lag time

lag: A period of time between one event or phenomenon and another….

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from Taleb, Antifragile:

The history of medicine is littered with the strange sequence of discovery of a cure followed, much later, by the implementation—as if the two were completely separate ventures, the second harder, much harder, than the first. Just taking something to market requires struggling against a collection of naysayers, administrators, empty suits, formalists, mountains of details that invite you to drown, and one’s own discouraged mood on occasion. In other words, to identify the option (again, there is this option blindness). This is where all you need is the wisdom to realize what you have on your hands.

[implementation: a people experiment – a means to say – good bye money.. as we let people occupy their minds with what matters to them]

..the simpler and more obvious the discovery, the less equipped we are to figure it out by complicated methods. The key is that the significant can only be revealed through practice.

..both governments and universities have done very, very little for innovation and discovery, precisely because, in addition to their blinding rationalism, they look for the complicated, the lurid, the newsworthy, the narrated, the scientistic, and the grandiose, rarely for the wheel on the suitcase.

.. this ability to use the option given to us by antifragility is not guaranteed: things can be looking at us for a long time. We saw the gap between the wheel and its use. Medical researchers call such lag the “translational gap,” the time difference between formal discovery and first implementation, which, if anything, owing to excessive noise and academic interests, has been shown by Contopoulos-Ioannidis and her peers to be lengthening in modern times.


from our findings in failings.. perhaps a great benefit would be to shorten/hasten the lag time between intention and action.. every day… for everyone. giving everyone the luxury of something else to do. the luxury of doing the thing they can’t not do.


more from Taleb:

This kind of sum I’ve called in my vernacular “f*** you money”—a sum large enough to get most, if not all, of the advantages of wealth (the most important one being independence and the ability to only occupy your mind with matters that interest you) but not its side effects,..

so perhaps we model another way: this (what if money were no object) luxury – in order to decrease lag time.


perhaps tech to help us decrease that lag time..


perhaps technology can offer us a placebo-like temporary fix.. getting us back to us.

perhaps it can ground the chaos as we offer 7 billion people unlimited options/choices.

perhaps tech can listen to each of us, our curiosities, without an agenda/judgment.

giving each one of us access to spaces/chambers of permission, with nothing to prove.

and then using that self talk as data to facilitate connections.

shortening the lag time between intention and action.


reduce the time larry page



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betting on the sync to short\er


time ness


living with lag:


from Charles Eisenstien’s ch 9 -vai @fabianacecin: Because I don’t link to Charles Eisenstein nearly enough:…

why this is so urgent.. we can’t keep waiting.. the lag time (for good – take care of people, or bad – spend 8 hrs a day in our jobs) still kills us..



via greg: if in luxury… creativity/pleasantry/kindness/et-al flourishes/regenerates/exponentiates.. but if in an oppressive situation.. not so much.. ie: from mom to those fleeing syria.. waiting for us to lend a hand… a turtle shell… on our off hours.. when they are waiting alone 24/7

add to hannah arendt’s (p of p) – the need for spontaneity in politics (more than one in a gathering/community)… w/o this freedom for spontaneity.. can’t hear self/others 24/7.. so we miss much (can only hear after hours..).. and.. we become accomplices to oppression because of our busy ness (work hours et al).. we go back to our lives.. while they are still sitting alone.. or swimming/traveling/struggling for survival..

and then there’s this from yanis..

‘what gave power was claim it was only social theory that was peddling universal truths to be proven by math means’

‘i blame them for creating math models/sermons proving riskless to allow more damage than would have otherwise’

from A discussion with Noam Chomsky worth revisiting at this post-Brexit juncture @nypl @holdengraber…

thinking roger martin.. and how we let reliability oriented people decide everything.. no matter how distant they are to the situation

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