reality analysis

a term – for what tech might do for us. because of the Werner (or whoever) observation ness, the Wilde (or whoever) other people ness.

from projects on id cubed site.. human dynamics lab:

Reality Analysis, a term coined by Sandy Pentland, involves collecting and analyzing the trail of data left behind as we go through our daily lives.

trail of data left behind as we go through our daily lives.

yes that. i’m dreaming of a dance. ness. mostly based off self-talk. and perhaps much less focus on analyzing than the obsession we have with it today. no?

we keep waiting – on some finding – some research – when perhaps the most valuable data we need is already inside each one of us. accessible 24/7. listen in.

– –

from application page:

what if a site/collection such as this, is your access into me. crafted ongoingly via tech that listens to me w/out agenda/judgment. leaving a *trail, like a searchable/linkable commonplace-book, for me/you to tap into when/if needed/desired. leaving us freed up (from all the documenting/recruiting/proving/judging/..) to do the thing we can’t not doin the city. as the day.

wikipedia style, so that it’s accessible via whatever curiosity you have.

nothing to prove style, so that i/we-all spend more on eu\daimon\ia ness than on proving ness.

what if we focused on self-talk as data. where tech takes our curiosities in, organizes them, connects them/us. so that i’m not spending my time jumping through hoops and into boxes for you (not a person’s best side), and you aren’t spending your time trying to find me and then wondering/deciding if you should trust me (most people are other people, especially when trying to impress).

*trail: perhaps one much better than this site represents me just now. because tech is good at gathering/searching/connecting too-much ness. and spitting it back out per your preferred style of taking it in, ie: another flavor – jerry’s brain. tech documents for/with me, organizes for easy search/connect for you. and me. freeing us up to eudaimonia. reality analysis ness.