filmed by amanda alm and ville bloom

ernesto ramirez – san diego

aiden doherty – uni of oxford

maren connery – san fran – the quantified self movement – about numbers – how much did you eat, etc, her logging – about visuals and smiling-ness

gordon bell – microsoft

2008 – meet up with gary wolf and keven kelly

steve dean did same meet up in ny

hind hobeika – people in lebannon need lifelogging more – to get healthy

5:14 – you don’t think about it – but you know

mats olsson – sweden – all the billions we are spending on health and health care – not really working – what can motivate people to move a little – to talk a walk…

steve mann

– canada – learn by being – existimology

dave aspery – drink that lasts 8 hours – because it gives you all the fat you need

jason jacobs – these are regular people – runkeeper

larry smarr – on heart attack – i’m doing preventive medicine – rather than waiting till it’s too late to role back changes

martin blinder – all about asking – how am i doing

karen herzog – daughter 1 in 10 with condition – the narratives scrapbook – became my – how to become a parent

thad starner – google glass – using comics

jim gemmell – your life – uploaded

john c havens – the hap-a-thon project

mats – what about trust

steve –

lifeglogging – automatically done w/o thought

lifeblogging – lifelogging done on internet w/conscious thought/effort

lifelogging – writing about your life

lifeblogging and suveillance (looking from below – capturing from perspective of self)  are central themes

surveillance – looking down from above

like gutenberg – giving people a chance to create meaning for themselves


hangout with Alexander HayesJeff LebowDave Cormier, and Steve Mann.. :

notes & links from talk hangout here.

1:11 – Steve – glasses – like shop glasses – to see better..veillance to see… surveillance to see from above… suveillance: capture/sensing/recording by a participant in the activity

1:16 – camera at eye – but had to rotate – so it wasn’t so close to reality

1:2 – augmediated (rather than augmented)… the ability to see through and interact with

1:27 – honesty pendant.. for your own purpose.. not govt

1:28 – Dave – how to curate…?

1:29 – scale – sensecam…

1:30 – ie from Alex – boston bombing.. imagine if they were able to tap into 300 perspectives…. (Alex been involved since 2003-4)



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future of ed -no longer seen as ed – just life.. logged.


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“Our senses aren’t attuned to modern life.”