falling in love with the questions

question mark purple

fall in love with questions quote


remembering amo la vida – via nic

the interesting and fascinating things of having no clue, is then you fall in love with the questions..

not questions to be answered, but are our guides

wisdom is a love affair with questions, knowledge is a love affair with answers..

wisdom  you cannot own, patent, …

are we falling in love with the questions?

this tiny little moment – called  today.

today i am alive. 

changing with every breath.

change is beauty. beauty is change.

falling in love..

with the questions.

with breathing in the day.

with now.

amo la vide


Designers create solutions. But artists create questions — the deep probing of purpose and meaning that sometimes takes us backward and sideways to reveal which way “forward” actually is. The questions that artists make are often enigmatic, answering a why with another why. Because of this, understanding art is difficult: I like to say that if you’re having difficulty “getting” art, then it’s doing its job.

Designers create solutions. But artists create questions.


another cool aspect of this.

after 20 years of spending my days answering questions that no one was really asking (aka: math teacher), and never feeling like public speaking/presenting/marketing/selling/et al was a good fit, realizing the beauty/power/love/trust in waiting/listening for the questions/curiosity is a lovely calm/balance/delight.

 – Paul Pangaro – video


a rubiks cube waiting to be answered

falling in love with the questions…


John Hagel (@jhagel) tweeted at 6:46 AM – 24 Aug 2018 :
It’s all about the questions. Focusing on questions rather than answers provides a new, less familiar lens to explore issues, one that strips participants of their normal anchors of expertise https://t.co/3TiuaocEo6 (http://twitter.com/jhagel/status/1032972511162511360?s=17)

When faced with a question, the impulse is to spit out an answer. But asking more and better questions can sometimes get you further.

“For most leaders, they get paid to answer questions. They have a knee-jerk response about answer-giving, and it’s excruciatingly painful for them to not answer the questions during this four-minute process,” Gregersen said.

Gregersen said people usually experience one of three outcomes after participating in a question burst: a more positive state of mind about their challenge that leads to new, valuable ideas; a feeling that the problem is much bigger than they expected, or a realization that they are themselves a part of the problem.

Asking better questions will be the focus of a new book by Gregersen, “Questions Are the Answer: A Breakthrough Approach to Your Most Vexing Problems at Work and in Life,” out this fall.

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