the brain

the brain

graphic above links to site of the brain software.

jerry' brain

We learned about it from Jerry. Here is his brain. He’s been doing it for 15 years, so very intense/full/rich.[snapshot of Jerry’s brain above – update app below]

ie: for data & society people, if you search – data – you get this. if you search – danah – you get this. if you search data & society you get this.

[d&s application ness – if output matters.. input matters.]


Jerry gleefully announces – april 3 2014 – the brain has made it to ios:

the brain for ios















and jan 2015 – Jerry’s brain is released … largest brain mapping – 17 yrs worth:

jerry's brain app

..a beautiful extension of Clay Shirky’s’ cognitive surplus (perhaps freeing us up to eudaimonia\tive surplus)


What @Wikipedia wishes it could be + multilayered info in context = @jerrymichalski’s Brain. Whole new world, here:

Original Tweet:



Jerry March 2012

lessons from 15 years of using the brain

1. first decide – what am i going to link it to

2. i debrief into my brain

3. i don’t know what to do with all the connections, because the brain isn’t very collaborative

4. the quickness and simplicity of adding to it made it useful for me – you don’t have to label things..

5. possible to browse it and get a lot out of it (get to know a person)

6. i see a lot of amazing things on line, i get to keep it on my brain

7. once a week i hit sync so that what is on my computer goes to my cloud brain

8. the process of where you want to put things

9. let’s me author – my ability to mess with it – is magic

10. why can’t i look at my brain w/someone else’s and share

22 min in – sounds like a vision of the app (although in talking to Jerry, not quite the same)

11. if a lot of us did – my beliefs – we might disagree less and achieve world peace

12. he’s not doing people connections

– – –

here he/it is in action:

love your writing, @GeorgeMonbiot. here you are, in context:

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Here we are were trying it out (2012-13):

A special highlight to willow‘s  – because she is actively seeking college entrance using her brain.

And now,  a sierra first  is working on her brain as well.

ie’s [monikajakewillow; …and Kirill helping us with community network/brain ]

We think it might help or be a part of an app to facilitate and crowdsource curiosities, and perhaps leave a trail of a non-linear portfolio.

What we’re seeking is a means to capture a person, rather than specifics. ie: Is the person only good if the things they have done are completed?  What makes a person employable. What does that even mean?

Perhaps something like the brain can model the importance of whimsy, of people brave enough to change their mind.


mentoring/training et al from the site:

the brain training


a different mindset on what matters to getting in places..

people who do things


networked individuaism graphic