something else to do

perhaps today is different. perhaps we can finally hasten/actualize equity (everyone getting a go. everyday).

we certainly have the technological means to offer 7 billion people something else to do. the question is.. can we trust/believe that enough.. to overcome policies/myths/fears that are standing in the way?

what if what we’re all seeking can be facilitated by…

be\cause we can’t ever control bad-ness\too-much-ness. but we can create more space for better-ness.

[ie: shortcure ios city .]


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perhaps what we’ve not yet experimented with: our current means to facilitate eu\daimon\ia for 7 billion people.

aka: freeing everyone up everyday to the luxury of doing/being the thing they/we can’t not do of being usefully preoccupied..(ie: rather than things they/we end up doing because they/we’re bored or mad or oppressed. Jake, et al.)

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we’ve got to go deeper than any of us are thinking. beyond the technologies/narratives that are engrained in our minds.. that we assume to be givens/truths.. but are simply man-made.

ie: school, healthcare, political structures, legal structures, economic structures, privacy, propertywar, addiction..

..attractive alternatives dramatically decrease drug use.. – Carl Hart

we’ve not dared question many of our assumed practices/ideologies before/enough – perhaps – because we’ve never had access to a mechanism to jump ship at scale (meaning 7 billion + of us)..

we need to have in place.. a mechanism so that everyone.. the people in power, the ones leading wars, the obedient ones in chairs in schools, the ones addicted to crime/whatever, et al, ..  can do something else. today.. and everyday.

good-bye cycle.


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