with something so big

(@ultimape) tweeted at 5:29 AM – 8 Aug 2019 :
In DM I finally found words:
“With something so big, we need people focusing on fixing it, those helping us get thru it, and people building the life rafts in case we fail. I find myself gravitating toward the latter two, but cheer on those who are able to work on the first.” (http://twitter.com/ultimape/status/1159426338333310978?s=17)


what i was trying to say here:

[i think all our part\ial initiatives/efforts are keeping us from the sync we need for global freedom/equity .. i think we keep getting distracted/disjointed by irrelevants (money/measuring/et-al) necessary to maintain/incentivize the partial ness.. and if i’m wrong.. thankfully.. there are plenty of amazing people/initiatives/efforts going that route]

warning ness et al