from science to emancipation

reading for m of care – nov 8 – on roy bhaskar.. critical realism et al

(2002) – by roy – from science to emancipation – alienation and the actuality of enlightenment – via 425 pg pdf []



manifesto of metareality


We begin this process of becoming free, that is, of expanding the zone of non-duality within our lives, *by becoming aware of all the elements that currently constitute them and throwing off all those elements which are inconsistent with our free, creative, loving natures. In this process we come to **realise that the very world of misery and destitution we have created itself contains and is sustained by the seeds of a society of abundance, peace and fulfilment, in which we are all free to express and fulfil our essential natures.

*yeah.. i don’t think we have to do that anymore.. and luckily to.. it’s an energy/time suck.. there is a nother way for 8bn people to be legit free

**not sure what this means.. but to me.. sea world (aka: non legit freedom/peace/fulfillment/essentials) is what sustains misery/destitution ness.. not legit free.. not legit essence



my first systematic attempt to integrate spirituality into the philosophical framework of critical realism, to the position which I now hold, which I have elaborated as the philosophy of metaReality.. main difference between the philosophy of metaReality
and critical realism,. is that critical realism has been founded on the principle of nonidentity, and as such reflects the limitations of the world of duality; whereas the philosophy of metaReality stresses identity, identification and unity, and the ubiquity and centrality ..


Thus consider the phenomenon of war. This phenomenon, in a way the epitome of human hatred, is sustained only through the
selfless solidarity of soldiers fighting at the front and the support they receive from their sisters, daughters and mothers at home.




I take its fundamental message to be that if we humans are to freely flourish in a sustainable way, we will have to get back in tune with nature understood as a totality profoundly interconnected at the level of the real, acting, as Bhaskar puts it in the present volume, ‘from the perspective of the whole totality’, i.e. ‘the whole of the universe

need 1st/most: means to undo our non hierarchical listening to self/others/society ie: tech as it could be


Two of the leading themes of the book are already announced in its title: that the movement of the earlier philosophy of critical
realism ‘from science to emancipation’ tacitly presupposes the spirituality of the philosophy of metaReality (PMR) and that
enlightenment is ‘actual’: people are already abundantly in possession of the qualities that are necessary for building eudaimonia,. t which are presupposed by and manifest in every genuine human act (‘ultimately human beings are fine, they are absolutely fine, there is nothing wrong with them, they are beautiful’ [p. 304]); ‘all’ that remains to be done is to shed what is inconsistent with and parasitic upon our higher selves..t

already on each heart ness.. no train.. no prep.. just global detox

so again.. just need means to listen deeper


part 1 – the development of critical realism


1 – from a philosophy of a science to a philosophy of universal self realization





from roy bhaskar

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