative way.. that’s collaboration in our oppression.. at the very root.. we’ve got to recooperate those words..

43 min – if it’s systemic.. you’re talking about the root.. you don’t reform it.. and so in that sense.. to trash utopia.. how dare you do that..while you’re talking on and on about democracy.. the most utopian of all dreams..

never equate radical with extreme… going for the root radicals.. are the heroes of our time.. the point being.. if you’re not a radical today.. you’re in the way .. you’re inhibiting something that we have to do

45 min – the challenge to imagine at scale

freedom is the capacity to call something into being, which did not exist before, which was not given, not even as an object of cognition or imagination, and which, therefore, strictly speaking, could not be known.. – hannah arendt


46 min – that’s the same thing as when we say.. crisis of imagination.. which the dominators can never permit to happen..

bringing that new thing that could not be known into knowingness..

it’s the end of them.. and they’re going to fight that to the death

47 min – the utopian myth of a communication revolution

50 min – francisco (cisco) varela – best known for introducing the concept of autopoiesis to biology, and for co-founding the Mind and Life Institute to promote dialog between science and Buddhism. – a system capable of reproducing and maintaining itself

i used.. since that article.. 77 at least.. the idea of autonomous reality communities – the foundation for decentralizing and pluralizing of the social construction of realities… from the convo with those guys.. and cisco in particular..

came to understand the importance of conversation..from the latin conversari.. to turn around together.. it’s generative.. convo is generative.. it brings forth worlds.. it’s how we construct realities..existence/priorities/foundations..

so.. let’s focus on this.. 2 convos .. as the day [aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]

51 min – we can talk about things.. because we generate the things we talk about by talking about them.. that’s a closure.. that’s autonomy.. we become a reality community.. and the closure.. the circularity of the cultural autonomy.. turning around together.. seals our cultural autonomy.. we become an autonomous reality community

that’s what we usually mean by virtual community.. but virtual is irrelevant what.. how you do it.. it’s not irrelevant it’s about scale.. that virtuality enables it to go to scale..

52 min – i say reality community because they’re virtual not physical.. because they’re *atopias.. w/o **topology.. defined not by physical space but mental space.. not be geography but by consciousness/ideology/desire.. and

like all communities.. a reality community exists.. as long as the conversations that constitute it exist and no longer

now that phrase is redundant because there’s no other kind of community.. every community is an autonomous reality community.. that brings forth things it talks about by talking about them..

*a society which does not have territorial borders. an inhospitable location that cannot be turned into a dwelling-place

**the way in which constituent parts are interrelated or arranged

in other words.. every community is a conspiratorial conversation that generates the realities that define it as a community

game changes when we open up to idio jargon et al a s convo

conspire – to breathe together.. to turn around together.. we breathe together to turn around together..

yes.. like that.. beyond a just words convo.. and the circular .. turning around together ness of pi ness

i realize all this is kind of an abstract level but i hope you see yourself in it

you never change things by fighting the existing reality.. to change something build a new model.. that makes the existing model obsolete.. – bucky

huge.. model.. a nother way.. no need to fight off existing ie: oppression.. just make it irrelevant..

53 min – i’m going back to this (build in bucky quote).. back to my work as a model builder.. a utopian builder of models.. what i mean by the build.. that article was titled .. secession from the broadcast.. that’s about leaving something.. but when you leave one thing you move toward another..

and that other that you move toward.. that’s important..

to really leave the broadcast.. you have not left the broadcast if you’re not moving toward something that is its opposite

so i found language that i like a lot from – Edmund Husserl: lifeworld, homeworld, alienworld.. – (Martin Heidegger is the best known of Husserl’s students, the one whom Husserl chose as his successor at Freiburg. Heidegger’s magnum opus Being and Time was dedicated to Husserl….Maurice Merleau-Ponty‘s Phenomenology of Perception is influenced by Edmund Husserl’s)

martin.. maurice

54 min – lifeworld: the world you right now subjectively inhabit.. a lived experience at any instant

i.. all my life have been interested in teh idea of a media life world.. before the internet.. it was the broadcast.. the dominators.. the perceptual imperialists.. then it started getting more and more diverse.. there were more channels.. but those channels all said the same thing.. so in a way they weren’t.. but what happened.. all that stuff in that early lecture in 74.. put all that cable and stuff together.. suddenly we had 500 channels.. but you know.. they were all the same

55 min – but you could assemble from that media lifeworld.. your own personal media homeworld.. now husserl didn’t really mean that.. he was talking about children actually.. he was talking about a child’s lifeworld.. but.. i love that word.. i think it’s potent.. think to yourself.. what we actually do today.. from that huge media lifeworld out there that we call the cloud or the ‘commons’.. each of us is actively engaged in building our personal media homeworld.. this is again.. not technobabel.. that is actually what we are doing.. once you think that you see that.. and the threads of the digital condition.. the dominators.. is that..

56 min – ..that opens up.. the ability to .. first of all.. seed the commons with materials that we then as individuals download from the commons and build media homeworlds whose elements/content is exactly counter to the imperatives of social control.. this is why they’re hysterical.. i don’t think they can say it to themselves that way.. but that’s it

all husserl meant by alienworld was other.. he didn’t mean it negative

57 min – alan kay.. a true true visionary of computers.. apple wouldn’t exist w/o him.. and he said.. a computer is a meta medium.. a tool for building tools..


that’s what coding is .. right.. the media lifeworld is also a meta medium.. a social meta medium.. a tool for building technologies of the self.. how to use it consciously that way

so.. the build.. (the build step one – secession from the broadcast) ..using the lifeworld to build our homeworld..

the only thing you can control, and you must therefore control, is the imagery in your own mind – Epictetus…

the problem is imagining how to do that at scale.. and having the resources to do it which we now do..

(the build step one – cognitive emigration) the build step one.. leave the culture… leave.. that means you gotta go somewhere else..  and what we’re doing these days is building that somewhere else.. we don’t realize it.. we don’t talk about it that way .. but they’re starting to

(leave the culture w/o leaving the country.. stop knowing the broadcast.. build your counterculture media homeworld)

58 min – i monitor these so called alt media constantly.. everyday.. for that language.. to see.. are people edging toward this.. and they are.. believe me.. they are.. but it’s unconscious.. or.. some might argue that it’s pretty conscious

stop knowing that broadcast.. that word knowing is really important.. we see things.. let’s say tv.. we read things..text.. we hear things.. everything that’s audible.. but all of them are vehicles.. you may say.. to knowing.. is how we know..  i think this word knowing is really important .. for ie.. if you took that seriously.. there might be a convo like this: i was knowing cnn last night.. or i was thinking cnn last night

59 min – now.. let’s get back to that utopia.. imagine a world in which all of us were saying that.. you never said.. i was watching/reading/listening.. you said.. i was knowing/thinking.. that is a revolutionary mind.. you’d be way up in a meta domain.. looking down on the whole thing.. like sociologists do.. that’s why they’re radical by defn

zoom dance ness

what would get us there…

let’s not leap over that axial moment.. that’s what the build is about.. what would have to happen to bring about a world in which everyone said.. the broadcast.. and we’d know what we’re talking about… that i was knowing/thinking these things rather than using the senses..

let’s convo Gene.. a nother way..

1:00 – i’m suggesting the build.. building your homeworlds to enforce it.. that you practice transformation of the self.. the epictetus quote addresses this directly.. so how are we going to do it and at scale..

there is no way to re enchant our lives in a disenchanted culture except by becoming renegades from that culture and planting the seeds for a new one – thomas moore

this isn’t theory by the way.. this is my lived experience.. brought me to be able to talk about this.. leaving the broadcast.. leaving the culture.. is hardly a new idea.. you can find it across the spectra.. from this.. spiritual writer.. thomas moore..

1:01 – and then.. malcolm x: our only hope is not integration with a doomed society but complete separation from a doomed society

the need for this is recognized everywhere.. the entire spectrum of humanity

what we’re doing now.. we are assembling for exodus because as the commons grows and gets more self aware .. more and more obvious to people.. and i’m tryingn to accelerate that.. this is my work.. saying.. excuse me.. look what we’re doing.. if we’d only do this consciously.. you’d’ accelerate a lot.. (here comes everybody means there goes everybody.. we assemble for the exodus.. we look away to break away..  the nation of immigrants becomes a nation of emigrants)

1:02 – we teach all hearts to break – situationist slogan

mass radicalization – to become the kind of people who are capable/willing of doing that thing which we so desperately need to do.. have the vision.. the utopian vision.. the desire.. and have the action.. which is the radical action/transformation..

this is a report.. this is not theory.. i’m telling you what i went thru.. i looked back and said.. if i’m going to try to help people understand this .. point to a certain avenue.. what happened to me.. and here’s what i realized

1:03 – (the build step two – cultivating radical will) – (break your heart repeatedly..cultivate feelings of impotence/futility.. become outraged filled with righteous anger.. confront your yourself from hope..turn outrage into the rage of radical will – channel it into the build)

first of all.. when you leave the culture.. you’ve got your media homeworld.. you’re using as a tech of the self.. trying to transform yourself into a radical utopian .. first thing you’ve got to do is break your heart repeatedly.. never stop breaking your heart.. if you look at the so-called alt media.. you see heartbreaking stuff non stop.. and part of the build is to make that really intense.. to curate/understand.. what are things that would break your heart.. i’ve been moved to tears by some of the things i’ve known this way.. you know it’s heartbreaking..

1:04 – cultivate feelings of impotence and futility.. what we’re seeing in this conference.. the edge of tech.. which by the way is the most potent alliance you could imagine.. amazing/heartening/inspiring/incredible.. what you realize immediately is that we know how to do this.. we can do this.. we can create at scale.. you see the solutions and you think.. my god.. the broadcast is keeping this from me.. that’s where the impotence and futility comes.. reasons to leave are incredibly important.. but the place we’re going to.. that’s where all this beautiful potential is.. call it utopia.. hell yes it is.. it’s about transformation at the root.. that impotence and futility.. you’re pissed.. see the lie that we’re forced to live in.. we can’t do this

roots of healing.. deep enough

1:06 – confront your fear..  panopticon ness.. you live with it.. and it goes away.. and your fear goes away..

1:07 – free yourself from hope..  hope and radical are mutually exclusive in that sense.. to live in hope is to live in the future.. that’s not radical.. you’re not going to transform anything if you’re thinking about that..

derrick jensen: hope is a longing for a future condition over which you have no agency

1:08 – it’s advocating agency.. it means you’re essentially powerless

derrick jensen: something wonderful happens when you give up on hope.. you realize you never needed it in the first place

freeing yourself from hope doesn’t mean that you can’t have hope.. it just means that you’re going to do what you’re going to do regardless.. so there’s no hope .. so what.. i’m a radical utopian and i’m doing this.. there’s no choice… so why bother with hope..

turn outrage into rage of radical will.. channel it into the build..

1:09 – so .. you can imagine building these media worlds.. you’re gonna make feature films.. big documentaries.. and by the way.. you know this revolution of the documentary we’re living in.. that is breathtaking.. i have 100s of these things.. i copy them every time they’re on.. and i watch them repeatedly

thinking – graeber model law

(techs of the self – secession interstitials – capitalism) first of all these documentaries need repeated viewing.. they’re dense.. in our time.. that’s long form journalism.. so we know we can make those long things.. i want to focus on interstitials.. the space between programs.. or the program break.. the interstitial.. what are you going to see in the broadcast.. capitalism.. consume consume.. and think how powerful that is.. context is everything.. the control of context.. and filling every crack around the program with commercial.. with capitalism.. is a powerful context.. it changes what’s in that program

1:10 – you could have a program that’s radical as hell.. if all around it are commercials it’s drained of its potency.. control of context is powerful..

ie’s – from derrick, richard wolff..

1:11 – capitalism isn’t there in my media homeworld.. i have not seen a tv commercial in its own context for decades.. the only time i see them now is when they are re contextualized over into the documentaries.. or via amy goodman.. and when you move something from one context to another .. it becomes something diff.. a think is where it is..

but just think about.. the masses of people who are seeing these commercials.. and in my homeworld this is the exact opposite of the imperatives of social control.. this is what i see all the time.. i just picked 3..

1:12 – (techs of self – the ecosocial crisis) – plays ie of a commercial he wants to hear over and over.. when he gets up everyday.. ie: of bill mckibben, noam,  et al

bill,, noam

1:13 – (techs of self – i am a revolutionary) – another one i want to see everyday.. fred hampton


what we’re really talking about is radical evolution.. i put this together and then decided.. you know.. i’m not going to use that word revolution every again.. i’m a radical evolutionary… taking about.. mutation at the root..  not revolution.. which is a circle that ends up where it began..

1:15 – (techs of self – whistleblower magnet) – in my media homeworld.. i want to valorize/heroize the whistleblower.. everything that’s counter opposite of the imperatives of social control.. so we build home/lifeworld that attract whistleblowers..  when the build gets to a certain scale.. it’s already happening.. but i want it to be official.. ritualized.. heroicized


courage is contagious – snowden


1:17 – (techs of self – citizen tribunals) tribunals where all these ceos who don’t get punished for the obscene crimes they do .. and i want to see them put on trial and i want to see it everyday everyday everyday

dang Gene… need all of us for a radical utopia to work.. you’d spend your day watching a trial..? pointing a finger..? let’s build a utopia for all of us.. no? ie: gershenfeld sel

1:18 – (social media design and the build – art and the build)

cybernated art is very important, but art for cybernated life is more important – nam june paik, 1965

(the new alliance and the avant garde)

avant garde

art is not a mirror held up to reality but a hammer with which to shape it –  bertlott brecht

if there ever was a time for art to do that for us at scale.. it’s now

indeed. let’s do this firstfree art-istsfor (blank)’s sake

1:19 – reading: the separation of art from culture from the social.. inaugurates culture as a realm in its own right and defines it as such.. the very distance of culture from its social context that allows it to function as a critique and indictment of the latter.. also dooms its interventions to inneffectualities and relegates art/culture to a frivolous trivialized space in which such intersections are neutralized in advance – fredrick jameson

that’s a problem.. how can you.. doesn’t art lose its potency if it becomes instrumental..? no.. not if you’re building an alt world.. not if you’re building to leave.. however.. that separation reps the failure of what yurgen habermas ( calls the project of modernity.. which he saw as the struggle to integrate cultural and social modernization.. so that culture would guide/form social development.. that’s why we say.. progress.. there is no progress under those conditions..

1:20 – that has been implicit in the great cultural/political movements of the 20th cent.. and culturally.. the historical ‘avant garde’..  and in the social sphere .. the politics of liberation.. the theorist peter burger in his book – theory of the avant garde argues that the project of historical avant garde in the 20s was to destroy the social institution of autonomous art and merge art with life..

art was not meant to be integrated into the existing life practices.. rather .. a new life practice was to arise from a basis in art..

cultural evolution was to guide and inform social evolution.. now of course they failed.. those futurists and daodists.. they revolutionized art but not the world.. how could they have..i’m suggesting that the build is about doing that.. we can do that.. and art becomes dangerous again.. this is a rush..

1:21 – from text: far from being dead .. the project of historical avant garde is more alive today than ever.. but it has nothing to do with any particular style or aesthetic.. it’s possible only on an extra aesthetic and supra cultural level.. thru the alliance of the traditional artists and the new artists as social meta designer.. context provider.. however you want to call it.. in this alliance the meta designer creates the possibility of social/cultural autonomy.. radical autonomies..

within which artists create content in contexts they control..control of context is everything..

artists after all create the most powerful/poignant representations of being in the world.. the most compelling visions of possible in the world to be in.. in the new alliance.. art is empowered and revitalized in a way it never could be w/o the control of context made possible by the social meta designer..

1: 22 – as much as it brings together art and technology.. the alliance of artists and social meta designers also merges art and politics.. together they constitute a new social/cultural/political force.. a genuine avant garde.. as a humanistic rather than merely artistic movement toward creating at scale.. what’s avant garde.. is the alliance as such.. that pure social relation.. regardless of its ethics or aesthetics.. one can view situation aesthetically of course.. but that doesn’t determine its avant garde ness..its avant garde status..

what makes the alliance avant garde is the integration of art and life it makes possible.. building your media homeworld..

this means that any kind of art.. no matter how stylistically or aesthetically retrograde it may be.. can participate in an avant garde phenomenon because the work of art is no longer the site of avant garde ness.. it’s about group expression and not self expression

1:23 – (ecosocial nervous system – from beginning) –

we must create on the same scale as we can destroy – sherrie rabinowitz – 1979

she and her husband kit galloway changed my life more than.. as much as.. bucky.. and.. all those people.. when i heard that phrase.. in one sentence.. she encapsulated everything i ever wanted to do.. it’s what world game is about.. it’s what creating at scale is about.. and there it was..

i shared a house with them for four years.. we were as close together as you can get.. she unfortunately passed away.. i miss her.. she was some kind of woman

1:24 – jane actually added this.. we must – learn to create – … that’s the fact right.. we don’t even know.. that’s why hannah arendt was saying.. something that could not be known.. first we have to learn to create on the same scale as we can destroy.. that’s part of the build.. cultivating that.. and i would even say.. we have to learn how to learn it.. it’s so huge

so.. ginorm small.. here.. try this.. a nother way book

(emotional bandwidth – the telepresent world of kit and sherrie a visionary legacy for the internet – title of book)

1:25 – of their work – electronic cafe international.. was the most important.. has nothing to do with internet cafes.. from 1990 to 2000 they did this experiment.. a network of electronic cafes..

1:28 – they were modeling.. you work with what you’ve got.. sure .. they could have raised millions.. but that wasn’t real.. that’s what corporations do..

they used art.. they said.. if conversational.. video conferencing space.. if you will.. can accommodate art.. it can accommodate anything because art pushes everything in every direction.. so art as the acculturing vehicle for this space..

1:29 – the ritualization (histogram on walls) is incredibly important to us today

the abstract idea of people occupying the image as place.. the image as place.. how can people around the world occupy the same image as place..

1:30 – they pioneered the use of midi

1:35 – midi music.. everything you see here.. 91 – never had been done in telecommunication space

1:36 – midi dance .. being inside another persons body was the only thing they could do.. so everything was built around that

1:37 – midi brainwave music.. to more political things

1:38 – the point.. what i’m trying to suggest.. this is a social heterotopia.. hybrid space..physical/virtual.. it’s also in the mind.. and i get that heterotopia again from Michel Foucault .. twisting it a bit

i’m suggesting that the internet is complete.. w/o being grounded/anchored in these translocal community places.. like this (where he’s sitting now).. my god.. if there ever was a time.. what they said was.. this is an open lab for public acculturation of emerging technology.. that’s what they were doing.. that was emerging.. public acculturation .. what is it good for.. for us.. not for the capitalists.. if there ever was a time when we needed this..

1:39 – so i’m suggesting.. this thing about alone together.. everyone’s face smashed into the iphone.. we have to ritualize this.. these places have to be ritualized.. and where you’re experiencing things as groups.. you’re not jammed into the iphone.. you are together.. and you’re together with another group on the other side.. and you’re saying to yourselves.. we are seceding.. this is our public homeworld.. and i’m saying.. do it at the secession cafe..

1:40 – confucius.. the way out is via the door.. why is it no one will use this method..



25 min – Secession From The Broadcast trailer 1F


crazy.. Bucky not even mentioned in Gene’s wikipedia page..

Gene Youngblood & Buckminster Fuller in Conversation

6 min – so much power there for the people if we could only see it

9 min – the question is.. who is making the decisions.. values.. maybe we need time in convo to figure that out

2 convos ness

10 min – if we don’t have control of the language.. we’re not going to be able to see what we need to see in order to live..

11 min – sometimes we’re able to create the language ourselves.. and then the meanings that we desire to have… in that sense we constitute a reality community.. keeping in the forefront.. that the construction of reality is the most important political force in the world..

mech to facil idio jargon ness..

legible ness

23 min – it never was about the tech.. it was about humans talking to humans.. showing each other our art/visions/imaginations/possibilities..


find/follow Gene:

wikipedia small

Gene Youngblood (born 30 May 1942), is a theorist of media arts and politics, and a respected scholar in the history and theory of alternative cinemas. His best known book, Expanded Cinema, was the first to consider videoas an art form and has been credited with helping to legitimate the fields of computer art and media arts. He is also known for his pioneering work in the media democracy movement, a subject on which he has taught, written, and lectured since 1967.