wear able ness

means toward 2 needs – authenticity & attachment – helping you to pay attention (Clive words) to self/others.


c dot app story – curiosity app

app/chip update ideas

more curiosity app


curiosity app specifics – bottom of this page – long lists of tech that are similar

watch {as verb}

very close ish:

e 180 – meet people close to you who want to do/learn same thing

parts of this: http://cuddlrapp.com/

tech for local

consciousness app

groundhog day -getting a fresh go everyday ness

see with eyes – tech to get us to look at world/each other/self

personal fabrication – everyone getting to do whatever they want

Neil Gershenfeld – personal fabrication

chip – as opposed to app per se.. edison ish

wit (dot) ai

Dave Troy – social maps


collaborative society

Mikey Seigel – connecting heart beats et al

Daniel Suarez

Regina Dugan – tattoo as wear able


bracelet makes arm a touchscreen display Design Milk http://t.co/CgRX2GbbMH

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/mollybob/status/558524758422478848

Thad Starner – worn google glass ish for 10 yrs

Billie Whitehouse – wearable experiments

Larry Page

Steve Mann – worn google glass ish for 10 yrs


Clive Thompson – describing thad as better/richer/deeper/more intune.. because what he learned from tech infusion – also talks of tech that gets you to look at the world

Barry Wellman – networked individualism


Chimamanda ness – the danger of just one story

the gurus speak

Adam Greenfield – scramble to authenticity



Jonathan Harris – photos.. different way to journal

Luis Von Ahnduolingo

Sandy Pentland – social physics – reality analysis – id cubed

Deb Roy – birth of a word (ted) shows vast capabilities of tech taking in tons of info & organizing it et al

Pattie Maes – potential of tech being used everywhere in any which way

Ariel Garten – thought controlled computing.. know thyself


Dan Berkenstockskybox imaging

the narrative clip

Alex Klein

Toby Shapshak – how developing countries, are leapfrogging tech capabilities/use

Ryan Orbuch


Ajit Narayanan

Nathan Jurgenson

digital globe

i fix it

Nikola Danaylov

Spencer Kleyweg



wearable world




solar panel ness – world has wear able ness


deep address – Benjamin Bratton

Christopher Soghoian

beyond wear able – to within: http://s.telegraph.co.uk/graphics/projects/the-future-is-android/index.html

wear ables from students

(image links to post) ideas from youth about wearables – purse, fingernail polish, headband,….


wearable technologies – 50 min audio – tweeted by Sandy Pentland


what this tech – wear\able\ness is facilitating:

networked individuaism graphic


Sidneyeve Matrix (@sidneyeve)
7/8/15 7:16 AM
41K patents published on wearables b/w 2010-2015, Samsung leads the pack buff.ly/1KSUhUv Thx@GayemarieBrown pic.twitter.com/IFVshytkbW
perhaps why none have gone deep/simple/open enough. patents.
cyborg ness