The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.    -unknown

Perhaps we tap into the curiosity within each person.

Perhaps a means to get at the root of all problems/solutions/life.


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app ness to jump start us – back to us..


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Scientists are also trying to figure out how long the effects of curiosity last — if a kid’s curiosity is piqued at the beginning of the school day, will she be good at absorbing knowledge all day long? Or will she lose interest?

What Ranganath wants to know most is why some people seem naturally more curious than others. Lots of factors, including stress, aging and certain drugs can affect dopamine processing in the brain, he says. Genetic factors may also influence how inquisitive we are.

“If we could figure these things out, it would have a huge impact. We could help those who may just seem bored.” Ranganath says.

kind of like where Sugata is right now – with someone else (teacher whoever) coming up with the question.. that’s open enough to curiosity. perhaps missing the potential of an ongoing energy from the curiosity within. [i realize we aren’t talking that way because we think 7 billion curiosities – every day.. every minute.. is too much to control. that’s the point. to me – that’s the difference the web brings us.. tech brings us.. the ability to ground the chaos of 7 billion people on a whimsy high.


the ecstasy of curiosity via Jason Silva:



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