lines of best fit

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line (or curve – doesn’t matter here) of best fit – aka linear regression –

The line of best fit is the regression line–which is the line that minimizes the sum of the squared distances between the line and the data points.  yahoo answer

regression defn


what if a line/curve doesn’t fit.

what if a line of best fit is our biggest roadblock.. rather than the guide we’ve been told/sold to believe. a guide so bold to be honored via common core essentials…

so many rules here.. that by the time most people get to minute 3.. their minds are turned off and they are simply trying to figure out how to play the game…

this would all be fine and good – if it was 100% accurate.. but what if it’s not.. not only not accurate.. but taking up all our time talking about the wrong things…

what if there is no line of best fit..

is this video not describing 1st world problems..?

yet even those in 1st world.. have increasing rates in suicide. so really.

imagine what might happen if we use that (suicide/etc) data, rather than the data of height and arm span..

33 min – if your data is real world. and if your model represents that.. – this is how to engage students..


34 min – precision isn’t just in math (according to common core) but in regard to vocabulary…  

– oh my

just oh my.

most people think the image at the top of this page is too chaotic to be doable/acceptable.




of mice/math and men.. ness

constant line law


via Mary Ann sept 2014:

lines of flight to create spaces of permission..


Taleb ness:

Some parts of it appear to be linear and we are fooled by extrapolating in a direct line.*

blind ness from forgetting the zoom dance.

desperately needed: ebola, Ed, ….