wonder defn

always the verb:menu becurious

shea the mystery box

Jason encourages us to be wonderstruck.

And there is a place called.. wonderopolis


jan 2016 – Sam Chaltain diving into wonder..


“Wonder – is not precisely Knowing And not precisely Knowing not – A beautiful but bleak condition He has not lived who has not felt.”

“Man is surprised to find that things near are not less beautiful and wondrous than things remote.”

And my personal favorite – “It is not understanding that destroys wonder; it is familiarity.”


what is wonderment – via Jason

wonder requires attention.. sudden.. close..

stupefied amazement.. no mental models.. no references.. letting it all in.. w/o film screen of defense mech’s… of experiencing that thing freshly/intensely

power of awe decentering.. opiated adjacency..

shaken to tears..

leave us w/real/lasting/cog benes

what we have to do ..

is be willing to go there

be willing to go there

be willing to go there

‘Wonder is the beginning of wisdom’ – Socrates