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first intro’d to Alex here (much thanks to Jeff Lebow):

notes & links from talk hangout here.

1:11 – Steve – glasses – like shop glasses – to see better..veillance to see… surveillance to see from above… suveillance: capture/sensing/recording by a participant in the activity

1:16 – camera at eye – but had to rotate – so it wasn’t so close to reality

also in hangout – Alex Hayes, and Dave Cormier.


more on Steve…

Steven Mann (born 1962) is a researcher and inventor best known for his work on computational photography, particularly wearable computing and high dynamic range imaging.

He’s worn wearable tech for 30 ish yrs.

Mann also formalized the concept of McVeillance as placing people under surveillance while simultaneously forbidding them from using their own cameras. More precisely, McVeillance was defined as the ratio (linearly) or difference (logarithmically) of surveillance to sousveillance.



of course – Kosta knows Steve.


documentary on lifeloggers:

lifeglogging – automatically done w/o thought

lifeblogging – lifelogging done on internet w/conscious thought/effort

lifelogging – writing about your life

lifeblogging and suveillance (looking from below – capturing from perspective of self)  are central themes

surveillance – looking down from above


Alex Hayes talking about going to

where Steve Mann and Marvin Minsky and Ray Kurzweil are speaking together.


sept 2015

Steve Mann Launches Veillance Declaration at MaRS @marsdd @hydraulist

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wear able ness


in Adam Greenfield‘s radical technologies:


mann, in his own words ‘developed a dependence on the apparatus.. has found it difficult to function normally on the few occasions he has been forcibly prevented from accessing his array of devices… (has worn  since mid 1980s



not entirely ridiculous thing to think.. at this point the network of processes that constitutes steve mann’s brain – that in some real albeit reductive sense constitutes steve mann – lives partially outside his skull..

emodiment.. augment brain w trails.. et al

objection could be made that this is always already the case.. for all of us: that some nontrivial art of everything that make us what we are lives outside of us, in the world, and that mann’s situation is only different in that much of his outboard being subsists in a single, self-designed apparatus..

more worrisome.. it’s precisely because mann develop and continues to manage his own mediation equipment that he can balance his dependency on it with the relative freedom of action enjoyed by someone who for the most part is able to determine the parameters under which that equipment operates.

if steve mann has become  radically hybridized consciousness, in other words, at least he has a legit claim to ownership and control over all the places where that consciousness is instantiated..

ownership not key.. deciding what data is .. is key.. ie: ability/freedom to let self-talk be data.. via whatever you choose to convo ..however you choose communicate.. as the day [aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…].. gershenfeld sel huge – or won’t work – has to be all of us


what does our immersion in the interface do to our sense of being in public, tat state of being copresent with and available to other that teaches us how to live together, and ultimately furnishes the metropolis with its highest and best justification

but mann seems to say he sees it making him more present..

it only beings to make sense when we grant ar its proper place in the technological imaginary

indeed – and it matters – if it’s all of us.. and it matters – if all of us are free.. partial is killing us here

what discourse around ar shares w other contemp narratives.. is a frustration  w limits of the flesh.. and a frank interest in transcending them thru tech means

or perhaps.. limits of intoxicated flesh.. flesh sans turtle shell.. and how to get us back to indigenous us


first steps toward the fulfillment of a deeper promise: that of becoming-cyborg

becoming cyborg..? or begin being..? eudaimoniative surplus et al

cyborg ness