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shoot – original no longer available – but here’s one by Jeff:

Jeff – working at the intersection of art and science.

How much might be going on right now, but we might not notice, because we’re not paying attention.

Hidden message we teach everyone (especially via public ed road to success), that now is not the most important thing, that the future is.

The human mind is constantly at work building conceptual models of what it wants to understand. Jeff Lieberman says it shouldn’t always try so hard. If the mind spent more time in contemplation, it might free itself of the need to categorize, theorize, and order the world around it.

Contemplation, he says, it “about sitting with something that is beyond, knowing it’s beyond—it’s not about thinking about something, it’s just being with it.”

Maybe we are living longer, but not deeper. 

The amount of attention you have on what you’re doing affects your happiness twice as much as what you’re doing does.Almost half of people’s day were not on what they were doing. – Harvard research

What was it like (as infants) we we couldn’t even think of alternatives other than now.

Wonder what would happen if everyone in society thought that right now was the most important time in their life.

Perhaps noticing now is enough.

More on Jeff on bif site.


For anyone interested in the meaning of life, our understanding of reality, science, or spirit:

“6 riddles about the meaning of life,” a recent talk I gave at Chicago Ideas Week.

The riddles are:
– Have you ever seen a sunset?
– What makes the perfect vacation?
– What makes you nervous?
– What is your name?
– Where do the stars go at dawn?
– Where do I go when I go to sleep?


CIW: Meaning of Life: Jeff Lieberman from Chicago Ideas Week on Vimeo.


Tomorrow (noun): a mystical land where 99% of all human productivity, motivation and achievement is stored.                        – unknown author – tweeted by Sir Ken Robinson