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michael wesch b w

cultural anthropology prof at k state…

one of our first influences. our self-directed math class was modeled after his editable syllabus – how to run class. [placed them side by side at first like this]

made a netvibes because of his.

but mostly was intrigued with how he was intrigued with human nature, with people.

[can’t find it now – but loved the video where his kids would carry a person across the street, then run away, pay for a students books, then run away,.. ]




Peter and Cristian made it in this one – at about 30 seconds – from this submitted video.

and a quote of Michael’s in this video was huge


Michael Wesch: What killed their souls? from Palomar5 on Vimeo.

In the US, when you say real life people tend to define it as: outside of school.

Fitting – and very happy – that Michael is in Stephen Brown‘s documentary: Is School Enough?

PBS release date: Sept 3, 2013


Sneak peak of Web: the film.


may 2014 –

life’s quest – soul making

16 min – if you don’t have wonder and curiosity, the web (Seymour Papert‘s knowedge machine ness – you have to have questions for it to work) is just a major distraction

making good souls – full of wonder and curiosity

learning worth crying about

28 min – crying together felt to good

i felt gotten

31 min – moments of vulnerability – were the wellspring – to empathy

quest, make connections, take chances – tech allows us to do all 3 – but also to block all 3. education allows us to do all 3 – but also to block all 3

erica quote – top – but with no sense of curiosity/wonder

Seymour – crazy to put computers in classroom and change nothing else. computers best when everything is changed

42 min – play

44 min – 7 yr old adapting to 3 yr old’s mind – so that the play will continue

wesch on play

56 min – keep looking for fellow student most opposite you – your other

58 min – dust yourself off and try to unzip your guise that you grew into that hides your lies..

59 – the retirement community


presented at the Library of Congress, June 23rd 2008


tedxKC 2010:

From Knowledgeable to Knowledge-able

beautiful reference/modeling of the layering we are now afforded via web access.. Whitacre & Ushahidi – about 11 min in.


on anti-teaching (pdf) from 2008?:



In 2004, worldwide military expenditures were $950
billion. In that same year, Worldwatch estimated that it
would cost just $12 billion for reproductive health care for
all women, $19 billion for the elimination of hunger and
malnutrition, $10 billion for clean drinking water for all,
and $13 billion to immunize every child in the world from
common major diseases.


Michael Wesch‘s 2011 rethinking ed:

1 min – Douglas Rushkoff et al- that’s not just – we’re getting another renaissance

4 min – if you’ve got enough links… you don’t need the hierarchy anymore.. .. there is no shelf. there is no filing system. links alone are enough.

from internet’s own boy, Tim Berners-Lee:

25 min – Tim – lots of little webs aren’t going to work – ..

..it’s not going to work unless the whole planet can get onboard


latest/best (via Mike) project..

oh my

“Smile Because it Happened” is the latest project to come from our Digital Ethnography class (ANTH 677: Digital Ethnography Field Methods). We have become known for finding “community” where many people thought community would not exist. Until now, the communities we have studied were online. This project represents our first foray into the “real world.”


some people answer – well i’m here,… so, they’re not expecting much.. are they..


sometimes i think it would have been nice to distance yourself from it like that, but i don’t think that’s what we were trying to do


being elderly – is life

As we discovered during the making of this documentary, community is more like a happening to be lived, rather than a structure to be built.

via http://mediatedcultures.net/our-videos/smile-because-it-happened/

ginormous grazie guys.. incredible.. much love.

wesch crew bbw

one film’s final edit:



reflections of the masses – an interview w/Michael – may 2014:

3 min – what kinds of traumatic effects are in our culture as we get new media… much happened with the rise of literacy

9 min – i remember the first 2-3 yrs of twitter. i thought everything mattered. then michael jackson died.. then justin bieber… and then today – rare that anything substantial trends.. at one point beiber was at top everyday – so twitter banned beiber..

so if social media is going to be some reflection of the masses – then you’ve got to educate the masses

11:35 – getting outside the determinism


intro to connected courses 2014:

Why We Need A “Why?”

computer quote from papert

yes. let’s try something different.. that changes everything..


2015 – Meadowlark Hills Continuing Care Retirement Community immersion – falling up



aug 2015 – the sleeper



from netvibes, to layering of music/ushahidi, to nursing homes, .. forever teaching us about networks and kindness..

grazie Michael..


networked individuaism graphic
aug 2016 – podcast on his new podcast.. life 101
turn research skills on campus.. and academic life..
night out on rooftop
4 min – the common experience is to feel anonymous (at frat parties) where there was a line to take selfies with me
6 min – from outside.. everything looked really well.. we were doing these experiments.. but from the inside..

still this gaze..


i felt like i was doing worse over time.. that my assignments/lectures were connecting less and less.. so then.. started the daily lunches w students.. no small talk.. i saw there was a lot more complexity to their lives than i was aware of ..
8 min – thought.. needed to dive in somehow.. not just lunch interview
astonishing to me what’s happened to me.. since started these podcasts.. and these daily lunches.. how diff i am as a teacher.. my syllabus/assignments.. but also way i respond to students.. i used to have this constant inner anger.. ie: late assignments et al.. my worst judgments would come out.. i didn’t really know the story..
10 min – and boy.. those stereotypes are so powerful.. and that’s one of the things i want to do with these podcasts.. i want to create them so that both students/faculty listen to them..
12 min – i feel like i’m always trying to be in control

13 min – i’ve lived the life of the mind for so long.. i forgot how to dance (this capacity to get a little bit out of control.. let go.. let life happen)

14 min – i think a lot is lost in our thinking.. we over theorize how people learn.. and then we miss out on a lot..

15 min – critical/creative thinking only happen in lived in experience of everyday life.. have to overcome doubt/fear.. and these students understand that.. ie: climbing buildings.. dancing.. because they know that’s what it takes.. they have to test themselves in real ways… we don’t give them real tests .. we give puppet tests…. the real tests are what they’re doing out there in everyday lives..

rev of everyday life.. via .. hosting-life-bitsas the day

21 min – you can learn a bunch of stuff.. but .. we are trying to create special places (on campus) .. where you can go thru a transformation of self..

22 min – crafting a self.. is not something you do on an assembly line.. what we try to offer on campus .. is that space.. to test self out

24 min – the building is just like a metaphor as well.. there are things that are so much more dangerous/devastating than going out on a ledge.. everybody who really changes.. will go through a really dark place.. have to confront everything that they thought they were and come out differently on other side.. and that’s going to be a dark process and it never stops..

perhaps.. perhaps better if we wake up to ie: voluntary compliance ness.. letting previous pressures form our beliefs…

sarah on health care
not how to reduce cost of insurance.. how to reduce cost of care


The day K-State asked me to take over their official Snapchat…




Sing, Sweat and Run. A 26.2 mile lecture on human evolution.: youtu.be/gbkYqfy-ccU?a

sing sweat run


Mike Wesch (@mwesch) tweeted at 8:21 AM on Fri, Jul 07, 2017:
“Love is not something that happens to you. It’s something you do.” How to Stop Hating. https://t.co/XxPz3vhqdX


On the phenomenon of assholery in academia, and how to defeat it. https://t.co/2GRs79jA5T
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even assumed nice anthros (i’m thinking graeber, wesch, hickel. ..) can’t listen to all the people.. that’s why we need a diff approach/mech/means.. that can.. ie: 2 convos as infra

as it could be