two of the main reasons i resign\ed (2013) from the district:

1\ i felt i/we had seen/heard enough to believe/grok that a nother way to live was possible

2\ i felt i/we had experimented enough on live people and that perhaps it was unethical (until we have a mech in place for everyone to be free in sync) to continue putting people in the position of living in two worlds/systems.. (one where people are free.. the other where people are bound by the supposed to’s.. of school/work)

since then.. i continue to experiment/observe with my own life.. so more of a listen/research mode.. to seek/find:  1\ others that might be living this other way  2\ reasons why incredible initiatives to live a nother way haven’t yet worked  3\ ways to improve/solidify/iterate/grok a nother way to live