99 and 1

..so much written about this.. so much to say about this.

[penned/keyed-in by graeber at 2011 occupy]


perhaps we focus on a mechanism/means/narrative/policy that is edible/accessible/editable by 100% of us.

one that’s simple enough.

so simple as to not leave anyone out. (we can’t presume/insist/coerce some basic entry level – ie: that one must be able to read; be able to read english; be able to read/know/understand our words)

so simple it’s usable (to/for everyone) today.

so simple as to not need any ongoing artificial energy /incentive to maintain.

be\cause that kind of simplicity [usable/self-organizable/no-strings-attached/naked-street ish]

would/can/will be all-inclusive.

and that 100% interconnectedness is the energy.


we need








so what to do..?

perhaps make it this simple:

be you.

[100% of people could get that. if given time and space to talk to themselves. to find/be/become their eudiamonia. via the gameplan already written on each heart.]

that’s it.

and then we let policy/tech facilitate the initial chaos.. of people set free.


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a qr film


i realized i was part of the noise