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authenticity graphic color talkImagine if we believed it was legal to talk to ourselves. Imagine if we no longer felt the need to micro-manage people, to mimic people, to make sure we meet up/down to some standard. Imagine if we didn’t feel the need to seek applause or credentials or proof to secure our future. Imagine if we trusted you. Today. As the dayNow.

Many don’t believe we are free. Many have lost the art of their          authenticity , of being themselves. We often don’t value our greatest asset – simply being alive.

Potential is forfeited because we’re too busy working on the how of an assumed what. We’re too busy being other people, comparing and competing, prepping for the future. We’re not taking time for vital internal conversations about our what matters most. Imagine awakening indispensable people by simply listening. Deeply. To ourselves.

keri wilde quote

We have been experimenting with a process of learning to learn, as a prompt/placebo toward self-conversation, back to curiosity. Many already do this – self reflect. Ask themselves ongoingly, if they are doing what matters to them. Many more could do this, if they were freed from their current busy-ness and/or bureaucratic restrictions. Perhaps many will need a jump start.

self-talk as data…

..to connect, leave a trail, is the only data that really matters. Start with a 3 min a day echo chamber, for everyone in the city.



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