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Fred Hampton (August 30, 1948 – December 4, 1969) was an American activist and revolutionary, chairman of the Illinois chapter of the Black Panther Party (BPP), and deputy chairman of the national BPP. Hampton was assassinated while sleeping at his apartment during a raid by a tactical unit of the Cook County, Illinois State’s Attorney’s Office, in conjunction with the Chicago Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation in December 1969. A civil lawsuit filed in 1970 resulted in a settlement of $1.85 million in 1982. The background and events of Hampton’s murder have been chronicled in several documentary films.

elaine: we took the position that in order for us to be free that system had to be dismantled.. we could not be free in a system that oppressed us in the first place.. so you have to get rid of that system.. – @sistaelaine

a nother way.. to hasten systemic change globally/equitably.

1:06 – mike: most amazing phenom…outside fed courtroom.. a plaza.. right in the heart of town.. kids were coming down from courtroom with fire in their eyes having just seen that madness up there.. and all of a sudden one day.. this black orator.. who at that time was 20 yrs old.. starts talking to these people.. and all of a sudden.. it’s like a magnet:

fred hampton..

you can jail revolutionaries.. but you can’t jail a revolution

you may murder a freedom fighter like bobby hutton.. but you can’t murder freedom

1:07 – michael: whatever it was.. fred had it.. whenever he got up in front of a group of people.. the words just flow… you were awash in the words.. it was like that.. i don’t care how many people are there.. it was like he was talking to you.. that’s a dangerous person.. he wasn’t above us.. he was one of us..

dennis cunningham ( by time 17 was head of naacp youth branch.. already experienced by time illionois ch of panther party formed.. so natural choice to lead it


jeff: fred spoke in people’s church in august 1969.. and i was in the crowd.. toward end of speech he said: everybody stand up and raise right hand… everyone saying.. i am a revolutionary..


mike klonsky (@mikeklonsky) ( a lot of us thought we were on the eve of a revolution.. we called the bpp the vanguard.. because they were out ahead… they were sacrificing their lives in the struggle.. fred.. here in chicago.. was the main voice for unity..

1:10 – (?): we worked with such orgs as.. the young lords.. and the young patriots… he was telling why they should work together..’poverty.. the first thing we can unite on..the common thing we have’

1:11 – landon: was latinos, poor whites, poor blacks.. but also since w naacp.. had folks who were in congregations.. and working class folks.. so fred was building a broad based coalition in chicago.. and that was the threat 

mike klonksy: hoover most feared young whites uniting with the black struggle.. and he was most afraid of .. a black messiah rising..up out of this movement

fred could spot talent.. but one thing he failed to spot.. the fbi plant.. who was his personal body guard

william (informant): june 1969.. i started supplying info

1:12 – dec 3 1969 rally at people’s church west side of chicago.. where fred gave one of those speeches

1:13 – deborah: 12 midnight.. william brings me back to our apt.. fred had been running 24/7.. so he fell asleep.. i was 8.5 months pregnant with our son.. so .. i fell asleep too.. in apt.. we received no warning.. no tear gas.. nothing to offer us to surrender (police version is that they shot at police 14 ish times)


blair anderson ( bullets start coming thru the walls… plaster flying… cop stepped thru door with submachine gun

1:16 – (?): police make historic blunder of leaving apt open.. so right away people go

(?): i stepped into living room.. and there was fred’s blood flowing all the way from very back of the house..

mike: when we lifted up mattress.. machine gun thugs fell out of mattress.. only one shot with panther weapon.. ceiling.. shot off when gun dropped after panther himself was hit

renault robinson (chicago police – this was a shoot in.. wasn’t a shoot out


from Ava DuVeray’s 13th:

45 min – i think people haven’t thought about what it means to lose a fred hampton.. who somehow was able to pull together black and whites.. and puerto ricans and native americans.. to fight for justice.. at 21 .. (‘you can jail revolutionaries but you can’t jail a revolution) .. he had to go.. they literally went and shot his whole house up .. w his pregnant wife next to him in bed.. so afraid of a leader that could unite people- van jones


50 years ago, Chicago Police murdered Fred Hampton. His activism lives on.
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