anarchist library

an archive focusing on anarchism, anarchist texts, and texts of interest for anarchists.


some of books i’ve read on (or that are on) here:

revolution in reverse

another art world

ecology of freedom

fragments of an anarchist anthropology

dead zones of imagination

human history


bullshit jobs – dg

david on fun

giant puppets

direct action an ethnography

theory of value

utopia of rulesutopia of rules backwards

abolition of work

anarchy after leftism

anarchists against democracy

anarchism and other essays

post scarcity anarchism

ecology of freedom

remaking society

next revolution

toward an eco society

kingdom is within you

life w/o law

mutual aid

to have is to owe

social eco and communalism

anarchy after leftism

growing up absurd

bey articles

free cities

demanding the impossible

fields factories and workshops

news from nowhere

non governmental society

against his story

on anarchism

right to be lazy

ego and his own

society of spectacle (book)

god and state

your freedom is my freedom

wayne on rev in reverse

david on value from – it is value that brings universes into being.. et al

anarchy in manner of speaking

manners, defer, private property

anarchy in manner of speaking

freedom and anarchy

billionaire and anarchists

kevin on transition from – 2017 killer apps for transition

david on turner’s fire of jag from – at long last

david on finance from – finance another word for other people’s debt

david on globalization from – anthropology of globalization

david on beyond power/knowledge from – beyond power/knowledge

david on rethinking resistance – from – rethinking resistance

foreword to stone age econ

might add more later



open library et al

anarch\ism et al