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The Seven Spaces of Technology in School Environments from Ewan McIntoshon Vimeo.
1) secret spaces

2) group spaces

  • community as designer – stanford’s dschool
  • make space manipulatable on a just-in-time basis
  • [more on fluid spaces here via ideo]

3) publishing spaces

  • blog, flickr, tap into group spaces
  • twitter wall – live update
  • school can be the community’s best neighbor- design space so it’s used by everyone in community always

4) performance spaces

  • allows people to be something they are not
  • play occurs in more than playgrounds

5) participation spaces

6) data spaces

  • how could real time data actually improve the space data.gov.uk
  • gullane primary school – producing their own energy – can only happen if we have that data input at every point of our school day

7) watching spaces

  • teds
  • imagine a lecture not taking place in a classroom
  • dschool – all furniture on wheels – encourage listening, but 3 focal points, collaboration during listening is encouraged – to whisper during a lecture, lecture is almost discouraged, and can come from anyone, merely spaces where you can talk to groups

from Ewan‘s post: learning spaces. virtual spaces. physical spaces.
Stephen Heppel  
more here.

read, watch this again and again.
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his presentation for global ed conf


2013 keynote on problem finders:

Ewan McIntosh: The Problem Finders from EDtalks on Vimeo.

r martin – so much of the world operates in – mystery

heuristics – gut filling – successful people seem to have figured out their algorithm

creative/successful people:

1. know why they are on the planet – s sinek

david perkins – making learning whole

what kids want: 1. challenge 2. real things

2. they provoke

3. have a process

4. live to perform – want to share

hmmm – interesting – the video stops like 30 min in – perhaps embed only lasts that long?


the lab notosh


Ewan McIntosh and Margaret Heffernan

Ewan McIntosh (@ewanmcintosh) tweeted at 1:35 AM on Fri, Mar 10, 2017:
Is jargon actually a loud way to create organisational silence @M_Heffernan? Makes me think of @ottoscharmer1’s levels of listening #sgis17

jargon to create ps in the open… perhaps org silence..?