mayor (redefined)

why mayors should rule the world

TEDGlobal 2013

imagine all the money/time/resources/people/energy we’d save from the absence of political affairs/drama..

 Benjamin Barber

if mayors ruled the world

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good mayor models in la? chicago? working on city as school – ness? – what ecosystem


Park Won-Soon

Peter Kageyama

Tony Hsieh as mayor-ish

Elliott Bisnow as mayor of summit – ish

bozeman? as mayor of hatch

Erica as mayor of boulder

Bunker as mayor

Ada Colau


Fred Bartels (@fredbartels)
5/6/13 6:10 AM
Curious that there hasn’t been a cMOOC about our Massive Open Organized Communities, aka #cities?@gsiemens @Downes


Benjamin fb share:

.there is hope for both civic democracy and global action in the right and power of cities to act together across borders in our ever more interdependent world.

The inaugural weekend agenda manifested what will be a critical function of the GPM: addressing policy issues national governments have been unable to deal with very effectively. ..

The first was climate change and the urban role in combating it, ..

The second issue was immigration and refugees, ..

A third focus of the inaugural meeting was more generic and reflexive, but of key importance: the challenges facing intercity and global urban governance, both as theory and practice. ..along with the adoption of a strategy for the development and expansion of membership. A plan to develop a remote or virtual platform for the GPM was also introduced, ..

let’s go deeper


The GPM is no longer just a prospect or a promise: it is real, and up and running, promoting interdependence, cosmopolitanism and justice in the face of the victories of reactionary populism in the United States, Europe and elsewhere.

agree.. you are doing something.. and it’s good.. no doubt..

however.. if we went deeper.. than climate, refugees, organizing memborship to gpm, et al.. i think we would have global impact by now.. ie: if all the energies you have spent in conferences.. talks.. gatherings.. went to modeling another way.. that 7 bn people could leap to…

there’s a nother way.. ie: hosting-life-bits via self-talk as data