thompson school district


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TSD is where a lab began percolating.

Incredible people. Allowing us an incubation space, a connected adjacency, to experiment with ways to help make our days matter.

All we’re doing – is in love and respect for – these great people.

Some of the *district employees that have been instrumental – in helping to acquire immunity for and/or experimenting with the lab: Diane, Kellie, Mark, Lanny, Sheila, Tom, Britony, Val, Deanna, Jennifer, …

Love..  loveland-student-becomes-principal-day


jan 2014:

denver post on tsd

This is a healthy exercise of democracy combined with deep-seated concerns about public education. All local governments should be so lucky as to have 400 people turn out for their meetings. I guarantee you that better policy would be the result.


*some district people
kellie – belief – via warlick invite – wrote job description that weekend – charge of day
diane – belief – via – keep doing what you’re doing
julie & diane – mentors going way past the extra mile
tvhs – space that had our back – huge – owe this staff tons
so many youth who dared to dabble
endless list

 i resigned from district summer 2013 – costello screen/service law