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Austin at TEDxKC in 2012:

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sunday, april 24, 2011

austin kleon

how to steal like an artist
find someone you like, learn everything about them then find out who they love and learn about them. and this-the great thing about remote or dead masters is that they can’t refuse you as an apprentice.

There is no statement more erroneous than the declaration that “this is my idea”. Such notions are byproducts of a material culture that has been reinforced in seeking physical rewards, usually via money, in exchange for the illusion of their “proprietary” creations. Very often an ego association is culminated as well where an individual claims prestige about their “credit” for an idea or invention.

Peter JosephZeitgeist Movement Defined – et al

i’m never just me.

Austin on groundhog day:

Now, it might seem like a stretch, but I really think the best thing you can do as an artist or a creative person is pretend your Phil Connors in Groundhog Day: there’s no tomorrow, there’s no chance of success, there’s no chance of failure, there’s just the day, and what you can do with it.

just the day. as the day.


june 2015 – interview at bookcon

a book can go places.. they aren’t dead.. there’s a magic in turning the page

this book was a result of 10 yrs of trial and error

creativity’s not linear..  a daily practice


on Gatto‘s dumbing us down


Long blog post w/ my notes on Gatto’s DUMBING US DOWN:…

We lock away children and old people from everyday life, either in schools or nursing homes

nobody talks to them anymore, and without children and old people mixing in daily life, a community has no future and no past, only a continuous present.

A real community allows you to be a whole person:

“the only ones I consider completely safe are the ones that reject their communal facade, acknowledge their limits, and concentrate solely on helping me do a specific and necessary task.”

Gatto sees compulsory school as an “involuntary network with strangers.”

Gatto sums it up: “Children learn what they live.

rev of everyday life.. for all of us..

a nother way.. ie: hosting life bits.. via self-talk as data..

as the day


via rt by rob on John Holt

I posted a bunch of notes from John Holt’s classic book, HOW CHILDREN LEARN:

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trustchildren (people)

all the way.. not partially

why we haven’t yet – can’t let go of science of people in schools ness



Too many people out there trying to be teachers. I’m a fellow student. I’m offering you the chance to look over my shoulder.

This story changed my life

a nother way.. all indigenous..


Austin Kleon (@austinkleon) tweeted at 7:30 AM on Thu, Sep 07, 2017:
The Maestro bids you good morning!


Mitchel Resnick (@mres) tweeted at 6:26 AM – 27 Feb 2018 :

Nice blog post from @austinkleon about the Creative Learning Spiral (

mitchlife long kinder

be you web ness


Austin Kleon (@austinkleon) tweeted at 6:07 PM – 5 Sep 2018 :
This is *one* day’s worth of my 3-year-old’s drawings. He throws each one on the kitchen floor when he’s done. My wife sweeps them up with a broom after he goes to bed. #juleskleonart (


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Austin Kleon (@austinkleon) tweeted at 6:58 AM on Sat, Dec 29, 2018:
Six-year-old has some advice for everyone

pay attention to nothing

there’s never nothing going on.. pay attention

quiet enough



Tom Hart (@hutchowen) tweeted at 7:41 AM – 12 Feb 2019 :
Lovely, perfect blog post from @austinkleon On solitude, and being who you are (

free from input from other minds.

start the day.. everyday.. ‘free from input from other minds’  ie: self-talk as data

courting old-fashioned all-by-my-lonesome solitude in my own life. Meditating by the lake. Going for long walks without headphones. I’m not sure they’re valuable to me as productivity measures. How they’re valuable can’t necessarily be measured with any kind of output or progress. These practices don’t help me be with my thoughts, they help me get rid of them. They help me empty out, drain the anxiety and rage out of my head. (Demons hate fresh air.) They let me be in my body. Without thought.

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Austin Kleon (@austinkleon) tweeted at 5:51 AM – 11 May 2019 :

“My job is to show my children that there is a whole universe that exists beyond the grim issues of the day.” (

a nother way

last post again (image above):

on solitude.. and freedom from input of other minds..

curiosity and decision making


Austin Kleon (@austinkleon) tweeted at 5:38 AM – 10 Jul 2019 :

Again, what’s good for kids is good for adults. Most kids (including mine) are chronically underslept. (We’ve been pretty fanatical about bedtime from the beginning.) (

‘fanatical about bedtime’ – part of the problem [like in keep going on routine/imprisonment ‘if it’s your own making’ can set you free]

imagining what we could see/become if we would listen deeper to their (infants) not yet scrambled ness ie: why/when they sleep.. don’t/can’t sleep

segmented sleepperry sleep alone law; et al


keep going – 10 ways to stay creative

1\ everyday is groundhog day: routine/imprisonment good if you determine it; finish each day and be done w it

groundhog day ness

2\ build a bliss station: retaining inner sanity

curiosity and decision making ness – self-talk as data

3\ forget the noun, do the verb: your real work is play

play et al

4\ make gifts: one of easiest ways to hate something you love is turn it into your job; after he started to make money.. the work was poor

a danger in gift ness (trying to figure out what others want) – rather.. make art – the thing you can’t not do.. the thing you can’t not give away..

money (any form of measuring/accounting)

5\ ordinary + attention = extraordinary: pay attention to what you pay attention to

notice the unlikely.. et al .. attention

6\ slay the art monsters: some bad people who create good art; we all have art monsters inside us; the world doesn’t need more great artists. it needs more decent human beings..

7\ you are allowed to change your mind


8\ when in doubt tidy up: mess is good/artistic; tidy tools leave materials a mess; sleep tidies the brain

9\ demons hate fresh air: wallking

walk able ness

10\ plant your garden: time by heartbeats; sunrises; moon phases; seasons; learn from trees

holmgren indigenous law


draw\ing ness


Good morning, diary

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about being called papa instead of dad.. to unlearn – teach your children.. rather.. create a space

maté parenting law: there’s a confluence with the needs of the econ and the way we parent kids.. the more disconnected kids are .. the more they can fit into the econ  – Gabor Maté

let go


kleon comic mode law

In the tragic mode of being a parent, you rigidly try to shape your kid into your ideal; in the comic mode, you discover who your kid child is, together, with constant adaptation and improvisation.
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ie: cure ios city

imagine if we


the unschooled artists

A year ago my kids’ drawings ran in the @nytimes
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“So here’s an assignment, from our house to yours: Forget school for now. Give your household time, space, and materials, and fill the rest of the summer with art.”

Or year, you know

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art (by day/light) and sleep (by night/dark) as re\set.. to fittingness/undisturbed ecosystem