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intro’d to Chera via her tedmed 2018: The critical role librarians play in the opioid crisis


public libraries have always been about community supports..  takes on a new urgency when in middle of an opioid and overdose crisis

6 min – this had become our overdose drill because at the time it was all we could do.. so we waited..

7 min – i think that incident stays with me because of the waiting.. it made me feel helpless.. that feeling of helplessness reminded me of my childhood

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8 min – there was so much going on around me and that feeling of helplesness was ovewhelming

9 min – public libraries respond to the needs of their community.. and not knowing how to use narcan was was a disservice to the needs of our community.. we were on the front lines

10 min – i mostly cried because of the kids.. this is their normal.. this is the communities normal.. this is a catastrophic normal.. and in that moment i was forced to confront once again that this should never be normal.. t

11 min – we’re trying to find ways to support this community out of crisis..

12 min – public libraries have always been more than just books.. we are a physical shelter, a classroom, a safe haven, a lunch room, a resource hub, and yes.. even a lifeline..


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Chera Kowalski served as the Adult Teen Librarian at the Free Library of Philadelphia’s McPherson Square Branch, where she championed the transformation of her library into a safe, responsive space for the community.


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