nikola danaylov

nikola danaylov

intro’d to Nik via some interview a while back.. re-intro’d to him here:

Terminator or Transcendence?

struck by his comments – about an hour in (i didn’t catch previous time) – where he’s talking about the need for ai to focus on the good side – painting a utopian picture.. of the innate reasoning/community/love of humanity.. so go there.. rather than killing people up.


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interview with Seth:

“This idea of jobs is temporaray” @ThisIsSethsBlog interviewed by @singularityblog

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being human – what do we call it when we do something that might not work.. filled with generosity… something distinctly non industrial

4 min – industrialized human activity does not seem like a useful attribute

6 min – i don’t think doing work for profit is part of being human… it’s an artifact of industrialism… culturally we’ve made to say that we need that to be alive.. but i don’t think that’s true at all

earn a living ness

let’s be careful… it’s not the work for money.. we get the chance now for more people to do that kind of work – work that matters.. art… any activity where you’re being a human

money\less ness

9 min – getting paid for it (art) is an artifact of glitches in our society not a moral requirement

10 min – ..  idea of jobs is temporary.. 

economics is based on scarcity. ie: if there’s enough food, then the idea of working to get food to eat goes out the window

13 min – read David Graeber‘s debt

18 min – transhumanism… humanity/human not pinnacle of evolution.. but merely one stage of it.. tech will allow us to be more human, live a better life, be more productive/creative… one of the most common ways of attacking transhumanism is by quoting the myths of icarus.. – Nikola

19 min – that defn is benign… like no one could be against it.. and we’re doing it – Seth, ie: Negroponte last year – a pill that teaches you spanish… so that means somebody could swallow wikipedia..

21 min – i don’t buy that nature is an endower… we have algorithms.. but the algorithm doesn’t have a point of view… ie: toupee, mascara… we are a tool making creature..

24 min – a full-out human – a human totally present in the moment – when we culturally admire people who are being human – that’s what we admire them for – doing things with hubris – dare to be human as opposed to being cogs in an industrial machine

33 min – we don’t know what to do with random ness – so we make up a story

34 min – can’t predetermine – because of drift.. random ness of small

the ginormously small ness

37 min – Nikola – on guests being able to see end of world easier than seeing end of industrial age

39 min – industrialism has encroached on our definition of capitalism…

40 min – we can create a culture where you can be ethical because it’s the right thing to do, not because you get paid to do it… ethics/morality merely parts of being human .. not something you ought to get paid for

41 min – the world small is silly.. the question is .. who is putting things out there.. from their heart.. forward thinking..

43 min – i was friends with harry harrison, isaac asimov, cory doctorow… science fiction is really important.. but it’s not important because it’s right.. because it’s almost never not right.. but important because it makes us think deeply about what might be... i don’t think any of us ought to believe that we’re right


interview with:

Jeremy Rifkin


interview with

Danko Nikolic

29 min – nikola: a species over time is more flexible to adaptation than an individual at a single point of time

like the need for www ness to be the whole world… not only whole world.. but through time.. no?

34 mi – we should not think of learning mechanisms… but the mechanisms for learning how to learn (1 level below) then let the system learn its own learning rule.. all our knowledge then comes forth with this learning rule

36 min – big data is not enough

39 min – nikola: create rules of learning of how to learn and then go and learn..

unless you’re human .. and haven’t yet been toxified.. no? otherwise.. ie: detox.

42 min – 3 levels… low level: learning how to learn; learning rules over life – knowledge; network of theory.. consciousness in middle… process of restructuring (network) quickly in 1/2 second… the one that haven’t been recognized as important is the one we need to understand better

46 min – on once we understand consciousness.. will lose meaning.. like magic looses mystic

50 min – have 2 mysteries… consciousness and quantum physics… they are explaining it by saying both are one.. doesn’t explain it.. doesn’t produce epistemological satisfaction… nikola: but does that mean it’s not true

53 min – argument logically consistent.. but weak

54 min – nikola: on needing to re evaluate

indeed.. systemic – center of problem ness

56 min – i’m a determinist.. but i think we should act like we have a free will

interesting… why need to learn own rules if no free will?

58 min – nikola – support zen idea that distinction between us and environment is an artificial one

59 min – true. it’s practical to think of self as one entity.. ie: when i go from one room to another.. all of me goes.. if you try to explain another way .. gets messy.. but that’s not an absolute truth.. just practical

1:00 – on human genome 2 level system (rather than 3) – focus on massive amts of data…. something will come out of it.. but missing a major element..

1:07 – we normally think.. we have to understand brain from info process.. one level info we jiggle and result comes out like computer….. this is a necessary component.. but consciousness of mind really comes about in real time real fast re-organizing.. that created the properties of the system.. creation of the system is what we have to look at.. not the information.. info is the easy part… creation is the hard part we’ve overlooked so far.


interview with

David Wood

Louis Rosenberg

Nick Gogerty





nov 2015 – shared by david h on fb

The Emperor Has No Clothes: Socrates Deconstructs Singularity University

singularity u’s business model: create sell scarcity to sell abundance.. and charge an arm and a leg for it..

3 highly recommended books…singularity is near, exponential organizations, abundance

1\ singularity is near – but clearly not near enough for its own org to be about singularity.. why is it not.. what is more important than that…

2\ abundance – on videos not for distribution… at su.. doesn’t sound like the abundance mindset for an exponentiation org… a scarcity mindset/business model

3\ expo org’s – i haven’t met any faculty/student who think su is expo org.. how long can you sell others on idea.. if not one yourself..

mission statement – positively impacting a billion people in 10 yrs…

we are currently after yr 7…

educate/inspire/empower mandate – trill dollar network – doesn’t have very good return on investment.. khan and wikipedia have better return and both expo

what su has embraced is a closed model…

please don’t use khan, udacity, et al as model…

be brave…

su sitting on a gold mine of knowledge.. all need to do is put them up online.. available.. to make a difference… all ed institutions that are already doing this.. ahead of curve of su

what’s use of improving curric every month if only a few can afford it…

why is it that tesla can open source.. and google w/ machine learning… and su unable to..

as long as su has their 5% you can change the world..

su becoming such a b impossible to get anything done – via navene jane

19 min – su is not structured to address its own mandate… if wants to change world has to start with self...

su is saying gatekeepers are gone… so let all gatekeepers come to su because we are the gatekeepers of tech

my cry: the emperor is dead, su has not clothes, the hell w/the monarchy, long live the republic

peter d’s 6 d’s: 1\ digitalize – su is not digitalized.. ie: i have more traffic on my youtube channel than su.. how crazy is that.. su has a trill dollar connection .. 2\ deceptive – su is .. sells exponential.. and sells something they don’t have (not expo themseslves) to sell in first place  3\ disruptive … but mostly to people’s bank accounts.. ie: 1/2 mill for 2 day event… totally for profit  4\ demonatized – opp.. very monatized, they create scarcity  5\ decentralized 6\ democratized

disrupt yourself or be disrupted.. put the mission in front of the org

26 min – su child of silicon valley.. and silicon valley is about.. start a business.. build it up.. and sell it…  su follows that mold.. and is being built up to be sold off… fundamentally diff purpose than impacting a billion people in positive way

28 min –


Q&A after The Emperor Has No Clothes: Socrates Deconstructs SU




it’s not about imperfection.. being invulnerable.. but jumping in..

14 min – whoa… on having to get permission for talks at su.. et al

17 min – after 180 interviews…. split.. between those who are scared of ai and those that aren’t… conflict of interest when money on the table… a lot of people ignoring dangers are compromised.. because invested in the su more than ai

21 min – structural unemployment… jeremy howard – says 80% will be gone

new jobs are not the answer.. answer something like guaranteed income.. max..  politics is all about who gets what from whom… distributing the surplus… i don’t think view of future is not zero sum game…. used to be 90% went back to workers.. now 98% stays w/company

26 min – greg satell post – soft skill

27 min – louis rosenberg – on human swarming

decision making

32 min – i think nothing is fantasy.. we live in a world where anything is possible.. but we need to think before we jump

33 min – we have the chance to set up the system of where the accumulation goes..

radical econ et al

basic income

and/or money less

the best model is ..try a bunch of models.. and see which works

35 min – biggest concerns: 1\ human intelligence (not ai)  – that’s why ethics is so important.. it situates the decisions we make  2\ all the externalities we don’t have control over ie: climate change; et al  3\ rogue exponential tech – ie: ai, nanotech, biotech.. viruses, wmd…. let chips fall where they may…   when combine these three things…playing biggest russian roulette in history of civilization…

40 min – if su is an incubator.. there are a dime a dozen of those… they do important work.. but that’s not su’s mission… given the trillion dollar network.. the people.. the results we have seen so far are off..

41 min – for education of child – we have to give children the space to learn and grow on their own.. we shouldn’t tell them so much what to think.. but set environment to learn on own..

nikola – as school.. in the city in the day

a nother way

via self talk as data

45 min – don’t fight a war you cannot win… truth is.. i can’t help it..

are you bluffing… or are you willing to follow through.. no matter the cost..

52 min – (on future book) – tech as mirror – what’s kind of person i want to see every morning i wake up… political process.. taking that mirror.. putting on our face and saying.. do we like what we see.. how can tech help change things.. tech only projects who we are.. so we better think about the essence we want to put in it.. everything we do is an ethical choice..

54 min – we’re not an entity.. we’re a process.. no universal answer to what a human is.. that answer has to be discovered in each and everyone.. there’s no prescription.. the answers change as the epoc… so i push.. not an attachment to the answers.. but an attachment to the questions…

55 min – q: make doc don’t write a book… a: there’s no way in my world to tell them what their future is..  it’s up to each of us to define what it means to be human

57 min – there will always be evil men… only thing required for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing

gershenfeld something else law

1:01 – you don’t need a license.. to do good.. just do it

1:03 – role of govts –

1:06 – q on capitalism… i don’t have an ideological view on anything.. capitalism is just the latest… in soci/political system.. right now in decline.. only makes sense … there will be something after it.. what could trigger change… our system now based on scarcity… su says future is abundance…  so doesn’t it make sense.. the system has to be changed..

1:09 – if we live in a new digital paradigm..

1:12 – we have things that are abundant today.. let’s not make them scarce… and let’s find more things to make abundant

1:16 – what’s at stake is not the future of my reputation but the future of humanity..

1:17 – q: what should ed do     a: live by example, be a good person….. that’s the best thing…

1:18 – how to stimulate curiosity – is key – yuri van geest

1:19 – the world is transformed by asking questions

1:21 – ask the questions.. then have the guts to go wherever it takes you…

1:21 – what gives you energy… if not connected to that.. in big trouble – yuri


let’s do this firstfree art-ists.

1:26 – i don’t care about how things get done.. i care about so what… things get done.. so what…

1:27 – computing power is not all we need to get done.. what are we going to do with it..

io dance ness

blockchain allowing for less bs – yuri

unless we’re not careful.. noting irrelevant s et al.. bullshit ness

1:33 – q: what would you feed the ai  a: how do you treat weakest members of society… we must leave space for people w/diff view.. i would say.. feed the system the best of humanity

ie: self talk as data



Socrates on Asking #Questions

the world is transformed by asking questions.. create that love for asking questions.. curiosity –

someone didn’t accept answer handed down through generation..

best thing.. break through the mold.. ask the questions.. have the guts to follow.. wherever..


Ramez Naam


Daniel Faggella – posts on singularity blog


interview with Marvin Minsky… also short doc of Marvin and ai.


Kevin Kelly – 2016 – still need to catch his one on what tech wants


Joi Ito – 2018

Joi on fb:

Conversation with Nikola Danaylov of Singularity Weblog. He interviewed me for his show a few weeks ago and now I’m interviewing him back. We will talk about the transhumanist movement, cryonics, “beating death,” and singularity.


transhumanist manifesto – humanity is a process.. constantly redefined

joi: how do you think we could solve.. sci and tech not answer to problems.. constraints important

nikola: we do need something else.. systems thinking..

joi: that’s kind of my concern w the movement.. a lot of engineers i know working in very profitable.. w/o thinking of 2nd order society.. ethics..  you’re saying compassion is the ultimate intelligence.. i don’t think most believe that.. i think they think idea of intelligence is winning the game.. feels like right now w have a very competitive environ.. to transcend humanity w/o thinking about this complexity.. are there others like you

nikola: to me intelligence is useless if you use it to cause suffering.. life is right but that is not enough.. so what.. why.. have a long life.. what are you going to do w it.. my answer: to try to eliminate suffering..

joi: so your like the martin luther of transhumanism..

nikola: my whole point of my work is to create a symposium..  socrates midwife of people coming up w own ideas.. mine: the highest point of intelligence aiming at the eliminate of suffering

joi: my fear.. movement is fueling a kind of worship.. and i feel it is in certain forms .. dangerous.. is there something we need to stop

nikola: transhumanist just like any other community..  doesn’t mean not good people and not a noble cause.. forget about transhumanism.. this is what medicine does.. alleviates suffering.. whatever it takes.. ie: professional peak at 50 or 60.. then bio decays.. so imagine if could work for another 30 yrs.. if i can save humanity.. and lose uni.. it’s worth it (paraphrase)

joi: in systems dyanmics – donella’s limit of growth.. what do you think about population.. there’s a reason why we recycle things

nikola: nobody said w tech we can’t enclose the loop.. ie: extend those at 50 another 30 years that can help us close that gap

joi: sounds like you trust humanity/society more than i do

nikola: are we to say that because trump/putin can have transplant.. we should never have invented.. every tech comes w good/bad.. my work is about ethics.. my thesis has always been tech is not enough.. i want to bring in ethics.. the biggest challenge right now is not over population.. it’s over consumption.. we know now we can sustain 14 bn.. the only diff is behavioral.. ie: meat to plant based diet

jio: not a new idea.. but a difficult idea to get people to adopt

nikola: more important to address behavior we can address right now than rely on tech.. i don’t think transhumanism is dangerous.. but rather nationalism and militarism.. to me the most dangerous thing is human stupidity..

joi: autistic babies had more al folding.. his hypothesis.. there’s a gene that increases folding.. so smarter.. but more problems.. so turn one gene.. changes a bunch of things.. very fractal..

nikola: to me.. the more important question is .. so what.. so collectively.. what does it mean to be human.. and .. individually.. who am i.. the closer we are to knowing ourselves.. better capable to control sci knowledge toward better and not self destructive..t..  part of great life we are experiencing  – the loss of culture.. the question is.. what do we leave after us

self-talk as data w/in gershenfeld sel


ipfconline (@ipfconline1) tweeted at 11:30 PM – 8 Sep 2018 :
Bill Nye “The Science Guy”: We Can Solve The World’s Problems [Video] @singularityblog
Topics: Dangers & benefits of #AI – The #Singularity – Big 3 Issues: Clean Water, Renewable Energy & Global Internet Access – What Is Science & Importance of #Ethics… (

b: 3 big problems for me: clean water; renewable/reliable electricity; access to info

n: ai will allow us to solve other problems

let’s try augmenting interconnectedness

17 min – for me science is the process in which we know nature.. the way that we know how nature works.. premise is nothing is unknowable..

holmgren indigenous law

34 min – (after bit on wars – and needing no weapons).. if we had clean water; renewable/reliable electricity; access to info.. we would not be fighting

n: we have all that now..

so it’s not a tech problem.. it’s a supply chain management problem.. further more it’s a problem about govts.. what is important to people

42 min – we can solve the world’s problems..


Tristan Harris – june 2019


on silence.. quiet enough to see

Nikola Danaylov (@singularityblog) tweeted at 5:49 AM – 5 Aug 2019 :
One of those emergency personal development lessons of life that I have to learn and faster like right now #stoic #philosophy (

silence is strength


Future of AI (@future_of_AI) tweeted at 11:46 PM – 10 Aug 2019 :
#131 Nikola Danaylov: The Singularity, Doing Futurism, and the Human Element #AI #Ethics via @singularityblog (

53 min from jan 2019

18 min – it’s not necessarily the tech.. it’s us deciding to live a diff way

hmm.. i think because we are now whales in sea world.. without shells.. et al.. we do need tech to facil a leap by augmenting our interconnectedness

21 min – future doesn’t depend on tech it depends on how we use it

let’s try tech as it could be.. ie: 2 convers as infra

51 min – we live in a tricky situation and there’s a lot of potential for abuse.. and i’m very concerned about that

gershenfeld something else law


wear able ness