sing sweat run

what it means to be human – Michael Wesch


1 min – why did we come down from the trees

our ancestors.. not very strong.. 4 ft tall.. not esp fast.. no fangs/claws/poisons.. really *no weapons at all.. rather than man the hunter.. man the hunted.. how did we survive..

*noor peace law

2 min – one reason – had no choice.. environment change in scrublands..

3 min – sing 

..not full language.. but singing to each other.. might have allowed us to survive

no words.. lanier beyond words law.. ness

like prairie dogs.. out on the prairie.. vulnerable.. no way to protect selves.. but they can sing..

4 min – baby talk study – anne fernald.. 4 songs: 1\ good boy w rising intonation  2\ oh poor little thing.. song of compassion  3\ *stop don’t do that  .. song of teaching  4\ where’s the ball .. rise intonation..the question song

4 songs.. took to amazon.. people who didn’t speak english could understand these

*interesting.. disheartening stop and don’t.. are song of teaching

your own song ness

monkeys/chimps only have a few calls.. we have this rich tapestry of calls that we eventually molded into language

5 min – in other words.. us human beings.. we were born to sing..


music instinct

people think we stood up and started walking so we could use our hands for tools.. but reality.. we didn’t start using tools for about a million yrs.. the real advantage to walking was the efficiency.. chimp can only walk about 1.5 miles using same energy that we use walking/running 6 miles..

6 min – this walking efficiency allowed us to cover more ground.. and the more grounds you covered.. the more food you could gather

walk able ness and nomad ness vs civilization ness

revolution in reverse: revolution of everyday life ness.. as the day

so there became a selection process for those who were the most efficient walkers.. we became more efficient at walking.. more efficient walkers could get more food

7 min – legs long.. ends of limbs thin.. but needed two more adaptations before reading to start running

first we got fat..  fat is so rich in energy.. (cashews) .. monkeys only like 3% body fat.. humans born w 15% and we shoot up to 25% while still young.. these fat reserves sustained us thru the leanest of times.. and those who could sustain themselves the best were the ones who survived….so got fatter.. now about 5 times as fat as monkeys..

energy ness

8 min – one more key adaptation that developed under that hot african sun..


while other animals can only cool by panting.. we can just let the air fun over our skin as the sweat cools us.. sweat makes us one of the most fuel efficient bio engines on the planet

from Geoffrey interview with Sam

1:20 – the theory does predict this – someone needs to repeat the monkey experiment.. but the other thing it predicts.. another way to decrease metabolic rate: lower its temperature.. all other orgs can do this but us

thinking m wesch and saying how important sweat is as a coolant

over time.. our butts got bigger.. the ends of our legs/arms got thinner/lighter.. we were able to spring across the landscape.. 2004 research showed 26 adaptations to human body that were required for running.. but not for walking

born to run

9 min – ability to sing.. sweat.. run .. might have made us into a deadly weapon.. ie: get an animal to get animal on run out of shade..

daniel lieberman – all man needs is ability to run/walk long distances.. about 19 miles

11 min – turn 19 into 26.2 marathon.. because humans will try anything

let’s try something diff michael.. a nother way.. hari rat park law

clearly we are no longer adapting to our environment.. we are adapting our environment to suit us.. our bodies are adapted to scarcity.. from places where it’s hard to find fat/sugar like this (donut).. now where it’s so easy.. we end up with *mismatch diseases.. our cravings for sugars/fats.. and our ability to store fat becomes a problem..

*On “mismatch diseases” Many of the illnesses that we confront today are what evolutionary biologists called “mismatch diseases“: … Diseases that occur because our bodies are poorly or inadequately adapted to environments in which we now live

genotype phenotype gap..rna ness of cancer ness

begs we detox as detox.. let’s do this firstfree art-ists.

12 min – real reason why i’m running.. i was putting myself in danger of the mismatch diseases that lieberman talks about

6 months ago.. gave myself the 28 day challenge – run everywhere..

13 min – but.. i was running really fast and trying really hard.. it was just exhausting.. but..

running easy felt like.. something i was meant to do

there was something about this easy running style.. that was sort of like a barefoot style.. just like our ancestors.. not only was i not in pain.. i actually felt better than ever

beyond supposed to ness.. beyond measuring/competing.. et al

and mom – 1 month of 10 tread and 10 piano..

14 min – habits are a very human thing.. 76% neocortex..takes over for things that used to be instinctual.. as neocortex expanded.. we’ve been driven less by nature and more by culture.. less by impulse and more by reason.. less by instinct and more by habit.. this means we can *tap into those things that make us human.. 

listen – a simple message..listen to the rhythm.. holmgren indigenous law

human natureroots of healing..

perhaps via a mech simple enough.. (eagle and condor ness).. as means to listen to all the voices..a ginorm/small other way.. (rather than try to move/teach/whatever people) ie: as simple as 2 convos

like asking questions.. making connections.. trying new things.. to actually make us *better humans.. change our habits

follow/listen to heart/ the day [aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…] – 2 convos

*wilde not us law

what i love about running – this constant reminder that we can change

bravery to change everyday

in the habit of making better habits.. i’ve learned to draw.. animate.. play violin.. i just keep picking 28 day challenges and doing them.. and it just brings so much joy to my life

the it is me.. eudaimonia.. eudaimoniative surplus

16 min – sing sweat run try.. the art of being human

rheingold (mom) art law