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Making education more powerful for all students by creating more opportunities for more youth to engage in learning that is relevant to their lives and prepares them for success in school, the workplace, and their community.


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DML Research Hub (@DMLResearchHub) tweeted at 4:45 AM – 1 Aug 2018 :
Call for Chapters: Cultural and Social Implications of Artificial Intelligence in Education. Submit by August 15 #CFP #AI #AIed (


Dr. Max (@MaxMckeown) tweeted at 4:45 AM – 1 Aug 2018 :

It’s an epidemic of incompetence  Chadha said pre-Brexit Britain was “gripped by an unusual amount of uncertainty, you might call it an epidemic of uncertainty – we haven’t worked out how to do it”. #brextremism (

ai in ed via dml and brexit ness.. both on how to swim in uncertainty.. begs we go deep enough to embrace it

ie: 2 convos.. as infra

let’s go for ai as augmenting interconnectedness to get back to an undisturbed ecosystem

anitfragile/indigenous us