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Time is a dimension in which events can be ordered from the past through the present into the future, and also the measure of durations of events and the intervals between them. Time has long been a major subject of study in religion,philosophy, and science, but defining it in a manner applicable to all fields without circularity has consistently eluded scholars. Nevertheless, diverse fields such as business, industry, sports, the sciences, and the performing arts all incorporate some notion of time into their respective measuring systems. Some simple, relatively uncontroversial definitions of time include “time is what clocks measure” and “time is what keeps everything from happening at once”.

Two contrasting viewpoints on time divide many prominent philosophers. One view is that time is part of the fundamental structure of the universe – a dimension independent of events, in which events occur in sequence. Sir Isaac Newton subscribed to thisrealist view, and hence it is sometimes referred to as Newtonian time. The opposing view is that time does not refer to any kind of “container” that events and objects “move through”, nor to any entity that “flows”, but that it is instead part of a fundamental intellectual structure (together with space and number) within which humans sequence and compare events. This second view, in the tradition of Gottfried Leibniz and Immanuel Kant, holds that time is neither an event nor a thing, and thus is not itself measurable nor can it be travelled.

Time is also of significant social importance, having economic value (“time is money”) as well as personal value, due to an awareness of the limited time in each day and in human life spans.


seems time and productivity are always intermingled too.. like you aren’t productive if it isn’t within a time frame.. goes against the mindset – that there’s never nothing going on..

humanity needs a leap.. to get back/to simultaneous spontaneity .. simultaneous fittingness.. everyone in sync..


how can we judge/control time\ing\ness and/or timeliness..  should we not expect it to always be different – untiming ish even – uncertain…?

how can we go fast to go slow.. or go slow to go fast.. [kahneman & campbell ness]


ways time\ing\ness today is different – aka: tribes ready to roll..

(perhaps because of fan\dom ness):

ie 1 – arab spring:

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3 ish years later.. some results/residue ness has been good.. some very bad.

how can we be clever (slow) enough to hasten (fast) enough… to unleash/awake in not only a timely manner.. but a long lasting – ongoing – self-sustaining manner..

what’s the narrative for that..

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ie 2 – fan fiction:

from now on your job is to be a distraction. so people forget what their real problems are. – Haymitch

not until (time\ing\ness) the odds are in everyone‘s favor..  odds in our favor

via the hp alliance

Andrew Slack et al 2013:

Can Fandom Change the World? LeakyCon 2013 Panel w/ Hank Green, Anthony Rapp, Mark Oshiro & more

fantasy is not an escape from our world.. but an invitation to go deeper into it…

in Harry Potter’s name – we are seeing injustices in the world.. and taking care of them

over 100 different chapters on 5 continents

usually civic engaged youth come from families that have been civically engaged.. but with hpalliance – most are the first in their families to be civically engaged..

Hank – key is to figure out what matters to you.. find your people.. to make world a better place – wanting to understand the world.. we are all the same..work to make the structure more equitable.. people who think hard about problems

making the thing that is a thing a thing..

via the power of awesome (Gus)

perhaps harry potter is the beatles of fandom.. it’s not that we don’t like harry potter anymore – we just like all the other fan doms..

24 min – switching out – what cohesiveness is.. it’s not really about harry potter – it’s about who we are.. and what we care about… the cloud/network – as big ness

26 min – Andrew  – how do we make justice viral… money and charity are essential – but can we go deeper..

…how can we fully leverage the brilliance of the nerd fighters

by sharing a narrative that’s already written on all of their (7 billion people’s) heart.. which also happens to be the deep/flexible/alive ongoing equitable leverage…

38 min – sliding fan\dom into the classroom

yeah – but could we not be more timely.. if timeliness and if free dom matters… and all.

49 min – Hank – how to have the conversation – that doesn’t demean or belittle anyone

52 min – he was just a little guy – he had a dream to change the world – he didn’t have evidence – but he knew – and so he just did it

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ie 3 – occupy:

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99 % realizing they are more than 1%.

mockingjay ness..

a quiet revolution..

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ie 4 – russell brand ness


so.. imaging what time\ing\ness will/won’t mean… as our 99% unleashed ness meets up with a narrative for 100% – one that cuts to the core.. is deep/flexible/alive enough.. to last..

Stop measuring days by degree of productivity and start experiencing them by degree of presence.
  – Alan Watts


imagine if we take this sat remake – common core obsession/mistrust – high suicide rate – nsa –  don’t shoot – et al – moment in time… to switch things up.. turn things around.. on a dime.. over night..


there is no time to blame




vinay talking aug 28 2016 – (crazy obnoxious interview).. he ends 90 min on problem being mining to solve problem of order.. but unable to because of speed of light..

makes me think of seth’s today: speed is relative

and of wrinkle in time (just finished)


Maria Popova (@brainpicker) tweeted at 5:45 AM – 26 Sep 2016 :

T.S. Eliot was born on this day in 1888. Remember him with his timeless ode to the nature of time—a rare recordinghttps://t.co/lSs6FEoxqX https://t.co/nT3WngRH95 (http://twitter.com/brainpicker/status/780372602074300416?s=17)


moon by Mary Ann


I once told time by the moon.
Now I listen to it.

indigenous us


moon rising.. by Mary Ann

thinking about time


In this world, there are two times. There is mechanical time and there is body time. The first is as rigid and metallic as a massive pendulum of iron that swings back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. The second squirms and wriggles like a bluefish in a bay. The first is unyielding, predetermined. The second makes up its mind as it goes along.  

Many are convinced that mechanical time does not exist.

rowson mechanical law

Then there are those who think that their bodies don’t exist.

Where the two times meet, desperation. Where the two times go their separate ways, contentment. For, miraculously, a barrister, a nurse, a baker can make a world in either time, but not in both times. Each time is true, but the truths are not the same.



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