in charge of the day

There is no prep or training or management required for talking to yourself. It’s just you and your brain/heart/soul. now
We don’t need to go visit how others do it, or read about the best way to do it. We just jump in. We are the best, right now, at being the best us.

We simply need to decide that our belief (our gut) is bigger than the busy-ness that currently crowds our day. That it is legal for us to think for ourselves, to change our mind. Perhaps that will happen if everyone starts talking to themself. Everyday. As the day.
We need a daily reminder to keep the belief/culture alive. To have it be the day. We often end up too tired to be curious to do/be what matters most to us.

Martin says there is power in simply acknowledging that. Power to boldly, and respectfully, …question everything.

This will only come from us, deciding what matters.
Every day.
Starting now.

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we can just do whatever we want?


The placebo effect has an impact on more than medicine—we see what we believe, not the other way around.  – Icarus Deception


recommend: Jeff Lieberman and Kathleen Taylor on now.

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