nancy kerr

2 min – it’s (library role) really changed over the years.. but it is still a community meeting place.. center of the community.. and libraries have always been the great equalizers.. where everyone is welcome.. and that still continues to be true..

wondering if we can access the full potential of a library‘s unique opportunity: equity .. everyone getting a go everyday

imagining the library as a means to quit putting people on (bureaucratic) hold.. by facilitating whatever it is that people need.. today..  ie: a book, a home, a hit, .. could we use tech as it could be to facilitate ourselves back/to the natural sync of an undisturbed ecosystem..? – (beyond youmedia ness – even beyond Chera Kowalski‘s a life line ness)

3 min – library use really crucial.. and has increased.. the way people approach libraries and the questions.. are diff

4 min – still have real fondness for youth services..  for parents and children’s programming

thing is.. kids need the least.. ie: they just need us to get out of their way.. their curiosity is in tact.. adults need detox and for us to get out of their way

1 yr to be 5 et al

not yet scrambled..


Nancy is now at longmont public library:


longmont homeless ness et al

to belong rev


a summary of my experience w city as school – library as hub – findings

getting us to a quiet revolution