nick gogerty

nick gogerty

Nick’s lifelong interests have been in studying large interesting problems and sustainable economic development for poverty reduction.

on SolarCoin: “Think Networks and Adaptation”

i like to study big problems.. and then try to build solutions that are highly scalable/leverable… 1\ social  2\ tech  3\ finance/econ
starlab – a privately funded european deep research science media institute.. modeling mit – negroponte on board… deep future research … gathering gene samples… research into protein folding, et al.. 2000ish… time travel..  interesting thing…purely mathematical.. if we go back to 1900s quantum physics theoretical.. ff to today.. quantum found in every transistor is huge part of our econ.. so interesting questions being role was to capture the ip and spin our businesses… starlab nature.. researchers were the stars.. and was an incubator.. starlab still goes on in barcelona..
Nicholas Negroponte
fundamental research, then applied, then commercial.. fundamental going on at starlab.. to make it to commercial .. has to happen at the nation state.. ie: if i find something interesting in lab… making it a thing 1 in 10, then making into a company 1 in 20…then 1 in 50 … starlab raised over 90 million but wasn’t large enough.. and even paul alan in 90s.. tried same w/400 mill.. so to do fundamental research .. to harvest econ return.. almost has to happen at uni or nation state level.. so you can ask thousands of interesting questions but then percolating through an econ
8 min – i’m interested in info problem solving.. looking for leverage to problems.. very few areas where you can take info and convert it into value more than in finance and econ… i was interested in understanding that..
because that is the os.. no? not natural – man made..
9 min – fundamentals of civilization of a society.. energy.. so could you base currency on energy.. money/currency is a weird thing.. didn’t understand currency till about 5 yrs ago when i wrote my book.. most people don’t know how it works.. it just does for him
it does..? work for us..?
11 min – how do you back an energy w/currency…  as econ overheats or slows down.. the price of energy goes in opposite way and acts as stabilizer… one thing you have to have to do that is a central bank.. didn’t have one of those..
on cool off the chip.. ness

save.. reuse

using waste to cool…

12 min – bitcoin.. can release a currency in the world.. a positive externality… currency of itself doesn’t have value.. it’s a consensus (nikola)… a social protocol
it’s one we accept.. it’s a network effect. if i can’t redeem it.. where does it get its value…
redefine decision making.. ie: disengage (gupta roadblock law) from ie: consensus
13 min – it’s a network protocol.. only works when lots have it
value in currency comes from 1\ speculative (worth in future)  2\ transactional utility function (can trade for something else).. external value created by the shear value of people accepting them.. because have this positive externality.. can do interesting things with them
15 min – have to assure 1\ equitable distribution and 2\ not too much of it – bitcoin solves that.. so let’s use proof of real world work – if you can show saved energy… ie: panels on roof.. get free currency… so you are likely to stay with network and it grows..
16 min – electric chain will sit on top of solar coin blockchain.. blockchain is just a data base that is logical vs physical…
every solar panel is a diode.. an eye looking up to sky… solar coin.. largest solar reward system…  1\ largest solar energy incentive system 2\ electric chain dot org.. largest public science experiment
18 min – energy is key construct of society.. most interesting ones are sustainable ones.. solar interesting… because it’s distributed.. doesn’t have to be large projects..  it’s decentralized
19 min – if world becoming more about networks and decentralization.. that is solar energy coupled with storage  – we’re not there yet with the storage… on moore’s law lowering prices… works for beer, pvc plastic,.. the more valuable stuff that goes through machine.. gets cheaper..
21 min – human modes of transportation and rate of acceleration.. they projected.. w/in four years.. able to leave earth’s atmosphere.. the curve predicted sputnik.. and w/in 1-2 yrs of landing on moon.. everything follows these fascinating logarithmic curves
26 min – ease of use vs size of claim – for verification…
28 min – the genie index (plots distribution of holders to held).. small amount control.. problem w/bitcoin. how is solar coin diff…-nikola…  neither extreme of index works like nature.. how resources are distributed…
29 min – ie: some scandinavian countries have very low genie coeff’s and extremely high quality of life…. it’s less about inequality an more about is a quality functioning well for everybody… it just so happens that a more equal society gets that result.. solar coin is maintain… solar coin in and of itself.. will not resolve monetary/cultural inequity… solar is most distributed.. ie: windcoin.. network of 200 participants…  7 mill participants today.. solar industry growing 20-30% per year… so in 10 yrs…  as energy more and more distributed.. probably a flattening of genie coeff..
33 min – bitcoin is a huge carbon generator… each transaction takes 119 kilowatt hours... huge amount of energy that is effectively useless.. proof of work.. actually a sunk cost… solar coin just moved to – proof of stake – a green currency.. use externalities to stimulate energy production… diminishes energy consumption and incentives clean energy production…
34 min – on bitcoin.. interesting the waste in it.. using up carbon… to make chips.. et al .. electricity for mining….. solar coin works opposite.. you generate solar energy you get to join the network
37 min – the half life of facts (book) … econ 3 min physics 7 yrs… book… ie: disproved when get better measurement – we live in a hypothesis driven world.. everything is experiment..
if experiment (of bitcoin) was to get a better network.. worked… if was to topple currencies/econ.. no…. but.. blockchain has spawned other solutions
39 min – one of bitcoins challenges is the reward mech… so network can’t grow.. so rewards shrink… w/solar coin… network grows.. we have what we call the the auto catalytic effect – a self perpetuating reaction at the one dollar price point…
we are 70 transactions per second.. bitcoin was 7 per second
41 min – the reason we can do this is the interest of the people are all aligned…  fork to another blockchain
42 min – the next thing – if bitcoin gets stuck the next thing will come along and do it right..
what if the thing it’s doing is not worth it.. what if it’s what we should disengage from
43 min – blockchain… something that only exists because of logical not physical.. same as ethereum…
1:04 – interesting challenges – cllimate change – distributed over space and time .. so hard for people to own it…
so – a nother way
 1:05 – what people want is really regulated capitalism…
1:06 – economy — share resources and innovate/adapt… capitalism does that… the question is .. how is it regulated..  and managed… capitalism isn’t going anywhere… if it ever even wasn’t here
1:08 –… erc j chason – cosmic evolution, into the cool, dorian sagan – carl’s son… explain trajectory of evolution across domains..  so yes to singularity…
1:10 – every step change sees symbiosis. and symbiosis means dependency on a thing… so we’re already in the singularity.. the degree to which tech becomes self directed is moving faster and faster
1:12 – think in networks and think adaptation.. everything is on a trajectory…. so where your world intersects and where trajectories are




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Economics, hedge fund, investor, author, technologist, energy, sustainable economic dev. ex-chief analyst Europe’s proxy MIT medialab. advisor

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