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..allows users to access the library space in principle 24/7 and serve them- selves with loans and return materials. And use the computers, read or maybe even set up a meeting or an event, if the space allows it. In the first instance the term ‘open library’ was chosen as the concept was implemented in libraries that had typically been branches with short – and often inconvenient – opening hours. And ‘open library’ is also a term preferable to ‘self service library’, as this concept requires another kind of professional support enabling the users to complete the necessary transactions themselves and to find their way in the library.

In a few years this concept has spread to 80 libraries in Denmark and more are planned.

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I think the most prominent example of a democratic institution is the public library. The point about the public library is, first of all, it is professionally organized. It is not a random collection of books and learning resources. Professionally trained people properly organize it, but the professional activity stops there, at the point of having organized the places where books and things are available in a systematic way. The librarians then say, “It is over to you now, you are the learner, here are the resources, we have organized it for you. You choose what you want to learn, when you want to learn it and take the books away, or read them here. We shall not be testing you, we are not keeping records of what you are learning and it is your private business what you learn.

From Natural Born Learners by Beatrice Ekwa Ekoko, Carlo Ricci



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Libraries aren’t just about books. They are almost the only public space we have left which don’t like our wallets more than us. (


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A reminder that library fines are bad practice. If your library still has them, offer your copy of #payingtheprice to lib director #DigPed (


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Good example for the libraries’ commitment to providing public services to their communities. #beyondbooks (

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