amy burvall

amy burvall

intro’d to Amy a while back.. via all the people talking about/to her. recently.. some of her tweets/shares (ie: on serendipity) have been esp resonating. ie:

3/1/16 6:48 PM
.@hjarche @Braddo @hrheingold I want to be a “super-encounterer”…#serendipity

so adding page.. and taking her in here first:

dec 2014 – at eSS: Learning spaces for the digital world


history for music makers.. gave me the creative spine… for creativity..

radical transparency happens when you put your creativity out there…

we need to stop thinking of tech of being special.. we don’t have labs for pencils..

started thinking about what we do and how we act in.. spaces..

1\ we’re free from the shackles of time and space… untethered times… our concept of time is extremely altered right now (up at 3 to talk w/sweden, students message in middle of night when finish something)

henry jenkins – access to means of creative production as well as artistic distribution

henry jenkins

steve wheeler – not about curriculum but about cultivating networks.. the world is our curriculum

8 min – an affinity space.. self-directed of informal learning.. spaces of shared interest.. that we gravitate toward.. the learning is situated.. contextual.. for us just in time.. shaped by the context.. not arbitrary..

affinity space..

decision making – disengage from consensus

they have this personal learning path already doing… don’t have to be in one spot

whimsy.. as the day.

let’s do this firstfree art-ists.

for (blank)’s sake

how can we peer out of our perspective .. of thinking of learning as a place..

11 min – the new academy .. the cloud.. the ether is our grove.. not just learning for selves.. having distributed cognition… i store my knowledge in my friends

and/or modeling output ness using my (never just me) brain self-talk as data – shareable..

david weinberger.. smartest person in room is the room…

david weinberger

more important to think about the care.. instead of the where ..

12 min – to have that will to wonder.. to be curious all the time.. to stay in the question..

wonder.. curiosity.. falling in love w the questions

white space…  the space that makes everything.. the other things.. stands out.. white space in our lives is the time..

spaces of permission .. with nothing to provetime and space

i’m waiting for time we stop saying edtech and just say education.. and stop saying elearning.. and just consider learning..

and.. perhaps.. just say.. rev of everyday life.. ness.. no?

21 min – what makes us linger.. what’s our coffee house..

23 min – why we like coffeehouse.. collab, social, linguistic, tribal

linguistic..? social..? perhaps… but perhaps not often natural in the spaces we have today.. ie: how real ish are we in f t f spaces of today..

redefinition of space based on affinity… community is in our roots… connected people are happiest.. more knowledgable…

25 min – the why of your course grounds the whats and the hows.. then think of configuration of room… make things as fun and engaging as possible…

again – if cloud is our space…  beyond.. course.. pkg deal.. and the need to manufacture fun/motivation.. et al..

28 min – learning how to negotiate space..

or.. perhaps we negotiate ..  who’s together in a space.. via chip ness.. again – so that ie: consensus becomes irrelevant

30 min – how to have connection with a direction..

perhaps.. direction .. with a connection.. ie: let 7 billion whimsical curiosities drive us. everyday.

conversational thinking.. think out loud..

self-talk as data

32 min – audrey watters – best mooc is when c is for community rather than course.. those are ones that go on forever..

audrey watters

35 min – wires and fires

wires: agile infrastructure ness… io dance ness..

fires: pd to fire up teachers… and/or.. unleashing 7 billion to curiosity..

36 min – feeling you get from working next to people working creatively – studio ness… and sometimes need a retreat place..

eduaimoniative surplus ness.. and echo chamber ness

37 min – ewan mcintosh – on spaces

ewan mccintosh

wood shed – jazz – charlie parker – spent summer in wood shed getting better.. jazz musicians call this shedding – incubating..

shedding .. ness… still ness.. quiet of your room ness…

41 min – alan levine’s spaces… just noticing.. finding light.. w/o a plan…

alan levine

notebooks are really important.. like your private studio

document everything ness

having all the tools you need on hand.. really important

47 min – cloud as campfire –

dave cormier ness

knowing you have an audience.. makes work better..

? i don’t know..

need to be google able..

and/or rather.. leave a trail.. one that you’re not doing to show..

austin kleon on black out poetry – steal like an artist – show your work.. if your work isn’t online it doesn’t exist..

austin kleon

? whoa.

talk/resume is cheap.. what you make and put out there is what matters… mozilla and badges..

proof ness may be our demise..

have to think about what’s ok to share.. if not ok w/ mom.. can’t share it..

clive thompson.. thinking outloud

clive thompson

? – ps in the open ness


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I mean, if you have the time for one, why not the other? I have a simple rule…I don’t explain myself or my work…I’ve adopted Henry Miller’s..

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