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Healing the Collective & Awakening to Unity w/ Charles Eisenstein

feb 1 – 90 min video – charles eisenstein – with luke storey @MrLukeStorey


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4 min – c: on casting those set on beliefs as the enemy.. who have to be overcome and defeated in order for change to happen.. i don’t think that is even a realistic formula for change.. change is going to happen not as a victory over the other side .. t.. but because many in the other side defect.. because in fact they were never as ideologically committed as we might have thought they were.. and why did we think they were.. it’s actually validating to self to hold other side as irreconcilable enemies.. so a lot of psych in here that is coming up thru the conflictual social/political environ we’re in.. huge opp for learning about ourselves

us & them ness..

l: question on cog dissonance.. lot we believed in.. falling away..

6 min – c: it’s really hard to let go of a belief.. esp if involves own id.. beliefs about how world works usually involve self.. who you are defined in relation to the system.. so when view of system begins to disintegrate.. it’s a crisis in id.. a threat to ego’s construction of self..

identity.. one of the red flag irrelevant s we need to let go of

7 min – c: i recently read .. when life threatened.. ie: gun to head.. the part of the amygdala that responds is exactly the same as when i assault one of your beliefs.. it’s taken at that level of threat.. we have to understand that and no be contemptuous of people who are clinging to their beliefs.. we have to understand this is a huge challenge a lot of people are facing now.. so question.. how do you make that easier for people to go thru the process of cog dissonance and release.. and stepping into the ‘i don’t know’.. because that’s *the way station between the old/new story.. between stories.. where you have to be comfortable w not having the answers to the questions that the old story answered.. such as .. what’s real.. how does the real world work.. what’s important.. who am i.. what’s the purpose of life.. to be in between stories.. you don’t know who you are.. you don’t know what”s real.. you don’t know how to do this thing called life.. it’s a very tender/sacred place to be

actually.. *that should be a daily occurrence no?.. approaching limit of the infinity/infinitesimal.. we should be swimming in the ‘i don’t know’.. or ‘let’s just see’.. if we want to be alive/free..

so basically.. what we need.. letting go of the thinking we need/should know .. that we should even have a story

need to let go of knowing/stories/id/labels.. et al

8 min – c: i think we can encourage change to happen faster by holding a gracious, gentle, generous space for people to move thru that process

spaces of permission.. where people have ..nothing to prove

oikos (the economy our souls crave).. ‘i should say: the house shelters day-dreaming, the house protects the dreamer, the house allows one to dream in peace.’ – gaston bachelard, the poetics of space

9 min – l: change on a wider scale.. willingness to surrender the positionality and weather the perceived storm of being wrong.. ie: ‘they’re flip flopping.. you can’t trust them’.. you have a pov firmly held.. then.. have to admit there was another way to look at this.. it’s so healthy.. just saying it feels good in my nervous system.. let go of that clinging to what i think is right and a rep of who/what i am rather than just an idea

10 min – c: (on this being a daily thing for everyone .. esp in crisis).. as we grow/fulfill that story.. state of being.. the story that contains our growth becomes confining and we want to break free.. something held dear.. part of who you were.. that’s why i think these times are initiatory

12 min – c: the cog diss of seeing nefarious characters at apex of structure administering a system that is not to our benefit.. that is an awakening and can also be a return to the comfort zone of a deeper story.. which is the fundamental pattern of diagnosis: if there’s evil in the world it’s caused by a perpetrator/pathogen.. that’s the basic diagnosis and the solution then is if you get rid of the pathogen.. those horrible people in the power structure.. the problem is solved.. t

13 min – c: and it can be a bewildering revelation to encounter people in the power structure and experience them as not particularly evil at all.. but as avatars of a system/ideology that prescribes their roles and has them do things that cause a lot of evil even if they have no consciousness of malice.. ie: bill gates.. i could see how someone fully immersed in the ideology of control/tech and that human advancement means that we apply tech to more/more areas of life.. that we datify/quantify/track/control everything.. rationally admin it so we can max the good of all.. who’s in charge of this? the good guys.. i am.. i can imagine bg have the confidence of wanting to serve humanity.. and the way you do it is to control everyone.. ie: implants to anticipate crimes et al.. could be abused.. but luckily we good/smart guys are in power.. we’re only going to use it for the good.. and part of the good is protecting our power from those who would usurp it.. who may not be good.. so we have to control the opposition who are poisoning the body politic w fake info/news.. so this mentality of power can exist w/o anybody malicious at the top

16 min – c: there could be malicious at the top.. but in my understanding.. it’s not necessary to explain things.. so i go to the deeper pattern of diagnosis and is see a parallel of diagnosis of evil in the world and the diagnosis of the decline of health..

17 min – c: there is a comfort/relief when covid hit.. because here we have an entire generation that is getting sicker and sicker.. addiction, depression, all these chronic conditions.. allergies.. at levels many times they were when i was a kid.. it’s not going well and we don’t know what to do about it.. there’s no pathogen.. they would love to find the gene/virus that causes x/y.. because there’s something to fight/control.. so finally covid comes along and this latent anxiety.. and it’s not just about health.. our society is degenerating in many ways.. eco/social/political.. covid comes along and now we can focus all that latent anxiety/fear onto something that we can control.. thru lock downs, distancing, masks, vaccines.. it fits the old story..

virus noticings

18 min – c: so i just want to put a word in for the deep questioning of all of the dimensions of the story of progress thru control.. t.. because i think the real revolution here is not going to happen by hauling out the perpetrators.. the psychopaths.. the corrupt.. and sending them to the guillotine.. we’ve seen that story before.. they’re not the first/last to be guillotined

any form of m\a\p

19 min – l: this brings me to one of the major inquiries.. it’s the basis of atheism.. how/why is there evil if loving creative being.. i’ve gotten to place where in a world of duality.. they’re (bg et al).. playing their role perfectly.. but then coming out of that awareness.. but we still have to stop them.. but there’s just going to be another and another .. w/o this duality.. no grist of choice.. if i don’t have options.. what am i doing here.. *has to be contrast of duality to have human experience.. so that leaves me with apathy.. maybe i shouldn’t try to change anything but myself.. it’s almost like world is perfect as is.. just do your work.. it’s like getting rid of characters vs what can i do to change myself.. and get rid of my own trap of duality of good vs evil.. these are the things i wake up going huh.. what do i do this.. because it’s all perfect.. it’s all the way it’s **supposed to be.. yet i feel for some reason w/in me need to change things..

wow.. that was all over the place.. ie: *whalespeak and **socrates supposed to law et al

22 min – c: so first.. this is not a question that can be resolved by principle.. here’s another basic solution template we need to question.. that in order to know what to do in life you formulate a differentiating principle.. ie: do inner work first, don’t try to change the system it’s all good .. it’s like we’re looking for some kind of crutch.. (l: yeah i wanted a definitive answer.. this is the way you do it).. yeah but in fact you already know what to do.. and the evolution of the collective org of humanity and beyond.. you have a role in that.. the role is communicated to you mostly thru the body/heart/blood.. that soaks up everything happening..

already on each heart ness

23 min – c: so how woo woo should i get here (l: all the way.. take it as far as you can).. so you know how water is a carrier of info.. and the blood is esp sensitive to everything happening in the world.. so it is patterned by the eco/psychic field of this planet.. and moving thru the heart.. *the heart is primarily a listening organ.. not a pump.. in fact it isn’t a pump.. at all.. like how could a pump push a viscus thru miles of vessels.. it’s not a pump.. it catches and passes forward and listens to the blood.. receives that info and translates it into passion/care/love.. so the signal from the coordinating power of the evolutionary process comes thru the heart in the form of .. what do you care about..

*huge.. we need to heal it.. ie: a means to undo our hierarchical listening

listen – a simple message

rhythm of love.. et al

24 min – c: and at one moment in your life.. you may know.. ie: repairing relationship w mother in law.. is best thing you can do for world.. you won’t frame it that way you will just know.. just like an animal knows what to do.. contacting that knowledge and the truth of what i said is a powerful awakening of that knowledge.. so that’s my preamble to this

in undisturbed ecosystems ..the average individual, species, or population, left to its own devices, behaves in ways that serve and stabilize the whole..’ –Dana Meadows

25 min – c: you said.. but these people have to be stopped.. yes.. they have to be stopped.. and sometimes that signal of care will have you put your body between perpetrator and victim.. *i’m not advocating any kind of withdrawal from the engagements of our day.. they have to be stopped.. as part of the change.. when that is what’s calling to you.. they don’t have to be punished.. (l: that’s the juice right there.. i hate these people that hate people.. i want to hurt them)..

yeah.. i think *that’s whalespeak.. that keeps us spinning our wheels.. no one has to ‘be stopped’.. what we need is to offer/be/try a nother way.. where we org around legit needs


26 min – c: right.. the template of that is imposing suffering for the good.. that is what dictators/tyrants have done for 1000s of yrs.. it’s always justified.. license to do evil.. brings up my fav quote.. philip k dick: ‘to fight the empire is to be infected w its derangement.. this is a paradox: whoever defeats a segment of the empire becomes the empire.. it proliferates like a virus, imposing its form on tis enemies.. thereby it becomes its enemies

yeah.. that.. all distractions.. ie: fighting..creative refusal.. not advocating any kind of withdrawal from the engagements of our day.. all red flags we’re exhausting/wasting our energies

we have to get out of sea world first.. let’s do this first ness et al.. hari rat park law et al

27 min – c: like you are actually *part of the empire when you participate in the mentality of vengeance, punishment, of imposing suffering for the good because they deserve it.. there will come a moment where you have to decide.. this could be in personal/social realm.. where you have to choose between punishment and healing.. and have to choose.. if it’s necessary for healing of society.. for all of this to stop.. that the perpetrators get off scot free.. do you accept that.. do you walk.. maybe they’re never humiliated.. and you’re never vindicated.. but it changes/stops.. are you willing to do that.. if you’re not willing.. that means you’re serving something else besides healing.. on a subtle level.. and the call to participate in the transformation that lies before us requires absolute/impeccable dedication to the aim of healing.. we have to put everything else on the alter and commit to that.. and you know.. if you do it 90%.. we’ll live in a **90% healed world.. if you do it even 1% the world will still be much more beautiful than generation it is today.. but we have the opp to give it 100%

*we’re also part of the empire when we don’t let go enough.. (and to me).. enough has to be **all.. because ‘world is at least more beautiful’ if still in sea world is not only a crutch.. but part of the poison.. ie: it’s not more beautiful for all so how can we say/believe it really is for any.. et al

and like you say.. esp now.. now we have both 1/ great opp for collective awakening (to (virus) leap et al) and 2\ the means for a legit global leap/re\set/healing.. this is not a costello screen\service law moment..

31 min – c: perpetrators give us an opp to love when it’s hard.. to be brave.. otherwise we’d never know who we are.. that we are capable of choosing love when our lives/livelihoods are threatened.. so this process of revelation and growth requires what we call evil

yeah.. i don’t buy that

32 min – c: forgiveness is understanding.. that yeah.. if that were me i might do that too.. forgiveness comes as a result of trying to understand.. and the marker that you do not fully understand is when you are in judgement.. judgement meaning.. i would never do that

eisenstein i know you law

34 min – c: all that being said.. there’s the phenom of a psychopath.. 1\ misunderstood 2\ much rarer than we think.. usually not in positions of top power.. book: the mask of sanity.. lack of compassion is one of the axis.. the other is impulsivity.. doing things just to get a kick.. sometimes you just have to stop somebody from doing something.. but to diagnose the whole system on that term is a trap.. and ok.. maybe i’m wrong.. but i can understand things w/o thinking it’s a diabolical .. which means no solution.. can’t just kill/destroy it.. if the evil is systemic.. if enrolls each of us as participants in it.. and it can’t be reduced to specific individuals.. then what do you do.. if you are able to step into that unknown.. you’ll step into new powers.. one is the power of love.. ie: what is it like to be you.. seeing people as evil.. we’re locked into war as the only way to change things.. so much of our discourse is framed in these war metaphors.. and i’m not saying it’s never appropriate

oi .. when is it? appropriate to/for/by who?

40 min – l: things have gotten so black and white.. and on finding the compassion to go to the other.. without enabling them on something.. how do we forgive them and still stop them

41 min – c: one thing you could do is intro an new element into their circumstance.. ie: give a gift that disrupts their view of reality and human nature.. at right moment and it gets under their skin.. doesn’t go with their story so.. an offering to let go of their story

45 min – c: it’s a basic form of solidarity.. i refuse to see you as an enemy.. we’re in this together.. our diff’s of opinion are based on a delusion.. all the conflict that comes from the people on other side.. a lie that the other side is horrible.. then disagreements so easy to solve.. because no agenda of winning.. this is solidarity.. if you think this planet is going to heal w/o solidarity.. you’re going to be disappointed.. always attuned to an opp.. the right thing to say.. the willingness to do that takes form of spontaneity.. often takes form of humor.. to step outside roles we take so seriously.. that’s why humor is so offensive to highly ideological people.. you have to accept the peace offering to laugh w someone.. you step outside the matrix for humor w someone.. sometimes it’s the humor that makes people feel not alone anymore

sea world

50 min – c: people can so no to the invitation and you have to be ok w that.. creativity comes from letting go

52 min – c: another one of these really deep patterns that will be overturned in this revolution.. don’t take anything of what we’re saying as a new instruction set of how to be good.. that’s not the reason we’re doing this.. if you excavate this being good.. what it really means is getting approval.. that craving to see self and other to see you as a good person.. that comes from a history of conditional love.. endemic in society.. it comes from a wound.. to touch the part of you that doesn’t need to be seen as a good person.. w/o that word shame bludgeon.. w/o that.. who do you become.. can you trust yourself w/o this enforcer

socrates supposed to law et al

54 min – l: the closer i can get to following my heart.. the farther i am from caring if i’m fitting in some model of what’s a good person.. that seems to be the way to avoid that perception as myself as good/perfect/imperfect.. t

brown belonging law et al

imagine if we ness

57 min – l: on reactions to covid and trump and cog diss and splits of political axes.. ie: i feel i’ve shifted from left to right.. aligned w state.. more totalitarian and authoritarian.. i don’t know what to make of it.. is it just me.. ie: liberals saying appropriate for state to tell us what to do w our bodies

60 min – c: part of it is a inversion.. but part just going into mixing machine.. i feel the same.. would have considered self left ist.. and all the sudden ‘liberal/left’ is going toward people who are accepting w little question the methods of corp/political complex.. believing intell/pharma.. and i’m like hold on.. i thought left was questioning.. when is believing messaging of big pharma .. why all of a sudden.. essentially like a branding thing.. ‘left’ turned into it’s opposite..

62 min – c: another element has to do w ‘science’ as an institution.. vs religion who was irrational/deluded /exclusionary.. now that science has been co opted and occupied by authoritarian powers.. they are leveraging this old distinction and id

c: even deeper that than .. ideology of progress itself.. toward more enlightened society.. so .. doing things more scientifically via quantitatively.. by measurements.. reducing things to quantifiable values.. related to control.. better world if we can label everything.. so this mentality of progress is deeply woven into the ideology of quantity.. and the science built around it .. science is fundamentally the study of quantity.. to put something in sci terms.. have to quantify it

need to let go of any form of m\a\p

65 min – c: so there’s this ideology of progress that includes an imperialist aspect.. we ed people in other parts of world that are ‘superstitious’.. there’s a missionary aspect to this as well..

66 min – c: so as a diehard anti imperialist.. i question all of this.. the increasing control/quantification of life.. which is the domestication of life. . it’s the subduing of the wild and caging it into our categories and numbers.. it’s a very deep pattern.. i think more people are questioning it as science has really failed to deliver their promises.. life is not qualitatively better than when i was a kid.. we were supposed to be in utopia by now.. flying cars.. no disease.. engineer all social ills out

domesticate ness..

literacy and numeracy both elements of colonialism/control/enclosure.. we need to calculate differently and stop measuring things

68 min – c: in sci still a clinging to this.. so very orthodox.. it is the religion of our time.. based on thinking you can reduce everything to number.. the turning (revolution) goes that deep.. this is the moment.. not just throw old people out.. new in.. it’s not only systems change.. it’s mythology change.. answers to deepest question we ask.. who am i .. why am i here.. that’s changing.. everything is changing

70 min – c: human consciousness and systems built on consciousness are all changing.. and has to change all together..

72 min – c: who you thought you were just doesn’t apply anymore.. things are changing now

whales.. but.. still in sea world.. not changing enough

l: best of time worst of times.. dickens.. if i ignore world.. i’m better than ever.. how do you hold that dichotomy..

oi.. how.. yeah.. we do that.. but how can we.. for (blank)’s sake et al

74 min – c: i don’t know why i’m having such a good experience now.. i’m heavily influence by daoist thinking.. there’s a concept of fortune.. sometimes fate and fortune.. things happen to you and you don’t try to hard to tame them w explanations.. if i can explain why i’m having a good experience and he’s having a chronic disease.. then i’m in control again.. reducing wildness to principles.. i would recommend to be freed from that.. at least for a short while

65 min – l: yeah.. it’s like a guilt.. dare i announce my success/happiness..

66 min – c: maybe you don’t announce it.. hold it close.. from gratitude comes generosity.. gratitude is scary to feel in a way.. if i expect it it was a gift.. not really mine.. need to pass it on..

67 min – c: i’m not saying there’s no such thing as a choice.. even when it’s clear you made *a good choice and brought good things to your life.. it’s also the gratitude of knowing you were in a position where there was a choice to be made.. it’s also true **we’re not slaves to our circumstances.. becoming aware of our capacity to choose..

? *all spinach or rock ness when in sea world.. decision making is unmooring us et al

**that’s not true for everyone.. ie: imagine a turtle.. we have to do better than saying we have a choice.. oi

69 min – c: on gratitude in choices being the surrender that you made them.. makes you better than others.. you made the choice and they didn’t.. become sanctimonious.. no longer a walking invitation for others to be in choice

still sanctimonious.. saying there is a choice.. still exclusionary

81 min – l: plugging 12 steps.. whole culmination is to then go out and help other people

c: i love how 12 steps is not a prescription.. it’s a description.. it’s a description of a process.. this is one of the deep traps.. to turn everything into a to do.. and accomplishment.. stress/self-approval.. et al.. yet.. even though it’s a description of a process.. has a potent transformational effect.. no force in process.. it’s written in past tense.. then find self fulfilling description.. (l quoted another).. this gives me chills

ugh.. tokens?.. red flags

83 min – c: the steps work you (l: yeah.. there’s no end to the steps.. a doing ness.. not a done.. an ongoing thing).. it’s the naming of a thing that’s already true.. which paradoxically make it true.. that’s prophetic speech.. and the 12 steps have strong quality of prophetic speech

85 min – c: on accomplishing things w/o pushing.. this is one of foundations of sci.. that can’t move things w/o pushing/force.. we’re talking about a much more powerful kind of tech.. where you don’t have to push.. but something happens

l: step 3.. made a decision to turn my will/life over to god as i understand him

decision making is unmooring us.. we need curiosity over decision making.. otherwise just another form of people telling other people what to do

86 min – c: imagine society if we built it around that .. rather than techs of force. . a total revolution in human being ness..

tech as it could be

imagine if we just focused on listening to the itch-in-8b-souls.. first thing.. everyday.. and used that data to augment our interconnectedness.. 

87 min – l: aa has really never been corrupted.. monetized..

c: yeah i think people do twist it and turn it into a to do list..