rhythm of love


music.. generative music.. the music instinct (doc).. musicophilia.. music as health..

listen – a simple message (listen to the rhythm).. circadian rhythm.. rapid prototyping to slow.. et al

love – is the movement.. love is love is love.. what if love.. love one another.. rilke love one another law.. like love let go law.. love people... the power of love


via maria.. alan lightman’s einstein’s dreams: https://www.brainpickings.org/2021/08/28/alan-lightman-einsteins-dreams/

Long ago, before the Great Clock, time was measured by changes in heavenly bodies: the slow sweep of stars across the night sky, the arc of the sun and variation in light, the waxing and waning of the moon, tides, seasons. Time was measured also by heartbeats, the rhythms of drowsiness and sleep, the recurrence of hunger, the menstrual cycles of women, the duration of loneliness. Then, in a small town in Italy, the first mechanical clock was built. People were spellbound. Later they were horrified. Here was a human invention that quantified the passage of time, that laid ruler and compass to the span of desire, that measured out exactly the moments of a life. It was magical, it was unbearable, it was outside natural law. Yet the clock could not be ignored. It would have to be worshipped. The inventor was persuaded to build the Great Clock. Afterwards, he was killed and all other clocks were destroyed. Then the pilgrimages began.

time .. circadian rhythm.. et al