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from their site:

Developers use Wit to easily build a voice interface for their app.

Wearable devices come with tiny screens. Wit enables not only the maker of the device, but also its ecosystem of developers, to build their must-have voice interface.

Why Wit.ai?

Some of you may think “I could do that with regular expressions” or “I would use xyz”. The beauty of using Wit.ai comes when you don’t have to think ahead of time all the different ways in which a user may want to express their intention. You can say something like On Monday the light 5 should really be off and Wit.ai knows that the entity on_off should have the value off (I just tried it to make sure and it works). And I didn’t have to do any programming for this case (note tha word on in there, but Wit.ai did not get confused by it.)

Using Wit.ai makes for a more natural way of interacting with devices. And it learns as you use it. Each new message that Wit gets, goes to what they call your “Inbox”, and there you can either correct Wit.ai when it parsed something wrong, or validate the ones it got right.

co-founder/ceo: Alex Lebrun

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CEO at Wit.ai , Ex-CEO at VirtuOz (Nuance). I teach Natural Language to machines. YC alum.

Palo Alto

co-founder: Willy Blandin

Co-founder at Wit.AI. Learn, craft, solve.

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intro’d to this site via Thomas and Devani.


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A federation of developers contributing to teaching human language to machines.