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first intro via Gabriella at mit talks.. added page: lab for the city at that time.. adding her page now because of this..


“Political Imagination: towards an experimental theory of legible policy” by me. Good times swapping ideas with all…

Culture, the great apriori; our first principles, our collective DNA that silently spells out what is possible and what is not, how we tackle our challenges and explore our possibilities: how we think of ourselves individually and collectively.


So, if you ask me, we should bring to the forefront an additional thought-experiment when thinking about policy: serious reflections on urban life, taking for granted that cities should not only be built for the human body but also for the human imagination.

imagination ness

The mind is the place where our cities start. We must better understand our political and social imagination and know that public policies must also have agency there, if they are to be at all effective. I believe, with great urgency, that we should bring these reflections to the very heart of government life.

ginormous – rev in reverse..

We need to know where and how our seemingly neutral regulations are inscribed within a certain vision of the city. This is the basis for starting a long-term deep dive into our definition of legible policy at Laboratorio para la Ciudad, to be conceptualized, prototyped, iterated, possibly transmuted: theory in practice; emergent strategies that adapt to changing scenarios, tools for interpretation and the making of conceptual frameworks relevant to daily urban life.

rev of everyday life..

a nother way

we sometimes forget, government is a channel towards city life, not a tautological thing unto itself. We need to learn to read and speak again in city and social tongues.

language.. no words.. idiosyncratic jargon.. et al


the need for new mindframes—and possibly even new types of institutions and civic ecosystems—for rethinking both the possibilities of social capital as well as the creative capacity of a city. Back to that basic building block: the nature of the polis and how we collectively decide what type of life we want to live together.

collectively.. but ginormously small.. so that decision making is redefined.. disengaging us from consensus ness.. ie: more on dissensus as an ongoing convo…



So even though legible policy can (and must) pass through the realm of a good and honest explanation (the hows and the whys) we must also take into account that legibility—which is also about counsel, discussion, persuasion, arranging and guessing— is in the end a tool for us to collectively make sense of our world.


Mockus’ seemingly wacky notions have a respectable intellectual pedigree. His measures were informed by, among others, Nobel Prize-winning economist Douglass North, who has investigated the tension between formal and informal rules, and Jürgen Habermas’ work on how dialogue creates social capital.

This, I confess, is one of the topics that intrigues me the most: how to create city through culture and all of imagination’s instruments, and how, in turn, a social invention can be incubated by its surroundings.

perhaps..  hosting life bits

io dance/hosting life bits (blockchain/stack ness: replace server farms – chip energy efficient –dna\ness)
ps in the open (idiosyncratic jargon)
decision making/B redefined via self-talk as data
rna ness – entropy ness
on leap frogging – for (blank)’s sake
gupta roadblock law
3 ship  [a kids’ bookan app/chipan experiment]
short  [deep problem,simple mechanism,opensystem]
short bp


calm tech


why it is an interesting (even necessary) experiment to explore what would happen if we design hybrid strategies that also stimulate and facilitate public and private imagination from within the political realm.

as the day


perhaps true legibility begins when one is enticed into actively becoming part of the unfolding story.



FutureEverything 2015

4 min – city as space for ideas..

in the city. as the day.

5 min – what happens when you bring people in from civil society and put them in the mayor’s office..

mayor ness

6 min – our space should be a metaphor of what we want to be in the world

7 min – pulling in perry chen – ceo of kickstarter… others.. ushahidi..  tyler – 4d printing

the first technology is conversation..

2 convos..

10 min – what labs do worldwide.. is provide a space to mitigate this risk…  even if doesn’t work out – ok.. because we know there will be lessons..

11 min – to re articulate the institution..

13 min – lawmaking.. a dynamic law.. how do you start creating legal frameworks for changing scenarios.. the way a law can become almost algorithmic..

as long as ginorm small algo ness. that allow this small/large ness to remix/iterate/regenerate.. emerge the entropy al

13 min – re invention of way govt speaks to society.. and society part of convo

have people leave their reflections.. their imaginaries..

hosting life bits..

14 min – becoming playful… cities are the social imaginaries.. urban possibility in very diff ways..

16 min – for govt to incubate citizens ideas

kids and cities.. what do kids mean to a megaopolis… working w minecraft people

17 min – minecraft workshop big around world.. biggest 300.. in mexico city.. 7000

18 min – also code for mexico city in collab w codeforamerica

huge possibility in having deep seated knowledge in govt teaming up with youth ideas/thinking..

19 min – 100 000 cabs in mexico city… 20 000 pirate cabs (where a lot of bad things happen)

22 min – important to get real time data..

and even more so.. to get data of real/alive people.. no? ie: science of people ness

23 min – cities house not only human body.. but imagination.. how to let them lose in the city..

26 min – more on creating urban imaginaries…

and articulating political will and public intention.. tapping into the social imagination..

on the ginormous ness of crowd gatherings.. when in mexico city.. huge belief and participation in new medias already..

28 min – not just protesting/complaining… but citizenship as a c0-creative act…


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Fundadora + titular de Laboratorio para la Ciudad (), brazo experimental .

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Exploring the Megalopolis and beyond. (Words by , head of : Mex City’s gov office of civic innovation & urban creativity.) All things city.



in the city.

as the day.

city ness


let’s do this firstfree art-ists.

for (blank)’s sake

a nother way