been meaning to add for some time.. thinking the idea has not been of benefit .. for animals or food .. or people..

thinking that we need to train people/animals/food .. seems like a red flag to me.. that we’re doing something wrong..

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safety addiction et al

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from sand talk:


on prussians.. spending 1000s of years trying to replicate control they were under w romans.. by 18th prussia one of greatest powers in europe.. due to fact had larger military force than anyone else.. the prussian system was one of total control.. which successfully managed to coerce the population in to complete submission to the will of the govt..


the govt decided that if it could force people to remain children for  few extra years, it could retard social, emotional and intellectual development and control them more easily.. this was the point in history when ‘adolescence’ was invented.. a method of slowing the transition from childhood to adulthood.. so that it would take years rather than ..for ie.. the months it takes in indigenous rites of passaged..

this delayed transition, intended to create a permanent state of childlike compliance in adults, was developed from farming techniques used to break horses and to domesticate animals..  domesticating – as mutations of wild species into an infantilized form w a smaller brain and inability to adapt or solve problems..

to domesticate an animal in the say you must: 1\ separate young from parents in daylight hours  2\ confine them in an enclosed space w limited stimulation or access to natural habitat  3\ use rewards and punishment to force them to comply w purposeless tasks..

prussians created a system using same techniques to manufacture adolescence and thus domesticate their people..


the system they invented in the early 19th cent to administer this change was public ed:the radical innovation of universal primary schooling, followed by streaming into trade, professional and leadership ed.. arbitrated by a rigorous examination system.. (on top of the usual considerations of money and class).. 90% of prussian students attended the volkschule, where they learned a simple versions of history, religion, manners and obedience and were drilled endlessly in basic lit and numeracy.. discipline was paramount; boredom was weaponized and deployed to lobotomize the population

wow.. worth the book there

literacy and numeracy both elements of colonialism/control/enclosure.. we need to calculate differently and stop measuring things et al


prussians began to make plans to spread the institution of schooling as a tool for social control thru out the world.. as it facilitated the kind of uniformity and compliance that was needed to make the model of nationhood world.. the us could testify to the effectiveness of prussian ed as a tool for domination and powers, as american educators had been making pilgrimages to germany for more than half a century..  excitingly, test schools across america proved that the artificially induced phenom of adolescences was achievable outside of prussia..

adolescence et al

motto was work sets you free.. a slogan that the nazis adopted and later placed above the gates of concentration camps..

now as ever, the creation of a workforce to sere the  national econ is the openly stated main goal of public ed.. and , as ever, the inmates of this system are told that their enthusiastic compliance w forced labor will be in their best interests at some future point..

germany’s compulsory ed system express six outcomes in its original syllabus documents: 1\ obedient soldiers 2\ obedient workers 3\ well subordinated civil servants 4\ citizens who though alike  6\ national uniformity in though, word, ,and deed..


us involved much earlier.. benjamin franklin advocating the prussian system..

all around world.. new system of ed, nationalism, finance, corporatism and social control were informed by fascist ideas and theories from germany and the us.. encouraging the extermination of indigenous people and minorities..

when smoke cleared, lands and power and blame were redistributed unevenly among the survivors, and a new world emerged with new stories providing a sanitized history of good triumphing over evil..


the structural racism installed thru prussian style schooling and the eugenics movement would not be discarded, merely rebranded.. later, following long civil rights struggles and campaigns for social justice, racial inferiority renamed ‘cultural difference’.. racial integration renamed ‘reconciliation’ .. in the colonies assimilation was relaunched as ‘closing the gap’.. the language became more politically correct, but the globalizing goals of cultural uniformity, econ compliance and homogenized id’s remained the same..

in my crackpot version of this history, public schooling plays a principal role in the story of transition from one age to the next..  i hope this marginal perspective is far enough ‘out of the box’ to provoke some questions regarding the sustainability of the global systems that shape our minds and lives..

ie: cure ios city

what form of knowledge transmission (aka ed) need to take during this transition..  us-two may also tentatively wonder whether our minds are not to domesticated and shriveled even to contemplate these questions effectively

talking voice ness here.. and how we need to undo our hierarchical listening

a good way to begin might be to listen to as many divergent version of this history as possible.. form many points of view.. most important.. i have learned from children.. the inmates of the ed system

better yet.. let go of analyzing history.. (because most won’t get to their deeper/legit voice.. we need to get out of ea world/history for that) and ust focus on .. listen to.. 8b daily curiosities



voluntary compliance .. manufacturing consent.. wilde not us law.. freedom.. spinach or rock.. et al

domesticate\ing ness.. as a red flag.. whales in sea world


evans polite\ness law

supposed to’s.. of school/work as cancer