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pete adeney

adding page (and intro’d to) because:

In 2017, Adeney introduced “The MMM World Headquarters Building,” a physical location in Longmont, Colorado, dedicated to the Mustachian movement

But at the core was a 2400 square foot brick and concrete structure, plus a detached 2-car garage, on an immense 7500 square foot lot, directly across the street from a recently-built $23 million building which happens to host one of the town’s best pubs.


So Why Did We Buy a Building?

This somewhat wild scheme is the culmination of a few different values:

  • We wanted to get more involved with the local community, by owning a little piece of the Main Street and helping to make it a more joyful place. There’s nothing wrong with selling stuff and making money, but I’m also interested in teaching classes, hosting events and parties, and donating the space for use for non-profit events which are designed to help people. (See the bottom of this article to learn about the first one)
  • Mrs. MM and a good friend of hers both have booming Etsy shops that are ready to break out into the real world. They enjoy working together so much, that they decided owning a building together was the next logical step. So both women, and both of us husbands, teamed up together and split the building equally. – mud and madder

mrs mm

As this blog has grown so unexpectedly over the years it has presented all sorts of opportunities. As prestigious as they sound, they really all boil down to either spending more time on airplanes, or more time or sitting at the computer, and always less time being here for my son.

I don’t really need more fake lifestyle guru nonsense in my life – I want more great stuff going on right here in our own community..t

graeber model law

rp ness..

I’ve decided that my side of the building will become a coworking and hangout space for Longmont-area Mustachian Entrepreneurs. It will be membership-based, with only 50 memberships made available at a price of $50 per month. And for the price of membership, locals get

the Northern entrance is “Mud and Madder”, the future handcrafted shop owned by Mrs. MM and a friend which is not part of my MMM HQ.

Although it was a big commitment and going out on a limb, the resulting months of hard work and connecting with so many nice people has been exactly what I want out of life – and what I wish for you in your life too.

Here’s hoping that this current project of mine, and your own big efforts in the coming year, continue to crank out lots of opportunities for fun and learning.

exactly.. let’s crank out school of life.. rev of everyday life..

rp ness..


how to be happy rich and save the world – at world domination summit

2 min – i don’t give a shit about your personal finances.. what i care about is how much better a world we’re all going to get to live in if we all become a bit more rational with our money..t

hey Pete.. how rational is this.. let’s try a nother way to live.. sans money..

ie: short bp

because money is a really powerful thing.. power to completely improve the world we live in.. or it could also trash it over night.. depending on what choices we make w that money

perhaps the most powerful/humane thing is realizing it is made up and we don’t need it.. in fact.. it’s intoxicating/killing/B-ing us

3 facts that will make you rich:

1\ almost everybody sucks at money

perhaps because it (measuring transactions) compromises us .. it’s not us

2\ getting rich enough to retire only takes about 10 yrs

most of us are capable of this

3\ work is better when you don’t need the money

again.. so let’s disengage from it..

5 min – we both wanted to be free from the need to work before our first baby was born.. i wanted to a be a superdad/supermom.. i’ve always idolized the idea of a superdad

earn a living ness

6 min – 10 yrs.. dream came true..

imagine Pete – doing those 10 yrs.. with the rest of the world in the same boat as you.. free.. imagine that.. let’s try that.. because none of us are free/happy/whatever.. if one of us isn’t..

7 min – this is a standard defn of a prosperous middle class life – 10 yr plan to brokesville

9 min – with all this financial freedom.. what have i been doing..? spending more time out in the hot sun doing manual labor.. because it turns out .. work is good for its own sake.. better if don’t need money

back to part 1 – any money you spend that does not make you happier.. is wasted.. research shows.. this ends up being most of our money

reason.. most of us predict the wrong stuff about our purchases .. a lot of this comes from a big misunderstanding about luxury itself..

luxury law

11 min – purpose of life/work/dating..  is to be happy..


12 min – basic needs

maté basic needs

99% of human life has been spent in these conditions – village life

affluence w/o abundance

now eagle and condor time..  best of both

14 min – adding more fancy shit and taking away effort from your life is not the path to a better life.. effort.. learning.. et al.. is really the stuff that makes us happier

16 min – whole point.. even a life at the bottom at the us spending scale (25 000) is way more than enough to be happy .. as long as you spend it on the right stuff

17 min – we are living in a trap..  every advisor/politician:

most of our personal/govt money could be spent better

18 min – part two – secret: spend much less than you earn

the shockingly simple math of early retirement

20 min – the only thing that controls how long you have to work.. is how much you save.. most americans save 6%.. so in 60 yrs.. which is never.. our savings rate is not big enough

ie: used honda.. raises it to 20%.. knocks off 20 yrs.. get to savings rate 64%.. retirement after 11 yrs

23 min – part three – no matter what your job.. it gets way better if you don’t need your money

24 min – we’re really talking about two diff things when talking about work and money.. purpose of work is to create.. to fuel your soul.. purpose of earning money is to max out your happiness.. after that.. getting any more money will not make any diff in happiness..


if you’re still working when you don’t need the money.. you have no choice but to do that work truthfully..t

calling that art.. eudaimonia.. imagining 7 bn people doing/being their art.. the thing they can’t not do.. everyday..

let’s do this firstfree art-ists.

for (blank)’s sake

i like to call this.. authenticity.. and it’s the most powerful form of marketing.. holy shit this person is doing this for love.. ie: Elon


imagine eudaimoniative surplus Pete..

if you can get yourself free from the need for money.. you have no choice but to do work that is better for you and better for the world.. if doing it for love instead of money..

ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]..  a nother way


son ready for early retirement (2014)

But then he gets a taste of freedom again, like the two-week Christmas holiday that just ended an hour ago, and it reminds him of how much more he enjoys not being in school. Our holiday together was a beautiful blur of late nights, family board games, friends, movie nights, adventures at the creek, sunshine, drawing pictures, and making songs with Ableton Live and elaborate automated buildings in Minecraft. When he realized it was truly over last night, he cried so much that he had trouble getting to sleep.

I can’t blame him, because this feeling about school and organized activites in general tends to run in my side of the family..t

that side of the family.. is called – humanity..

ie: busy ness law

Some of us just really enjoy our freedom, and we use that freedom for constant learning of the things we really want to learn, and creating the things we really want to create.

actually.. this is all of us..

imagine gershenfeld sel.. for all of us (has to be all of us or it won’t work)

And I suspect this personality type is common among the Mustachians as well: you don’t have any trouble keeping yourself busy, the only issue is freeing yourself from the busywork that others keep assigning to you..t

busy ness law and supposed to’s.. killing us

With so many advantages, it would be a cop-out for me to just leave my son to follow exactly the same path I walked 32 years before him, without at least questioning The Rules.

But all this still leaves the question of how to motivate your very young kid without denying him the benefits of school.

? how to motivate them..? a five year old doesn’t need motivation.. benefits of school..? are we sure about that..?

a nother way.. 1 yr to be 5.. cure ios city..

and guessing your son might get it w his love for ie: hunger games..

the hp alliance et al

a quiet revolution

Unfortunately, I think that purely hanging around at home would be unsuccessful. We could learn much more quickly, but there are only three of us here – not enough people to provide a truly rounded social education.

exactly.. why it needs to be all of us..

Ideally, we could gather and form communal unschooling environments with five or six cool kids, and the problem would be solved. I could teach them writing and carpentry, you could teach them filmmaking and math, and some of our other friends would handle the sports, physics, chemistry, and whatever else they want to learn. We’d take plenty of field trips as well.

let’s try 7 bn of us.. perhaps model it w/rp ness.. be\causegraeber model law


something you need to know about the rules (2013)

He was in violation of The Rules, and this was scaring him..t

similar to us.. with the rules/norms/whatevers of ie: rules of made up money.. measure things/transactions/people.. leading to masks and measures

begs we break free from all the irrelevants.. not only because it’s better for the world.. but we need to be modeling that for our kids.. best school for all of us..

if you look around carefully, you will see that most of the problems of our society are based upon an incorrect understanding of these rules..t

  • Junior Money Mustache will have the grades and the financial resources to get into the university of his choice, but also knowledge that there is no requirement to get a college education at all, for either a happy life or for financial success. For this old rule of society is another one to disregard.

no requirement for k-12

let go .. of the things (you think) you have to cling to..

this not letting go.. is why we haven’t yet gotten to global equity.. (everyone getting a go everyday)


Tim‘s new book – tribe of mentors

Wow! I’m in the new Tim Ferriss @tferriss book!

I was pleasantly surprised to find a few pages of my own advice inside, around p.376 #tribeofmentors

Original Tweet:

library on hold


in real life mag

After Hours,” by Linda Besner

His blog explains that everything you have been taught about money and time is wrong.

his vision of time is that of an engineer: time becomes a machine that can be tinkered with, hours and minutes rewired to achieve a more elegant purpose. His primary message is that you will not achieve financial security and personal happiness by working harder to get ahead of the pack; you will find these things by carefully studying what the pack is doing and then doing the opposite.

A post entitled “A Peak Life is Lived Off-Peak” extols the virtues of doing everything at the wrong time.

“Most people spend most of their time doing what everyone else does, without giving it much thought,”..t

supposed to ness

Standardized schedules create waste and clog infrastructure.

Jane Jacobs ness

Off-peak evangelism proposes a market value to individuality and diversity as mechanisms for repurposing humanity’s collective wasted time. While not a formalized movement, people who blog about off-peaking often seem to feel that they’ve discovered a secret too good to keep to themselves — something that was right in front of us the whole time, requiring only that we recognize our own power to choose.

off-peakers only want, in effect, to slow time down by stretching the best parts of experience while wasting less. The arguments for off-peaking have centered on both the economic and the social advantages of recuperating unexploited time, like a form of temporal dumpster-diving that restores worth to low-demand goods.

The two people who encounter one another at the aquarium on a Wednesday morning appear to have more in common than the two hundred people who see each other there on a weekend. Like other choices that divide people into subsets, off-peaking allows its adherents to discover a kinship that may or may not reveal a significant similarity in worldview.

Being out of sync with yourself, the standardizers might say, is a small price to pay for the smooth running of society as a whole. The problem, the off-peakers might say, is that society doesn’t end up running smoothly — it ends up squashing individual freedom while also trapping everyone in traffic jams, long lines, and artificially inflated prices.

When everyone is on the same schedule, the physical presence of other human bodies turns them into obstacles to be navigated. On a less crowded field, it’s easier to see people as people.

The inner voice saying that Tuesday afternoons are for working rather than for going to the park or the art gallery may need to be engaged in argument by a second inner voice, one that allows us to imagine placing something other than work at the center of our lives.


off the grid ness

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Mr. Money Mustache was a thirtysomething retiree who now writes about how we can all lead a frugal yet Badass life of leisure.