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lab for the city

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Exploring the Megalopolis and beyond. (Words by , head of: Mex City’s gov office of civic innovation & urban creativity.) All things city.


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Final shout for my @scotnational on how cities drive progress, from Glasgow to Mexico City 

Imagination fires Mexico City as Lab reclaims forgotten spaces

..our urbanised planet is not proceeding according to the tidy plans of city bosses in stable regions and nations. I’m writing this from a hotel room Mexico City, whose city government invited me to speak this Thursday about play, creativity and city life.


what Laboratoria Para La Ciudadare trying to do – …. – is to generate different realities for its citizens, using small but powerful interventions in urban space.


We want to prove that imagination isn’t a luxury or a simple nice-to-have, but a requisite for a city that thrives,” they say.

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